Millionaire Parents Strategy

After 40-years of interviewing self-made millionaires, one of the most notable differences I discovered about their parenting strategy was their passion around educating their kids. Many of them refuse to rely on the school system, including many of the most elite private schools and universities. They begin actively educating their kids during infancy, and the process continues into adulthood. In this post, I discuss one of their favorite subjects to teach their kids. #personaldevelopment #mentaltoughness #criticalthinking #howrichpeoplethink

On Becoming a Thought Leader

Are you a thought leader or thought follower? Most people, including many highly paid business consultants with whom I’ve worked, truly believe they are leading thought when they are simply parroting conventional wisdom. Thought leaders create positive disruption. They challenge the status quo through research, data and evidence. They only make claims they can prove and defend. There’s an easy path to becoming a true thought leader, and I outline it in this short video. #mentaltoughness #criticalthinking #personaldevelopment

Are You Asking Enough Questions?

In a world full of talkers, the people asking the questions rule supreme. Asking the right questions allows you to gather inside information that few people have. Once you have gathered sufficient data, you’re able to draw more intelligent conclusions. This works in every aspect of life. Watch this short video for the road map. #personaldevelopment #mentaltoughness #criticalthinking #howrichpeoplethink

Expanding Your Capacity for Criticism

One of the lessons I learned while serving under President George W. Bush on the National Charity Awards Committee was how to expand my capacity for criticism. We raised millions of dollars for charity using this simple strategy, and it’s had a dramatic impact on my life. If you’re building a business or career and you’re under constant attack, watch this video and weigh-in. #personaldevelopment #mentaltoughness #criticalthinking

Imagine Living an Unrestricted Existence

There’s an elite subculture amongst the world’s population that has either earned or has been granted unlimited freedom to live life on their own terms. It’s not for everyone. To even have a legitimate shot at it, you must know exactly what you want, what you’re willing to do to get it, and what you’re willing to sacrifice along the way. If you’re addicted to the approval of other people, you will fail. You must value your own philosophy of living above all others, and be willing to accept the harsh criticism of the masses. That said, if you can make

Did You Get What You Wanted?

Did you get what you expected out of life? Are you happy with the goals and dreams you’ve achieved? If you had to do it over again, what would you do differently? On a scale of 1-7, 7 being most satisfied, how satisfied are you with your life? Self-exploration is not about judgment, it’s about taking stock of your life. In this video, I pose some simple questions for your consideration. #personaldevelopment #mentaltoughness #criticalthinking

Winning the Argument vs. Having the Argument

In civilized discourse, we make the distinction between winning the argument vs. having the argument. In 2001, President George W. Bush appointed me to the National Charity Awards Committee, alongside Hollywood legends Merv Griffin, Cheryl Ladd, and Pat Boone. We took the story to the press and were criticized for seemingly promoting the President’s agenda.. Same thing happended with President Obama, and now it’s Trump and Biden. If ‘winning the argument’ is the goal, civilized discourse is compromised. The goal should be ‘having the argument’ where both sides learn for the purpose of cultivating a superior solution. Watch this short video

Critical Thinking on the American Media

I’ve been working with the American media since I started my first business in 1984. I’ve been interviewed thousands of times and appeared on every major television and radio show in the United States, including the Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN Headline News, etc. I was a regular guest on Fox Business Network with Stuart Varney for years, appearing dozens of times. My last 300 TV interviews can be seen viewed at The point is that I’ve worked with thousands of journalists, hosts, reporters, producers, network, newspaper and magazine executives, over decades, and in this :59 video, I’ll tell

What Does Success Mean to You?

As a couple working together in business, what does success mean to you? How do you define success as a couple? It’s critical that you’re both on the same page and you’re moving toward the same goals and dreams. This sounds easier than it actually is. In this episode of the Success, Money Marriage podcast, young Dawn and I dissect this important subject. #couplesinbusiness #personaldevelopment #marriage #success

Mental Toughness on Controlling Your Life

If you woke up and went to work today because you wanted to, you’re in control of money. If you woke up and went to work today because you needed to, money is in control of you. Unfortunately, even in the richest country in the world, 95% of the population is struggling financially, and as a result, is under control of an individual or organization. Even many of the social media show-offs standing next to their helicopters and private jets are living with massive debt. The good news is that there’s a way to buy back control of your time and