Mental Toughness and Money

In the wealthiest countries in the world, why do most people struggle with money? Is it the economy? The job market? The pandemic? The political climate? The simple answer is no. Studies show that most people have a deep seated belief that making large sums of money is wrong, self-centered and even sacrilegious. This anti-success programming begins in early childhood and continues throughout most people’s lives, and many are not even aware of it. In movies, TV and in the media, the wealthy are often portrayed as greedy, narcissistic, and ruthless. The truth is that the self-made rich are much like

Are You Getting What You Want?

The ultimate goal of becoming mentally tough is getting what you want out of life. Are you getting what you want? Are you moving toward it? Are you even pursuing it? Whatever your answer, just know that today is a new day and yesterday no longer matters. Today could be the day you start your journey, which moves you one day closer to getting what you want. The first step is deciding exactly what you want, in detail. You must be able to see it in your mind before you can hold it in your hand. Next, you have to decide

Are You at Peace with Yourself?

In the quiet of the night; are you at peace with yourself? Have you resolved the major issues in your life that seem to endlessly follow you? Studies show that peace of mind is among the most coveted of all emotional states, yet only a small percentage of us seem to have achieved it. What does it really mean, and what does it take to make it real in our lives? Is it coming to terms with mistakes, missteps and lapses in judgement; or is there a better way? The benefits of peace and emotional well being cannot be exaggerated. These

Are Your Values Being Violated?

Values are the glue that hold relationships together. Shared values can create unbreakable emotional bonds. Violated values can destroy human connection and trust faster than anything else. My critical thinking question today is; “what values violations are you tolerating in your life?” We all have people in our lives that have polar opposite beliefs that can sometimes be so extreme that it causes us emotional stress and sadness. This diminishes our feelings of happiness and leaves us disappointed in ourselves for tolerating these destructive behaviors. Watch this short video for examples and consider taking action to remove this source of stress

Mental Toughness Coaching for Weight Loss in 2021

Most of us have gained weight since the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world. Now it’s time to shed the extra pounds and get back in shape. Millions will attempt to make the necessary changes, yet only a small percentage will succeed. The secret to success for many people is working with a coach to get and keep them on track. Coaching weight loss is a billion-dollar industry that continues to grow. Unfortunately, most coaches approach the process from a strictly logical perspective, whereas FAT LOSER COACHING attacks the problem from the emotional side. Watch this short video on how to do

The Mental Toughness Metaphor You’ll Never Forget

After 30+ years as an entrepreneur building businesses in 10 countries around the world, I’ve seen my share of great performers and miserable failures. As a matter of fact, I’ve been both myself. Surprisingly enough, it’s a thin thread between the two. A few good or bad habits, beliefs or philosophies can make or break you. World-class success is rarely related to exceptional talent or education. These things certainly help, but the core of uncommon achievement is more about will than skill. After 1,389 interviews with self-made millionaires over the past 36 years, I’ve heard a lot of metaphors about failure

Are You Operating from Fear and Scarcity or Love and Abundance?

Even in the most highly educated countries in the world, studies show that most people live in a fear-based consciousness. Fear is an effective method of protection and self-preservation, yet it relegates us to a painful existence and limited success. The most intelligent among us quickly realize that this level of thinking is self-destructive and unnecessary, despite the number of occasions where it served their best interests. The real problem with fear and scarcity-based thinking is how it attaches itself to situations where a threat doesn’t exist, yet through projection it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The spouse that is positive he/she

Ego is the Enemy of World-Class Success

John Adams, attorney representing the British Soldiers after the Boston Massacre in 1770, was preparing his closing argument for the jury. He handed the document to his wife, the brilliant Abigail Adams, for her review. Mrs. Adams, in no uncertain terms, scolded her husband, the future founding father and 2nd President of the United States, for drafting a closing statement designed to display his raw intelligence, superior education and command of the english language. John Adams, to his credit, revised the speech and the innocent soldiers were exonerated. This is a story of the dangers of Ego, and how even a

Mental Toughness University FINAL OPEN ENROLLMENT November 24-29, 2020

Mental Toughness University for Entrepreneurs and Success Coaches is now open new students from November 24-29, 2020. This small group coaching program consists of weekly interactive online training followed by twice monthly LIVE coaching calls via Zoom. This is the final opportunity to become a Founding Member and receive a 20% discount off the monthly membership. For more details, watch this short (4-minute) video post and then click here to register for the FREE 30-minute webinar that explains what makes mental toughness coaching so different.

Trump vs. Biden: Emotional Breakdown

The 2020 Presidential election revealed more about the emotional intelligence of modern day Americans than it did about either one of the candidates. It’s one thing to hold a political opinion that counters your next door neighbors. It’s quite another to see your neighbor as an enemy because he/she doesn’t share your political point of view. Social media continues to be filled with hate-fueled messages, from both sides of the aisle, demonizing not the ideas, but the supposed “friends” on their feed. The golden rule of debate is that once you begin to level ad hominem attacks, you’ve lost. I’ve never