My research has led me to the conclude that the foundation of world-class success is a world-class belief system. Very few people have been exposed to world-class beliefs, but in this 5-minute segment of my national television show, Mental Toughness with Steve Siebold, I discuss the beliefs I uncovered over a 26-year period interviewing some of the world’s most successful people. I also talk about how to teach these beliefs to your kids.¬† Steve Siebold¬† ( 4:57 )

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Steve Siebold
Author and Professional Speaker since 1997. Past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group. Author of 11 books with 1.4 million copies in print.

3 thoughts on “Building a World-Class Belief System”

  1. Great video, Steve,
    My wife and I work diligently everyday to influence our children (ages 2 and 5) to think big, believe in themselves, and to enjoy being achievers. We have banned middle-class language in our house.

    One thing I disagree with is the saying “perception is reality”. While I understand where you were coming from, the concept is irresponsible. Perception requires taking something at face-value without getting below the surface and seeing what is really happening, or what someone or something is really about. Often times, perception is NOT reality. If it were, then the BS the media puts out WOULD be reality.

    Critical thinking requires us to look beyond perception and find out what reality truly is. World-class performers rarely take things at face value and allow perception to form reality.

    Awesome stuff, Steve. Keep up the great work!

  2. Scrambled dots produce a lot of fear – Ilike that – and it’s not difficult to scramble the dots of someone which can produce rage following fear.
    From a former teacher’s perspective, the advice you give pre and post ten year old training/teaching for world class beliefs – EXCELLENT. Pre ten it won’t take long for the young ones to have a beginner’s belief system that is in his and her best interest AND not only for success but also protection from negative, poverty thinking.
    I gotta run – one thing we find over and over is the inability or refusal to let go of past limiting beliefs and lack of commitment and focus.

    Find your passion – make it life long.

    Help people go from skeptical to neutral – open minded – to new ideas. Tell them that or ask them that: Do you think that for just a few minutes you can listen to me and think about what I’m suggesting in a neutral rather than skeptical way?

    Try it.


  3. Steve,

    Thanks for making that video available to the public. I especially liked #10 as it served as a reminder.

    I was reading the paper recently and I read about all the veterans coming back with post traumatic stress syndrome and they numbers are huge. I am not a fan of these wars, but I feel bad for the veterans. Maybe you could help the US military make their mental toughness programs better. Of course, even if you could do that, you might have to go through so much red tape and resistance to get the contract, it wouldn’t be practical. Just food for thought.

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