Most of the population operates from a fear and scarcity based consciousness. It seems to be rooted in our DNA. The people that transcend this lower level thinking have usually had exposure to someone operating from love and abundance. The difference in these two mindsets determines whether you will strive to thrive or simply survive. Watch this short video I taped in historic Mount Dora, Florida, and I’ll look forward to your comments. Steve Siebold (2:32 )

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Steve Siebold
Author and Professional Speaker since 1997. Past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group. Author of 11 books with 1.4 million copies in print.

12 thoughts on “Are You Living in Fear?”

  1. This topic has come home to me. I really need a change in my mindset even in the area of my prayers. I believe praying from a point of fear, and praying from a point of faith can have different results. I really need to get over my fears and look at things, especially money through different lenses. I will return to the Mental Toughness free course that I did, but that computer crashed and I did not save the information on a removable device. I am seeing this way of life after RETIRING, and not RESIGNING from three jobs. I spent so many years as an employee that it is difficult to accept the freedom of self employment. I love speaking, I shall make every effort to grow in this craft. Thanks for these blogs.

  2. Thanks Steve,
    That is always a great reminder point, we all need; Love & Abundance. The universe is constantly expanding. You can always love more people in your life! Profound & True. God is Love & Abundance, lack is a conditioned state of mind. Change your perception – change your results. Edward

  3. It’s amazing how quickly one can fall back into fear and scarcity-based thinking. I know I’m almost constantly catching myself, and actively interrupting those thoughts. It’s still in the “effort” stage – but well worth the effort it requires.

    It also points out the value of hanging out with the right people! 🙂


  4. The world will probably always be fear and scarcity for the majority of the poplulation. To those few who find AND live the love and abundance life; the world can be their playground. Its all there….and it is up to me to choose which one I want. Reality says both are open to me, and the outcome is “my fault”.

  5. Steve,
    Thanks for another great post. I used to operate from a fear based mentality as recent as a few years ago. After having a few powerful experiences and reading good material, especially 177 Mental Toughness Secrets, I feel as though I have an abundance mentality all the time.

    Scott B.
    Kennesaw, GA.

  6. Hmmm – I thought I was coming from love and abundance… and now you have me thinking which, of course it the point… I know right?

  7. Steve,
    I was raised in a strict environment where we not only believed in scarcity – we were afraid of abundance. We believed abundance let evil in the door. I’ve worked my entire adult life to be comfortable with abundance and the more I welcome abundance, the more it shows up. Thanks for your message.

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