Mental Toughness Millions

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People ask me every day: how did you make your money with Mental Toughness Training? The answer is for the past 20 years we’ve been selling million dollar contracts to billion dollar companies. The secret weapon of our success has been the strength of our referral network, both organic and inorganic. We have hundreds of referral partners around the world that work with us for handsome commissions. Once or twice a year we open the opportunity to join us. If you’re interested, watch this short video (3 minutes) I taped in my office at the Mansion, and if you like what you hear and think its a fit, visit http://www.mentaltoughnessu.com/ba 

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Have you ever seen something amazing and thought; I’ll never be able to afford that? I sure have, and what I’ve learned is that I was the major obstacle keeping me from attaining it. Watch this short video      (2-min) that I taped at a club I visited 38 years ago in Atlanta, and I’ll look forward to your comments.

If you’re going to build a successful business, you’re going to have to learn to overcome the fear of rejection. The bigger you build, the more rejection you will need to endure along the way. Watch this short (1:30) video I shot today on the beach down in San Pedro, Belize, and I’ll look forward to your comments.



Secret Strategy of Champions

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One of the most closely guarded secrets of world-class performers is the strategy of focusing their efforts on high-value activities and targets. While middle-class performers are multi-tasking, champions are laser-focused on doing things that create the big payoffs. Watch this short video I taped yesterday at FOX 57 News in Columbia, South Carolina, where I was being interviewed for my new book, Secrets Self- Made Millionaires Teach Their Kids. 



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If you’re interested in earning $100-300/hour coaching people on how to lose weight, watch this short (1-minute) video and then check out the webinar. We’re closing out the applications on Monday, January 22, 2018. To watch the full webinar, visit www.fatlosercoach.com/webinar

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Financial and business struggles. A friends betrayal. Divorce or death of a loved one. What psychological tools are the best for the battles we all encounter? I’ve studied this for over 30 years. Watch this 4-minute video for the answers.

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NCAA’s College Football Slavery Scam

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The NCAA needs to step up and start paying college football players for the entertainment they provide to millions of people. The coaches of best teams earn millions while the players get a college education you can purchase online for the price of a new car. Its time for this 21st century form of slavery to end. That’s my take, and I’d like to hear yours. Watch this short 2-minute video and sound off in the comments section.

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Are you are mentally tough investor? According to U.S. statistics, most are not. We spend too much, save too little and invest almost nothing. Many people outlive their money and suffer the consequences of poverty in their twilight years even after a lifetime of work. Studies show this trend will continue, and the ramifications are monumental. The answer to not becoming a cautionary tale is to invest conservatively and grow your money without the risks of being a speculator. Watch this short video I taped in Jamaica for a world class resource you’ll want to tap into.


Are Your Kids Mentally Tough?

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Are your kids mentally tough? Are they mentally tough enough to build a financial fortune one day? My new book, Secrets Self-Made Millionaires Teach Their Children is now on pre-sale. After you comment on the blog video, visit www.thesecretsbook.com and watch the video there. ( only if you kids) It could literally alter the course of their lives. 


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How Mentally Tough Are You?

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On a scale of 1-7, 7 being toughest, how mentally tough are you? This 1-minute video post teaches you how to rate yourself.

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