This is one of the most misunderstood mental toughness techniques in modern psychology. It’s used to extremes by professional athletes, Navy Seals, and psychopaths. If you’re looking to make a quantum leap in results in some area of your life, watch this video I taped in Times Square in New York City. Psychological conversion is one of the flashiest, sexiest and most powerful of all mental training techniques due to the massive results it produces. Try it for yourself and see what you think. And please accept my apologies for the Chinese guy harassing me during the taping. Only in New York City, baby!

Steve Siebold

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Steve Siebold
Author and Professional Speaker since 1997. Past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group. Author of 11 books with 1.4 million copies in print.

19 thoughts on “The Sex Appeal of Psychological Conversion”

  1. Lack of focus is a problem for most people. You see this is often in college students that continue to switch majors. You see this with very intelligent people because they are curious about many different fields and topics. You see this in people who are looking for the get rich quick answers and not willing to put in the work necessary to achieve their goals.The reason for the lack of focus should also be explored and determined and eliminated to be able to achieve the focus you need.

  2. Healing With Mind Power: Richard Shames, M. D. (1978)

    I have always used that book as a guide in my further studies.
    All hypnosis is self hypnosis. One time I demonstrated the technique in a Toastmasters Speech. I went under myself but so did some the audience. I didn’t mean to put myself under.

    I put some under in a health education class following a procedure furnished by Stanford University. On subsequent attempts I got to the point of snapping my finger to induce hypnosis to the whole class.

    It helped me to perfect self hypnosis by volunteering to be a subject a theater presentations.

  3. RONALD JOHN ELLIS: Very interesting. Could you recommend any good book or method on self hypnosis?

  4. Steve,

    That was great. In the past, I have been very scatter brained, while trying to juggle several things at one time. But, when I started to apply this concept, my results have changed tremendously! Go figure!

    Great post,

    J. Garner

  5. Steve: Thanks. I have experienced the drive to focus and attain.

    You have given me an opportunity to delve and confirm what I know about my drive to focus. I am teaching myself by your example that the human is capable of deep thought on his own when the light shines on specific subjects and ideas.

    “A person convinced against his will is of the same opinion still” ….Benjamin Franklin…. You give me opportunity to develop my own direction. You cause self reflection that motivates others to develop their own direction and skills.

    I find myself always teaching by dictating solutions instead of developing in others a skill to cause them to be independent thinkers. Dictating in the long run causes resentment instead of a cooperative spirit.

  6. Steve,

    I always know when I’m in the midst of a psycho-conversion as I watch the dishes, garbage, junk mail and the laundry pile up around the house.

    But I think the Chinese guy did get to you as evidenced by the almost imperceptable blip where the camera was stopped (so you could regain your train of thought) and then started again. I was waiting for him to take a swing at you. Then you chould have laid him out with a right cross.

    If you hit him hard enough, he wouldn’t have regained conciousness till after you were long gone and everyone would’ve thought he was just a homeless guy sleeping on the street. Another perfect psycho-conversion!

    Stay on you toes when you stick and move…


  7. Steve,
    Very powerful! As kids we did this starting a small fire using sunlight, a magnifying glass and newspaper. Same conversion/exclusion principle.

    Another app: I took your 25 World Class “Be-attitudes” from the 177 text, photocopied and reduced them to book mark size, laminated it, and sent the custom book mark to my brother John Mahany who turned me on to Steve Siebold in the first place. Next I shall send one to you, Steve. Have a nice day.

  8. Jim,
    actually multi tasking and psychological conversion are working well together. Let’s say you have 4 major tasks to accomplish: You shut all interruption off (no phone, text, email) and use all your emtal energu for a definte time period (maybe 1 hour) on the first task. You then switch to task two and again just concentrate on that task. Youo could then take a break, check your phone, email, text, before doing the same with tasks 3 and 4. This way you accomplish a lot on each task, as you concentarte on this alone, but still schedule time for unexpected interruptions.
    I have tried this and it works great.

  9. Ahh!! Speaking Man!! Here are you again disrupting ze pedestrian flow, taking space on ze sidewalk where my friend wanted to walk! How was he supposed to not walk on ze cracks in the pavement with you spread-out all over ze street???

    But you are a very clever talking man… getting me once again to tolerate your speakiness with this ‘Sex Appeal’ headline! Where iz ze sexiness???

    I admire ze way that you gave us ze practical demonstration on how to remain totally focused on your messarge, but you my friend were not… how do i say this without flattening your meringue… you were not – Sex Appealing!

    Please have your beautiful assistants (I’m sure you have many! You could not be everywhere all the time all at once without a few!) do the sexy posts from now on! A tall speaking man calming a pavement person is not my cup of Frangelico!

    Viva la Appealing Ones!

  10. So here I am driving down the commission lane of life, multi-tasking so I can accomplish more things in a day allowing me to beat my competition, and now you want me to focus on only one thing at a time. I can see this being an advantage in physical events, or preparing for a test, or preparing for any single event, but for everyday business life I think the multi tasking still has the advantage over all.

    Focusing definitively has its advantage when related to a task, but everyday business competition does not always require the best, and generally rewards the first to market versus the best.

    Many times I wish I had the time which allowed me that kind of focus, it is almost a luxury to think of.

  11. Great message. I completely get it and believe what you are saying. Thank you!

  12. Ohm! My Dear Steve, I’m so sorry for this incidence in my beautiful city, New York.
    Our city never sleeps.
    Congratulations, for handling the situation nicely and keep focusing in your today’s mission.

    In life some time we pass thought different circumstances most of the time the question raiser up in how to deal with it or to overcome it.
    Job well done!
    See you tomorrow in New York City at your speech, Baby!
    Marie Claudine

  13. Steve,

    One of the things I love about you is how down-to-earth you are. I love that you left the incident with this guy in the video. “Excuse me.” “Excuse me.” Hilarious!

    But, your point was also a great one and somehow you managed to keep your focus on the topic even through that. Great real-life illustration. You had a goal to accomplish and you did it, no matter what!

    Thanks for continuing to challenge us in so many ways!


  14. Thank you. Can you elaborate?

    I understand that focusing on one thing allows you to achieve it. But how do you focus on one thing? What exercises would you recommend that allows you to focus other than affirmations? Yoga? Dreams Boards?


  15. Got it – thanks. I find that I only have x amount of energy and know that
    sometimes there is the need to take almost all the psychological energyI have and apply it to
    something I want to do. I also find that psychological energy flows from physical energy and a positive state of mind…..

    Other thinking/activities must be put
    aside for the time being when you do that psychological conversion. That also means I need to stay healthy, energetic, and get enough sleep and water. I get a charge from 177 Secrets of the Mentally Tough and the MDM series. They are helping to focus my mind on the positive more and more.

    Please let me know if I haven’t figured it. 🙂


  16. Great blog Steve! This is a topic that most of us don’t think about much but I know that when I develop a laser sharp focus on one thing, I generally have success. I never knew that it was considered psychological conversion.

    Good job with handling the guy on the street. He must have been having a bad hair day.


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