World-Class Wealth Begins with World-Class Thinking

One of the most important aspects of success coaching is helping people understand the mindset of the self-made rich. An excess of money may not make you any happier, but being financially independent allows you to control your own life and live on your own terms. Sadly, only a small percentage of people ever experience the freedom of financial independence, even in the wealthiest countries in the world. It’s not taught in schools and only those who achieve it seem to understand it. In this video, I discuss chapter two of my book, 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World-Class, and

Think for Yourself

Many years ago, as an author, I promised myself that once I became financially independent, I would write the book I always wanted to write, regardless of the clients I might lose or the hate mail I might receive. in 2012, I fulfilled this promise, and as expected, the junvenile mentality of the masses led thousands of my fans to threaten, scold and abandon me and my books. The book I wrote; Sex Politics and Religion: How Delusional Thinking is Destroying America, received tons of press, yet produced lackuster sales. I wasn’t surprised, and I didn’t care. I had studied the

3 Questions for Coaching Approval Addiction

The #1 killer of entrepreneurs, salespeople, realtors, insurance agents, financial planners, network marketers, small business people and anyone involved involved in business development of any kind, is the addiction to the approval of other people’s opinions. The effect of this addiction is fear of rejection, but until the cause (approval addiction) is overcome, (or at least reduced) the fear of people saying no will continue to plaque our existence. In this video, I explain the orgins of this debilitating psychological disease, and 3 important questions to help faciliate the recovery process. To purchase the Coaching 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the

Do You Think Like a Millionaire?

As cheesy as this question might sound, it shouldn’t be discounted. Non-linear, millionaire thinking is a serious process that creates significant results. And it’s not just about money; it’s about getting what you want out of life in an expedited fashion. In 2010, I wrote a book called How Rich People Think, which was based on over 1,000 interviews with self-made millionaires and billionaires conducted face-to-face since 1984. The concepts in this book serve as a roadmap to success. These ideas aren’t taught in school. To the contrary, they are often discredited among academics who don’t understand them. The proof is

Whose Rules Are You Living By?

Are you living by someone else’s rules or by your own? How about the Golden Rule? How about religious doctrine? Do you believe there is an objective morality? Or is morality subjective? The rules we choose to live by determines our moral compass, which determines (hopefully) our behavior. I’ve spoken about this all over the world in the press, and it tends to ignite both passion and anger. The battle to control mankind through the systematic brainwashing of an objective moral code has been going on since the beginning of time, and the sad fact is that the masses are easy

Entrepreneurs: The Cockroaches of Business

Entrepreneurs are my favorite people, and as a professional speaker, my preferred audience. It’s almost impossible to stop a serious, laser-focused entrepreneur on a mission. They refuse to consider how high the odds are stacked against them, and logic has no meaning. In the mind of a dreamer, anything is possible. Like the crafty cockroach, they will sacrfice anything to survive. There’s only one thing that can kill an entrepreneur. It’s their kryptonite, and in this short video, I’ll explain what it is and how to avoid it. #mentaltoughness #personaldevelopment

Mental Toughness and Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a path to peace. That said, it’s easier said then done. Holding a grudge is usually more painful for the holder than it is for the offender. You’re better of forgiving and letting go. This is almost always good advice. The real question is, should you let the wolf back in the door? In other words, do you leave the offender back into your life? This is a question for the ages, and there’s no easy answer. In this episode of the Mental Toughness Podcast, we explore the pros and cons of forgiveness and whether or not to allow

Who Works Harder on the Family Business: You or Your Spouse?

If you’re in business with your spouse, which one of you is the driving force of the company? Do you have set schedules or do you work at your leisure? Is one spouse clearly contributing more, or are your efforts equal? This can be a bone of contention for couples that eventually bleeds into the relationship. Some couples we’ve interviewed seem to navigate this issue with ease, while others struggle and fight for time and effort equality. If you’re considering getting into business with your spouse/significant other, this is an area that should be discussed and agreed upon long before you

World Financial Group vs. Primerica: Which is the Better Opportunity?

After dealing with tens of thousands of associates in both of these companies over the past 20 years as an author/speaker, I’ve formed some strong opinions. In the interest of full disclosure, from 2018 to 2022, I engaged in a spare time experiment with World Financial Group as an associate after writing the only official book on the company, UNAUTHORIZED: The Truth about World Financial Group. I was always curious to see what it would be like in the inside of the opportunity after being a vendor to them for so many years. I have never been an associate with Primerica,

Mental Toughness and Big Dreams: Pragmatic Strategy or Magical Thinking?

Mental Toughness and Big Dreams: some say mentally tough performers are logic-based pragmatists, while others claim they are risk wielding go getters. How does one reconcile dreaming lofty visions of extraordinary success while being grounded in the precepts of critical thinking? There’s no easy answer, but if you’re going to dream, why not dream big? As long as you’re willing to accept the fact that the odds are stacked against you, and chances are you will end up being disappointed, then go for it. In this episode of the Mental Toughness podcast, we’ll explore this subject and why it matters. #mentaltoughness