What would you love to try if fear was not an issue? What could you get excited about doing that looks really scary? On a scale of 1-7, 7 being most urgent, how strong is your sense of urgency when it comes to getting what you want while you still have a chance? Watch this short video and weigh-in with your comments. Steve Siebold (2:30)

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Steve Siebold
Author and Professional Speaker since 1997. Past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group. Author of 11 books with 1.4 million copies in print.

16 thoughts on “What Are You Waiting For?”

  1. Hey Steve,

    What do i want and what am I waiting for?
    Great question… As I searched within for the answer I realized that as I get older (Im 28) I dont want material things as much as I used to. What I want more than anything are internal things. For example, I would like to have a positive attitude all the time. I would like to always be confident. I would like to be rich. And i realize that being rich is not material its internal, it about thinking like the wealthy, thinking abundance, thinking prosperity and having those thoughts dominate my thinking.
    Im persistent with what I want and its only a matter of time and the right experiences and decisions that will bring me what I said I want and by default I will also have whatever material things I want.
    So what keeps me back is myself. The times that there is an opportunity to go for it and I second guess myself I miss growing. The time I spend doing things that dont challenge me but help me waste my time like average people do delay me getting what I want.
    Great thought Steve! Thanks again for having those great questions that cause me to look within and introspect and realize what i want and check myself to find out if Im on pace or on track and when Im not get back on track!

  2. Well my first thought was opening of my college chemistry textbook to see what was inside, wishing that the information inside the book could seamlessly stream into my brain.

    For me personally, the thing I end up holding back on most are the big decisions in life. I get hit with the what ifs, and the worst scenarios. As a college student, I find myself at several crossroads and at times wish that I didn’t have to make the decisions, but putting them off because of fear only makes the process more difficult. If I just own up to it and show that I can handle the decision and the consequences that come from it… That’s all.

  3. Kimberly: That sounds great. But how do you do when you manage to turn nervous energy into action? Any tricks?

  4. I am living and learning how to be fearless everyday. I have started my own business and adore what I do! I will change peoples’ lives forever and give them peace of mind. I believe you are paid in direct proportion to the service you render mankind. So I am living and walking that service to others.

    Am I afraid? Sure I am. I just take that nervous energy and re-direct it to action. And, dream about what I want every day. My dreams allow to believe that I can accomplish what ever I want. I just focus on making it happen vs being in fear.

    I love your books Steve. They challenge me to the next level. So thank you… 🙂

  5. I have a burning desire inspire others to live their lives more abundantly by living my life with passion. What is holding me sback is fear. Fear that I will not be powerful enough to attract those who can be helped. Fear that I will run out of time if I don’t get to work now and stay focused.
    Steve, I am a huge fan of yours, your books allow you to be a person I mastermind with on a daily basis. Thanks

  6. Let’s see, what am i waiting for? Time, I guess. I have 3 small kids and I know my dream and i always feel like I need to be mom first, then artist. but in between there, i have to make money, so I use time going to work as well.

    I have taken steps to get closer to being the artist i want to be and know that I am. but it’s not fast enough for me. money and raising a family slow me down. not that I regret my , but how do i balance these things and have great success at them. i am not willing to compromise my parenting to be the artist I know I can be…….well that was a surprising sentence. really, i guess there’s my answer….I’m not willing to compromise my parenting to become the artist i want to be.

    but i still want to be that artist. i have got to make this work.
    frustrated, but still positive.
    i love mental toughness blog.

  7. You’re killing me Steve! You had to bring up Atlanta knowing I would be watching this….I should be there with you! All these kids of mine getting married and these weddings I have to pay for are what hold me back!!! LOL! The bill for a wedding scares me more than anything lately and DOES hold me back! Ouch! But, my critical thinking side of me says I’ve inherited 3 new beautiful blond daughter-in-laws since last year and I can’t resist spoiling them. I’m a very lucky dad to get three good ones. Every time they bat their eyelashes I’m reaching for my wallet. They’ve got me right where they want me.

    The think I like so much about you is how much we think alike from opposite sides of the figurative tennis court. I love to debate and volley back & forth. Probably too much and I admit I’m not the best at it; I just have fun. I know you’d kill me in a big match….

    Truly though, with all the years I’ve spent in pre-litigation claim service I’ve learned (the hard way) that most fears (and erroneous thinking) are from non-fact-based thinking. For me, and the thousands of folks I’ve studied, fear is often based on assumptions and perspectives, not facts. I’ve worked with CEO’s, university presidents, FBI agents, celebs, professional athletes, and everyone else imaginable–most of us operate through our perspectives and assumptions. But in all fairness, we don’t realize we’re doing it. Once we untangle the fear based assumptions and work the equation out to raw facts and evidence, we then can see our fears for what they really are. I found that helps me more than anything.

    You mentioned God and religion and I feel slightly under the condemnation of Napoleon Hill saying that debates on religion and politics are useless. Perhaps. Try as we might, FACT based thinking is thrown under the bus in the realm of religious debate so it always stalemates; there’s no surprise there. It always slips back into the rut of subjective thinking and I re-examine myself continuously in my beliefs to trace their roots to either erroneous thinking or fact, and then work back like a mathematical equation until I find solid fact based answers. It has been an immense blessing in my life to do that because it has helped me be a better critical thinker, at least in my humble subjective opinion. Your insights on that have helped me more than you know, my friend.

    I have one more wedding in September then all three of my sons are married–and I just have my only brunette daughter left who is single and in college. I’m in no hurry to marry her off–so next time you have a training offer like this one in Atlanta, will you please give me enough time to check with my kids to make sure no weddings are in the mix? I got nailed this year!

    Thank you for all you do for me–see ya next time.


  8. Strangely, when you REALLY desire soemthing and REALLY concentrate on it and then activly work towards achieving it, strange gthings start to happen. It happened too many times in my life, on little things and big things, that I use it as a benchmark for a new adventure. If it is going to be, things will fall into place and always have If it is not going to be, another and mostly better opportunity came along, sometimes at once, sometimes years later.
    Annie: Fear is often overcome by a strong feeling of gratitude for what you have already accomplished in life. Pair this with World Class self talk, and things should change for the better. There is no failure, only inability to push through to success.
    So, right now, I am very actively working on mny next big goal in life and have done so since last August and things are falling in place, as the Universe will deliver what you deep down desire.

  9. Annie: “The difference between winners and losers is that losers don’t fail enough.”

    I believe in you. You will make it.

  10. Hey Steve,

    Unable to watch the video on my IPad, any way in the future to get your site not to use flash? Considering that iPads are over 90% market share. It’s pretty much how I do everything.

    Just a thought….


    1. Thanks, Rob. We’re working on this right now and should be up and running on all devices in the next few weeks.

  11. Champion!

    Someone said that the sailor is not waiting for the right condition to sail, and that to get what I want the way “I see it” possible is impossible. I got that I need to move using a bit of preparation and face the weather that will come. Laziness is to avoid my reality and is like to live is a condition to pursue someone else’s dream or to live someone dream for me. I want to please people and paradoxically I rebel against it waiting the right conditons and approval over my destiny to appear.

    To be an entrepreneur in my community is my goal. I need to create money for one of my goal of owning houses/condos in different major major cities in americas. It’s feel like I’m free falling as the habitual people are not there for me to measure against. Only new ones are and they are challenging my success at another level. No more procrastination out of rejection, I am a professional. I gather enough info to get going. I understand that meant ending relationships. Some people left because of my longing to express my talents, which showed in decision and addictions habits. I was fed up to limit myself and be labeled an underachiever…

    That’s what’s holding me back.. This is good stuff! Ciao!.

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