How Rich People Think

Back in 2010, after interviewing over 1,000 self-made millionaires and billionaires, I wrote a book called How Rich People Think, which eventually sold over a million copies and was translated into 7 languages. Over the past 11 years, at book signings all over the world, fans have asked me when I was going to share the stories behind the interviews. After all, the book is 100% content, and they wanted me to take them behind the scenes to learn more about what makes these people tick.  I always wanted to tell those stories and share more of what I learned from these

How To Coach Mental Toughness

Now that the world is reopening for business, we’ll be conducting a limited number of LIVE Mental Toughness Seminars across the United States and Canada. The first three will take place in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Denver. This seminars is called How to Coach Mental Toughness, a 6-hour program designed for anyone building a team, coaching individuals or raising tough-minded kids. Watch this short video and then get more information and tickets for Denver at or for Atlanta at

What’s Your Empowerment Score?

Many people live in a psychological state of disempowerment. They live life on their heels instead of their toes. The great ones feel empowered most of the time. They’re leaning into life, thundering forward, unafraid. These people are moving toward their goals when most others are moving away. So how do you become empowered and fearless? Watch this short video to see where you stand and how you score.

FREE 10-Video Mental Toughness Training Course for Entrepreneurs

We’ve just launched a FREE 10-part Mental Toughness Training course on video for entrepreneurs. WARNING: This is not for the easily offended or faint of heart. This training is based on my 30+ years of building businesses in 10 countries around the world. If you’re looking for a motivational speech, this isn’t it. This is what separates successful entrepreneurs from the rest. So buckle up and visit

Stop Caring

The addiction to the approval of others ranks among the most debilitating diseases. Studies show that it’s built on a faulty premise that people are actually thinking about your behaviors, or even your life in general. The fact is that most of us spend the overwhelming majority of our time thinking about ourselves, solving our own problems and navigating life. There’s not much time left to dedicate to evaluating and judging others, unless their behavior has a direct effect on our welfare. The cure to approval addiction begins with a simple decision: stop caring what others think. Watch this short video

You’re Only One Home Run Away

Many of us waste too much time obsessing over our failures. Poor decisions, bad investments, inferior strategy and even downright stupidity. And yes, even the geniuses and masters of the universe are guilty of stupidity from time-to-time. Some of us regret not starting earlier; wish we had taken more chances and beat ourselves up for not having the courage to try. We lay awake in bed at night wishing we could start over, be young again and forge a more significant path. For some, the net result is a splintered self-esteem and a mild to dose of temporary depression. Thats the

Entrepreneurs: Genius or Grinder?

There are two types of entrepreneurs: the geniuses and the grinders. Which one are you? Steve Jobs was a genius; Mark Cuban is a grinder. Elon Musk is a genius; Ross Perot was a grinder. Bill Gates is a genius; Colonel Sanders was a grinder. The bottom line is they all built billion dollar businesses and lasting legacies. Most of us are grinders, fighting the good fight, day in and day out. We struggle, we fail, and we fall. And just when the world has written us off, we come back. We silence our critics and shock the doubters that write

Mental Toughness and Money

In the wealthiest countries in the world, why do most people struggle with money? Is it the economy? The job market? The pandemic? The political climate? The simple answer is no. Studies show that most people have a deep seated belief that making large sums of money is wrong, self-centered and even sacrilegious. This anti-success programming begins in early childhood and continues throughout most people’s lives, and many are not even aware of it. In movies, TV and in the media, the wealthy are often portrayed as greedy, narcissistic, and ruthless. The truth is that the self-made rich are much like

Are You Getting What You Want?

The ultimate goal of becoming mentally tough is getting what you want out of life. Are you getting what you want? Are you moving toward it? Are you even pursuing it? Whatever your answer, just know that today is a new day and yesterday no longer matters. Today could be the day you start your journey, which moves you one day closer to getting what you want. The first step is deciding exactly what you want, in detail. You must be able to see it in your mind before you can hold it in your hand. Next, you have to decide