How Ambitious Are You?

On the psychological scale of 1-7, 7 being most ambitious, how ambitious are you? Ambition is an interesting form of human energy, fueled by emotion and guided by logic. Your level of ambition dictates your expectations, which is why it’s critical that you rate yourself accurately. When ambition and expectation are asymmetrical; confusion, disappointment and unhappiness can occur. This is common complaint among high achievers who rate themselves a 6 or 7 but are truly only a 4 or 5. It’s frustrating when you’re not getting the results you’re expecting. Watch this short video, and evaluate yourself as objectively as possible

Millionaire Kids Most HATED Advice (from Parents)

After 40 years of interviews with self-made millionaires, there’s one piece of advice rich these people give their kids that they HATE to hear. In my book, Secrets Self-Made Millionaires Teach Their Kids, I dedicate Chapter 159 to this sage, yet loathed piece of wisdom. Teenage boys hate it the most, but later in life, when they become wealthy and powerful, they tend to appreciate it more than anything their parents ever taught them. If you’re raising kids that are destined for uncommon success, watch this video and share this age-old lesson with them. It could mean the difference between success

Did You Get What You Wanted?

Did you get what you expected out of life? Are you happy with the goals and dreams you’ve achieved? If you had to do it over again, what would you do differently? On a scale of 1-7, 7 being most satisfied, how satisfied are you with your life? Self-exploration is not about judgment, it’s about taking stock of your life. In this video, I pose some simple questions for your consideration. #personaldevelopment #mentaltoughness #criticalthinking

Winning the Argument vs. Having the Argument

In civilized discourse, we make the distinction between winning the argument vs. having the argument. In 2001, President George W. Bush appointed me to the National Charity Awards Committee, alongside Hollywood legends Merv Griffin, Cheryl Ladd, and Pat Boone. We took the story to the press and were criticized for seemingly promoting the President’s agenda.. Same thing happended with President Obama, and now it’s Trump and Biden. If ‘winning the argument’ is the goal, civilized discourse is compromised. The goal should be ‘having the argument’ where both sides learn for the purpose of cultivating a superior solution. Watch this short video

Key Lesson Self-Made Millionaires Teach Their Kids

After decades of interviewing over 1,300 of the world’s wealthiest people, I wrote a book called Secrets Self-Made Millionaires Teach Their Kids, which became an overnight best-seller after landing on the cover of Money Magazine. The lesson in this video is from Chapter 4, and it’s one of the most important life lessons you can ever teach your children. #personaldevelopment#mentaltoughness

Secrets Self-Made Millionaires Teach Their Kids about Work

After interviewing over 1,300 self-made millionaires since 1984, I wrote a book called Secrets Self-Made Millionaires Teach Their Kids. This book dissects the strategies, philosophies, and the psychology around everything related to earning, investing, saving, growing and protecting wealth. The book made the cover of Money Magazine the week it was published, and since then it’s been featured on ABC News, CNN, NBC News, Forbes Magazine CBS Morning News and dozens of other media outlets around the world. Study this book with your kids (10 & up) and be sure to download the free workbook listed in the book. These are

Jack Welch on Mentally Tough Leadership

Years ago I was speaking at a coporate convention at Caesers Palace in Las Vegas with the late, great Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric. I was in the process of doing turnarounds for Johnson & Johnson with our mental toughness process, and I asked him for advice while we were backstage in the green room. After all, in those days Welch was regarded by many on Wall Street as the greatest turnaround specialist in corporate America. In this video, I share the simple, yet powerful advice he gave that I used over the next 20+ years. #mentaltoughness #personaldevelopment #jackwelch

Mental Toughness on Overcoming Jealousy

Jealousy is the thief of happiness. Experiencing strong negative emotions toward someone else for what they have (and you’re missing) is a formula for misery, and yet we all allow it to grab us from time-to-time. Luckily, there’s a simple psychological hack known as “compersion”, which has the power to drastically reduce and even eliminate the strongest feelings of jealousy. In this post, I discuss an interview I conducted in 2011 with Dr. Deborah Anapol, one of the leading authorities on this subject. Her e-book, “Compersion: Meditations on Using Jealously as a Path to Unconditional Love” is the best book I’ve

Mental Toughness on Controlling Your Life

If you woke up and went to work today because you wanted to, you’re in control of money. If you woke up and went to work today because you needed to, money is in control of you. Unfortunately, even in the richest country in the world, 95% of the population is struggling financially, and as a result, is under control of an individual or organization. Even many of the social media show-offs standing next to their helicopters and private jets are living with massive debt. The good news is that there’s a way to buy back control of your time and