The Christmas holiday season is a special time for many of us, whether we are religious or not. It’s a time to reflect on our lives, spend time with family and friends and show good will towards our fellow man. Watch this short video I taped today on the beach in Mexico and see if you agree with the premise of the post. Merry Christmas to all of our Christian and non-Christian subscribers and happy holidays to all.

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Steve Siebold
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5 thoughts on “Mental Toughness and the Christmas Spirit”

  1. Great advise … We (the wife and I) have started to make it a point to tell strangers, people out in the workforce how “Awesome” they are! The fun thing is to watch them light up! Plus it’s FREE!

    Also, last week (TWICE) as I stood in line for coffee at “The Coffee Bean” I looked around and ,to myself, just started wishing people around me good things. Not verbally, but just in my thoughts. Not knowing them, but wishing them great success and great things for their families … How was I blessed in return? One, I just felt good as I stood there and Secondly, TWICE in the same week the person in front of me (a perfect stranger) turned around, looked at me, then told the barista, “I’ll buy what ever he’s getting too!”

    Safe to say we get blessed 100 fold!

    Merry Christmas Siebold’s!!!

    Ward & Ali Lyon

  2. Thanks for the blog post. Your free fat loser program is making my festive season 🙂 Have a lovely Christmas and a wonderful 2014. As the above people have mentioned, wouldn’t it be nice if people were in a giving, caring spirit all year round.

  3. Merry Christmas to you and Dawn, Steve!
    And a Belated Happy Birthday!

    You mention doing nice things for people this time of year–
    My good friend Vivian, one of Potent Pen’s crackerjack proofreaders, was in the supermarket last week with her husband.
    The lady ahead of them in the packed cashier line was very pleasant, Viv told me…I imagined the lady happily humming Christmas carols.
    Anyway, when they checked out, the cashier told them the lady had paid for all their groceries and said to say Merry Christmas. Viv’s husband Bill started after the woman to thank her, but only saw a smile and a wave, and then she disappeared in the crowd.
    Have heard stories of turnpike tolls or coffee being paid for, but a whole slew of groceries – wow.

  4. Imagine the world if that spirit was practiced more often? A world of abundance is right in front of us. Just have to break the flood gates for the masses to know and understand that….is that possible?

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