This is one of the great questions of the ages. As many of us chase money, success, excitement and a host of other desirables, are we sure we’ll want them once we get them? Watch this short video I filmed inside the Calvin Coolidge Suite at the famous Lakeside Inn in central Florida. After leaving the White House in 1929, Coolidge spent a month in this suite contemplating his presidency and  future. I’ll look forward to your comments.


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Steve Siebold
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9 thoughts on “When You Get What You Want, Will You Be Happy?”

  1. Steve –

    It seems to me that there are two things required for happiness – success and fulfillment.

    There are all sorts of discussions about success – what it is, what it should be, how to determine what it is for you. There’s a whole industry dedicated to helping people and organizations become successful.

    However, precious little is ever mentioned about fulfillment – and when it is, it’s usually referenced as a byproduct of success. (Have you ever heard of a “fulfillment industry”?)

    Spending time thinking about what constitutes personal fulfillment – true fulfillment – is every bit as important as defining success. To my mind, it’s even more important, because I believe a high degree of fulfillment will at least partially offset a lack of success. However, all the success in the world won’t overcome a lack of fulfillment.


  2. That is a great question! Most Americans believe that happiness is tied to money or power. The truth is, if you are unhappy and broke, chances are you will unhappy and rich as well. Happiness comes from living a well balanced life. Money is a tool that allows you to purchase the things you need and want. However the quality of your relationships with others, and yourself, your health, your attitude about life, and your spirituality all play a key role in your happiness.
    We put too much work into to just making money, believing that if we had a lot of money everything would be great. Think about this. would you trade your relationships with loved ones, health, or peace of mind for $10 million. I believe that without the first 3, the money would seem like a curse. However, why have it all by living a balance life and watch the money flow in!

  3. I believe it all depends on what is wanted. Many put “the want” as material things, and typically that doesn’t work. It is a state of mind, it is mental toughness…..sounds too simplistic right? I don’t think so….

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