WANTED: Mental Toughness Army

The Personal Development REVOLUTION has begun! Friends, fans, speakers, authors and coaches from around the world are assembling to what is destined to become the largest global army of positive thinking people. All we are missing is YOU! Our power is in our numbers, and there are 250 million of us worldwide. Please consider joining us before it’s too late. Watch this short video and visit www.ipdar.org

Please Help

Dear friends and fans of Mental Toughness: Please Help. The world is on fire and people are losing hope. It’s time for us to take the mental toughness message to the street. In a few days, our team will be launching a psychological counter-offensive designed to offset the negativity, selfishness and corruption people are experiencing globally. Our problem is we lack the reach we need to succeed. We have friends and fans around the world, but our numbers pale in comparision to the need. I’m asking you to join our Personal Development Revolution. Please watch this short video for details, and

Self-Made Millionaire’s Secret

After interviewing self-made millionaires for 38 years, the primary question I get from audiences and the media is “how do they do it? How does an average person with an average IQ and education create a fortune from nothing? It’s obviously a multifaceted answer, but they all seem to begin with the same strategy. Most of these people agree that their success is mainly an inside job, or at least that’s where it begins. But where? In other words, where does one start down this path? The good news is that it’s uncomplicated, and in this short video, I’ll reveal the

Entrepreneurs Chance of a Lifetime

We are living in the age of the entrepreneur, due largely to the amount of free education available online to help newbies get started and seasoned pros evolve. What previously would have costs thousands of dollars is now at your fingertips 24/7, for the cost of a computer and internet connection. The question is are you taking advantage of it, or taking it for granted? Watch this short video and then continue training at www.FreeMentalToughnessCourse.com

Baby vs. Seasoned Entrepreneur

Until an entrepreneur earns at least $5 million dollars in profit from his/her business, they are often labeled “Baby” Entrepreneurs. While there’s no scientific data to support this label, one can make the case that the new entrepreneur hasn’t really earned the title of “seasoned” until they’ve fought the good fight with at least a marginal victory or two. The differences between the newbie and the old pro are numerous, and in this video, I explain a few of the most important distinctions.

You’re TOUGHER Than You Think!

Life is difficult. Everyone suffers their share of scars, yet we manage to move forward. That’s Mental Toughness, and the fact that you’re still alive and kicking is proof that you have it. Build your level of Mental Toughness on the foundation of already being tough. Build from this position of strength. And don’t worry: all of us have been weak at different times in our lives. After all, we’re only human. No matter how tough people seem to be, we’ve all had our moments of doubt. Watch this short video and remember to tell yourself everyday that you’re tougher than

World-Class Success: Tortoise vs. Hare

When it comes to success, especially as an entrepreneur, is it the proverbial Tortoise or Hare that wins the most? Is it the flashy salesperson with the million-dollar smile and Clinton-esq charisma, or the methodical, persistent plodder that wins the day? There have been plenty of studies conducted on this over the decades, and the answer is clear. Watch this video for the answer and build your strategy around it.

How to Get Mentally Tough

How do you become Mentally Tough? What exactly is Mental Toughness? Is mental Toughness something with which you are born, or something you learn? These are 3 of the most common questions I’ve gotten over the past 35 years. In this video post, I’ll address all 3, once and for all. And to further expand you’re knowledge, subscribe to my new Mental Toughness Podcast. Every week I go into depth on this critical component of success. www.MentalToughnessPodcast.org