Roe vs. Wade: Should it Be Overturned?

It’s time for civil discourse to take over in the United States, and around the world, to help us find middle ground on issues that matter. Lets replace ad hominem attacks with thoughtful debate, no matter how heated the subject. Mental Toughness means emotional control; as well as the ability to think critically under pressure. Public figures and politicians appear to be more interested in ratings and getting elected than leading. So in the spirit of robust, yet respectful debate, I’m challenging this 15,000 person community to engage. Our first debate involves Roe vs. Wade, and whether or not it should

What Do Millionaires and Billionaires Consider Real Wealth?

It’s not what many people think. After interviewing 1,324 self-made millionaires and billionaires since 1984, I’ve learned how they think about wealth, money and success. This particular idea came from an interview I did in 1986, and was repeated so many times over the years that I was forced to adopt it. This one idea is a life changer. Watch this short video and you may be surprised at what they shared with me.

Building a Business with Your Spouse

Building a business with your spouse is a dangerous, yet potentially fulfilling experience. The benefits are numerous; the landscape is treacherous! And while it’s difficult to separate your personal and professional lives, there are are skills and strategies that can be implemented to make things easier. Watch this short video overview, and subscribe to our new weekly podcast at

Copy Genius

Since 1984, I’ve interviewed over 1,300 millionaires and billionaires, face-to-face, one on one. I’ve built 4 multimillion dollar companies based on what I learned from these brilliant people. One of the best was the late Walter Hailey, Texas entrepreneur extraordinaire. Watch this short video to learn what he taught me. To view some of my most iconic interviews over the past 38 years, subscribe to my YouTube Channel at and you’ll be notified every time I post one.

#1 Mental Toughness Coaching Strategy

This single mental toughness coaching strategy was the foundation of 23-years of corporate turn-arounds with many of the largest sales teams in corporate America. Whether you’re coaching a sports team, an athlete, or a multimillion dollar sales team, this is the first step you take in the coaching process. To gain LIFETIME ACCESS to our 6-hour “How to Coach Mental Toughness Seminar” visit

Will Smith’s Lesson for Kids

Will Smith is a role model to millions of children. He’s portrayed an action hero, romantic lead, funnyman and the father of tennis phenoms. Now, he’s even won an academy award. Young people around the world want to be like Will, and last Sunday night at the Oscars, he taught them a lesson they’ll never forget. Watch this short video post and I’ll look forward to your comments.

My Answer to Ukrainian Citizens and Soldiers

At the beginning of Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, I received around 20 emails from clients in Kiev. Most were afraid of how far Putin might go, and others were defiant and ready to take up arms. Since then, President Zelensky and the Ukrainian people have inspired the world with their willingness to fight for democracy and the country they love. The mental toughness tool I recommended to these clients, beyond their raw courage, is the same one I used with professional and Olympic athletes. Watch this short video and see if this is something you can use in your life.

How Rich People Think

Back in 2010, after interviewing over 1,000 self-made millionaires and billionaires, I wrote a book called How Rich People Think, which eventually sold over a million copies and was translated into 7 languages. Over the past 11 years, at book signings all over the world, fans have asked me when I was going to share the stories behind the interviews. After all, the book is 100% content, and they wanted me to take them behind the scenes to learn more about what makes these people tick.  I always wanted to tell those stories and share more of what I learned from these

How To Coach Mental Toughness

Now that the world is reopening for business, we’ll be conducting a limited number of LIVE Mental Toughness Seminars across the United States and Canada. The first three will take place in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Denver. This seminars is called How to Coach Mental Toughness, a 6-hour program designed for anyone building a team, coaching individuals or raising tough-minded kids. Watch this short video and then get more information and tickets for Denver at or for Atlanta at