How To Coach Mental Toughness

Now that the world is reopening for business, we’ll be conducting a limited number of LIVE Mental Toughness Seminars across the United States and Canada. The first three will take place in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Denver. This seminars is called How to Coach Mental Toughness, a 6-hour program designed for anyone building a team, coaching individuals or raising tough-minded kids. Watch this short video and then get more information and tickets for Denver at or for Atlanta at

Mental Toughness University FINAL OPEN ENROLLMENT November 24-29, 2020

Mental Toughness University for Entrepreneurs and Success Coaches is now open new students from November 24-29, 2020. This small group coaching program consists of weekly interactive online training followed by twice monthly LIVE coaching calls via Zoom. This is the final opportunity to become a Founding Member and receive a 20% discount off the monthly membership. For more details, watch this short (4-minute) video post and then click here to register for the FREE 30-minute webinar that explains what makes mental toughness coaching so different.

Teach Your Kids That Rich People Rule the World

Parenting is arguably the most important responsibility in life. Unfortunately, many parents echo our school systems by teaching children wishful, rather than critical, thinking. Many of us grow up hearing how love makes the world go around, only to discover that love has little to do with it. The problem with wishful thinking is that it leaves our kids vulnerable to predators with street smarts and skills, whether it means applying to their college or career of choice, purchasing their first car or home. While the realities of the world can be cruel, unfair and even sad, making sure your kids

Are You Tough Enough To Build a 6-Figure Networking Business?

From 1998, my late business partner and I ran the most successful professional prospecting program for Network Marketers in the industry. We taught people whom to call, what to say, and how to say it. At its peak, the program had 10,000 people representing 97 companies in 10 countries around the world. Network Marketing Magazine called it “The most successful prospecting system in the history of Network Marketing.” At the end of 2001, my business partner, Bill Gove, passed away, and I didn’t have the heart to continue the program without him. People have been asking about it nonstop for the

Trump vs. Biden: Can You Handle It?

Emotional immaturity is one of the hallmarks of middle-class thinking. Its the primary reason we’re schooled as children never to discuss subjects like sex, politics or religion. Many people lack the emotional maturity to engage in a spirited discussion with someone that holds the opposite point of view. This relegates our society to discussing sports, movies and other socially meaningless subjects, which has stunted the growth of our citizens and our country. This Presidential election is the quintessential example of this amateur behavior. Social media is inundated with political posts that often generate hateful feedback. Watch this short video (if you

Mental Toughness Secret of the Self-Made Millionaires

After interviewing over 1,300 self-made millionaires and billionaires since 1984, I’ve found something that the majority of them have in common. No, its not flashy jets and Ferraris. The people you see posting these things on social media are the wanna-be rich, not the real rich. Wealthy people usually want to remain anonymous, whereas the wanna-be rich want to be as public as possible. Most wealthy people don’t waste their money on liabilities, but prefer to invest in boring but income producing assets. Watch this short video for one of their greatest all-time secrets.

The Problem with Personal Development

I’ve been an author, speaker and consultant in the personal development space for 23-years. I’ve delivered thousands of speeches in 10 countries, sold a million and a half books and have been featured on every major TV network in the western world. I honestly believe in the majority of messages offered by the thought leaders in this industry, and in the interest of full disclosure, most of them are friends of mine. The problem is personal development has become so profitable that some authors and speakers are misleading people through wild claims of get rich quick and instant success. From the

#1 Belief to Thrive Through Chaos

During this unprecedented time of chaos and uncertainty, top performers seem to have a single belief they use to survive and thrive. Most of them I’ve interviewed said they programmed this belief into their minds as a success strategy to mitigate fear. This basic belief kept them moving forward as their competitors shrank back. Watch this short video for more details and program yourself with this bullet-proof belief.

Hang Tough…The Tide Will Turn

2020 has been an international nightmare, and the end doesn’t seem to be in sight. In mental toughness training, we have lots of tools to enhance performance, but sometimes a situation is so grave that we turn our attention to pure survival. Experts say that depression sets in when a person is unable to construct a viable future. Obviously, the gross uncertainty we’re facing on a global scale has driven millions into depression. And while there’s no easy way out, my suggestion to those who are suffering is to just hang on. The tide will turn. The sun will rise again

Tough Enough for 24 Months of COVID-19?

The politicians want to wish it away. The clergy wants to pray it away. Parents want their kids back in school. Business owners want to reopen and save their businesses, and the list goes on. Everyone is sick and tired of this virus thats taken over the world. Conspiracy theories abound, but the here’s the bottom line: COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere. In mental toughness, we deal in objective reality, no politics, fantasy or wishful thinking. The only conclusion that can be reached based on months of observation and the opinions of scientists is that we are in for a couple of