The Power of Empathy

As a lifetime seeker of all-things success, I’ve lived most of my life worshipping at the alter of the world’s greatest performers. I’ve written 12 books that focus on the subject of success or heavily allude to it. Now, after 30 years of chasing my dreams, combined with a 5-week, nearly fatal batttle with Covid-19, I’m reevaluating my philosophy. The word that strikes me hardest is empathy, and if I have exhibited it enough over the course of my life. I used to think so. Now I’m not so sure. Empathy is a life-changing behavior. Watch this video and see if

How We Increased Sales by $1.3 Billion

The most popular question I get from senior executives of Fortune 500 companies is how did we increase sales by $1.3 billion, and execute 23 years of successful turnarounds with sales teams. The answer is a training system we created called “The Mental Toughness Process”. Many executives refer to it as “sports psychology on steriods.” Our competitors have tried to figure it out for years, and today, I’m revealing it on this video. If you have a sales team of any kind, you’ll want to see this.. #mentaltoughness #personaldevelopment #publicspeaking #criticalthinking

Why Must I Suffer?

This is the question the brain asks itself when experiencing emotional, psychological or physical pain. And if the answer isn’t crystal clear, the brain will attempt to shut down whatever is causing the stress. Psychologists tend to agree that high performance demands mental clarity and mental toughness, and there’s a strategy used by many of the greatest performers in the world. In this video, I describe this process. If you’re chasing a big goal littered with obstacles, please watch this entire video. It’s been a game changer for many. #mentaltoughness ##personaldevelopment

Top 10 Rules For Success

Several years ago YouTube master Evan Carmichael created a montage of a few of my speeches, TV interviews and Award-winning TV show on The Success Training Network and called it “Siebold’s 10 Rules of Success” I ran across it again recently and thought I would share it with you. Back in the day, I had more hair and less pounds, but the message has always been the same. #mentaltoughness #personaldevelopment #evancarmichael

#1 Mental Toughness Coaching Strategy

After coaching mental toughness to professional athletes, olympic athletes, entrepreneurs and over 100,000 salespeople around the world over 30 years, one coaching strategy stands head and shoulders above the rest. It’s the primary difference between average coaches and the best in the world. This is why most coaches earn under $100K per year while the best earn millions. It requires some skill, tanacity and a boat-load of patience. That said, anyone who learns the techniques and practices can master this strategy. This video explains. For a deeper dive, visit #mentaltoughness #personaldevelopment #coaching #criticalthinking

Positive Thinking Can Get You Killed

Positive Thinking can be a wonderful thing, but it can also be dangerous. The world is both a beautiful and brutal place, and you can say they same thing about life. It’s a dichotomy with which we all must cope. For the past 25 years I’ve been traveling across the country and around the world teaching Mental Toughness and Critical Thinking to Fortune 500 sales teams, and this is one of the least popular, yet most pragmatic lessons. This video tells the story of a recent speech I delivered in Lisbon, Portugal, at Ingersol-Rands European National Convention. #criticalthinking #positivethinking #personaldevelopment #mentaltoughness

How I Annihilated 300 Trial Lawyers with 1 Question

Mental Toughness is the ability to control your emotions, especially under pressure, so when I got booked to speak for one of the bar associations biggest chapters, I thought I was in the right place. After all, Trial Lawyers are known to be tough, logic-based critical thinkers. I knew I had to bring my A game to make an impact, but what I didn’t expect was to see them crumble under the weight of a single question. One innocent, carefully crafted question reduced them to rubble. The lesson I was trying to teach them was to employ logic-based critical thinking in

Truth vs Fact: How Delusional Thinking is Destroying America

In Mental Toughness Training, we make the distinction between Truth and Fact. Truth is subjective, Fact is objective. I’ve been accused of making this a semantical agrument, yet it’s more profound. The United States is in a battle for its very existence due to the lack of understanding in this area, and while it’s easy to blame one political party over the other, the fact is it’s the extremists on both sides of the aisle that pose the dire threat. We’ve been teaching this concept to the world’s largest sales teams for 25 years, and once they understand it, performance soars.

Learning How to Forgive Yourself

Learning to forgive yourself is one of the most difficult mental toughness lessons. We tend to forgive others for their past mistakes and transgressions, yet when it comes to forgiving ourselves, many of us refuse to let go. The problem with storing anger is the space it takes up and the mental energy it consumes. The fastest path to personal development and mental toughness is learning to let go. We’re only human, and we are capable of making both brilliant and stupid decisions. Watch this short video and I’ll look forward to your comments. #mentaltoughness #critcalthinking #personaldevelopment

Critical Thinking on Moderation

Socrates was the original philosopher credited with saying; “all things in moderation”. The Bible has a similar reference. This age-old adage has been passed down through millennia. It’s arguably the most useful piece of advice for happiness ever conceived. Extreme behavior is often the way we mask feelings of inferiority, and it rarely has the effect we’re seeking. The United States is known around the first world as being “success obsessed”, and I think thats a fair criticism. (or compliment?) There’s no denying that our obsession has lead to innovation, invention and prosperity. The evidence supports the claim. But, has this