Mental Toughness and Performing Under Pressure

Performing under pressure requires mental toughness, in other words, emotional control. This is one of the most misunderstood concepts in psychological performance training. Some people believe that mental toughness is something with which we are born. Not true. Mental toughness is something we learn. It requires a foundational understanding of what pressure is, and how to reduce or eliminate it. Once you know what you’re dealing with, you can adjust your thinking to instantly reduce the pressure you’re experiencing. In this episode of the Mental Toughness Podcast, I explore the gritty details of how to perform under pressure. #mentaltoughness #personaldevelopment

Mental Toughness on Farming and Hunting Prospects

Many entrepreneurs and salespeople prefer farming over hunting business. This is is more about mindest than strategy, and in today’s environment, it’s limiting. This is why being mentally tough is critical to your success. The more flooded the field, the more hunting must be employed. You must know your avatar and target it relentlessly before your competition does. This aggressive personal point of view has created more millionaires in the first world than any other. The message is, ‘get tough or get left behind.’ And if you can’t find that mental toughness within you, you’ll need to work for someone who

Mental Toughness and Fighting Fair for Couples in Business

Fighting fair with your spouse/business partner is critical for your long-term success in your business and relationship. After being married and in business together for 38 years, we’ve made every stupid mistake a couple can make. The secret, if there is one, is being 100% committed to making it work—whatever it takes. Once you start from there, it’s game on! The upside is you have a life and business partner you can totally trust. In good times and bad, there’s nothing more important than knowing your partner has your back. At the peak of our entrepreneurial life, we had offices in

Critical vs. Emotional Thinking on the Mental Toughness Podcast

One of the key skills we’ve been teaching at Mental Toughness University for 25 years is critical thinking. Since human beings are emotional creatures, critical thinking doesn’t come naturally. Critical thinking is emotion-less thinking, where decisions and actions are based on data, evidence and proof. And as simple as it seems, it’s not easy if you’re used to thinking emotionally. In this episode we dissect the thinking and behavior of former President Donald Trump, Hollywood legend Will Smith, and the emotionally charged American political landscape. As well as the former mask mandates on the airlines. Watch this short episode and I’ll

# 1 Counterintuitive Psychological Sales Strategy

This Mental Toughness Minute dissects one of the most powerful, counterintuitive psychological strategies employed by world-class salespeople. At Mental Toughness University, we’ve been using and teaching it for over 30 years, and it ranks among the most powerful, yet misunderstood of all psychological sales strategies. If you’re a salesperson, sales manager, entrepreneur or executive, watch this 1-minute video and start implenting this strategy today. #mentaltoughness #personaldevelopment

How Rich People Think on CBS News in Palm Springs, California

No views Feb 11, 2023 PALM SPRINGSIn this interview we discuss the differences in thinking between the socioeconomic middle class and world class, direct from my book, How Rich People Think, which has now sold over 500,000 copies and published in 7 languages. I did over 100 TV interviews during this media run, and it was quite contentious. The subject of money and wealth tends to upset a lot of people, probably due to the limiting beleifs with which most of us are raised.

Mental Toughness Podcast Episode # 1

If you’re an entrepreneur, athlete, salesperson or any other performer seeking better results, this podcast is for you. Taped in our podcast studio in the mainhouse of the historic Bona Allen Mansion, this weekly podcast delves into the details of psychological performance and how to use it as a competitive advantage. If you’d like to learn more about mental toughness, visit #mentaltoughness #personaldevelopment

Mental Toughness and Emotional Motivation

What motivates people to sell? Beyond money, what’s their primary driver? This is the secret sauce of entrepreneurs and sales professionals. Watch this Mental Toughness Minute and tap your emotional motivators to move to the next level. And if you’d like to learn more about mental toughness, visit #mentaltoughness #personaldevelopment

The Power of Empathy

As a lifetime seeker of all-things success, I’ve lived most of my life worshipping at the alter of the world’s greatest performers. I’ve written 12 books that focus on the subject of success or heavily allude to it. Now, after 30 years of chasing my dreams, combined with a 5-week, nearly fatal batttle with Covid-19, I’m reevaluating my philosophy. The word that strikes me hardest is empathy, and if I have exhibited it enough over the course of my life. I used to think so. Now I’m not so sure. Empathy is a life-changing behavior. Watch this video and see if

Mental Toughness for Entrepreneurs

My Mental Toughness Message to Struggling Entrepreneurs. After 35 years as an entrepreneur, I’ve learned some lessons, especially when it comes to mental toughness. It’s easy when you’re winning. It’s easy when the money is flowing like water. I’ve been there, and it’s a wonderful experience. But looking back at building businesses in 10 countries around the world over 35 years, it’s the failures I think about most. For as painful as they are, they are also what makes you mentally tough. There’s no way around it. If you’re an entrepreneur, watch this video. Especially if your in the thick of