In 28 years of interviewing millionaires and studying world-class success, my favorite success strategy is the non-linear leap. This is a little known strategy that uses leverage to catapult people from modest to extreme success–almost overnight. I’ve seen it and experienced it. It’s nothing short of amazing. Watch this short video I shot in Toronto, Canada after speaking at a celebration gala for Bob Proctor. My critical thinking question for you today is: can you identify a potential non-linear leap in your business? This may be the most powerful and underutilized strategy in the  Mental Toughness University Program.    Steve Siebold   (2:54)

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Steve Siebold
Author and Professional Speaker since 1997. Past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group. Author of 11 books with 1.4 million copies in print.

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  1. As you may be aware, “all change begins with language”. It’s more often the language in our head. It’s that chatter box that is speaking to you right now as you read this, and it’s there talking up a storm durring all conversations. It reflects our beliefs, and for most of the people in the world it’s exactly what is holding themback from making or taking a leap!

    Steve, I love this thread because I am one of the very lucky people who have had the pleasure of multiple leaps. I am also in the list of people who didn’t have the skill sets to properly leverage the events when they came.

    I once shared a success story with a mentor and he put my story in his book which became a New York Times best seller, then he and I were invited to tell our stories on National TV on “The Big Idea” with Donny Deutch. I did get some business, but nothing near what could have happened.

    I always called this a quantum leap. As I am now most interested in developing a speaking / training and coaching career I am very interested in doing all I can to create and prepare for these opportunities. Taking lots of action and expecting it to happen is important! Of this I am sure!

  2. Was your nonlinear leap a strategy or a gift? One may be able to ingratiate himself with others who have the ability to grant such a gift, but it is the giver’s choice whether to give. How do you place that under the heading of Strategy?

    1. Rob,
      It becomes a strategy when you’re out there searching and fighting for it. A little luck doesn’t hurt, but luck is usually not enough. (in my experience)

  3. Non Linear Leap

    People need to have help and guidance to meet the prerequisites to take the non linear leap. I believe that you can find the formula in many ways. A leader sees the light from your soul, finds the good in you, then helps you to succeed. He will see that he may conjoin with you to have a lot to give through your self actualization. You can become that leader. A great deal of happiness and satisfaction is obtained so that your leader and you can continue to help others obtain their non linear leap. That satisfaction is like money in the bank.

  4. I really enjoyed this post, Steve. There have been a few key moments in my life which have made a massive difference (not quite as big as yours – but significant nonetheless). It’s interesting that you highlight a public speaking opportunity in yours. I would say this is a tremendously important skill to acquire in preparation for the opportunity.

    I am wondering if the non-linear leap is becoming more difficult to realise though.

    This article:,1518,793896,00.html
    suggests that the top 400 Americans own more than the bottom 150m Americans.

    To join their exalted company probably requires a lot more than a leap.


  5. The one leap that opens them all would have to be to get out of our comfort zone first. Eg. Think about the exact ‘best’ opposite of what you have now; if it feels ‘really uncomfortable’ you’re on the right track – if not, push it out further until it becomes so. Keep throwing it around in your head; let your imagination get ‘comfortable with it’. Now that you have that clear in your head, ask yourself ‘who’s someone that has that right now?’

    …now you’re changed your comfort zone, identified where and how your ‘leap’ is working… now either follow their leap plan, or directly connect with them to ‘leap on board’. Either way, if we don’t push our mental boundaries first… we’ll never see the leaps waiting right there in front of us.

  6. “Ask, and it will be given. Seek, and you will find. Knock and you it shall be opened unto you. For everyone that asks receives, and he that seeks finds and to him that knocks will find the door already opened to him. (Matthew 7:7-8)

    The non-linear leap is the response to the above embodied in dissatisfaction, pursuit, preparation, faithfulness and expectancy.

    Yes, when the student is ready, the teacher will indeed appear.

  7. Thank you for the video. Great post and comments.

    I agree with the other posters: You have to be prepared (vibrationally and otherwise) for the non-linear leap opportunity. If not, you won’t recognize it when it shows up or you’ll squander it.

    Timing is everything. Fortunately, we can co-create (with the Universe) the right timing by doing that which is before us.

  8. If “luck is preparation meeting opportunity”, then it is no accident that you met and were supported by talented mentors. When the “pupil is ready the teacher will appear”. In your case you were focused, curious and more than eager. I believe most people are asleep. As Larry Wilson teaches, you must be awake, aware and moving forward in order to experience the hero’s journey. If you are constantly looking for those breakthroughs in your field of expertise, you will get the big break. You must have experience and expertise. That takes constant curiosity to learn and enthusiasm for your mission. Success is no accident.

  9. The ability to take a non-linear leap requires, a burning desire and the knowledge deep down within yourself that you will not accept defeat. That leap also demands complete faith in yourself, and a willingness to understand that there is always some small element of fear lurking and waiting to take over if we hesitate. Timing is everything. Then and only then, the universe will guide you to the other side of the cliff. You will land stronger and more powerful than before.

    Take the leap!

  10. Hi Steve,

    Having owned my own business for 28 years I’ve always been fascinated with how businesses catapult to success and how many of them flop after getting that non-linear leap and here’s what I’ve observed:

    What you call a “non-linear leap” is what many of us entrepreneurs call a “lucky break.” You also used the term “great break” at least three times–in that Bob Proctor gave you that “great break” you needed. It’s a lucky break, and you renamed it non-linear break and I think they are one and the same.

    Truett Cathy, the founder and bazillionaire of the amazingly successful Chic-Fil-A franchise companies touts his success to the linear method he recommends for controlled growth–he plays it safe, however after so much initial growth an enterprise like his snowballed into a non-linear leap of progress. So I think both approaches have value at different stages.

    I think both non-linear leaps and linear protocols are valid and have their place in entrepreneurship–it’s timing that dictates when those should happen for optimal results. Most of the business failures I’ve seen were those that took off too quickly, got that “non-linear break” too soon and then crashed because they were not well established enough to handle the onslaught of public attention they received. In fact, I was once told by someone from the SBA that more business ventures fail because of their success than lack of it.

    This does not mean that a non-linear break, or lucky break is not a great thing to have–it’s what every business owner wants. I think it would be a windfall, at the appropriate time in start up. If that break happens too soon, it can spell disaster. For example, had you got that break two days after you decided to go into public speaking–would you have been ready for it? Not likely, as Dawn told us in the workshop course it took you years to build your core philosophy before you were ready.

    As both you and Dawn said at the workshop, a new speaker must practice with no fee audiences for 2 years before launching into the fee paid arena–obviously a linear process. The linear process of building your core philosophy, your talent, and all that comes with preparation would be essential before going non-linear at the launch pad.

    To answer your question of there being potential for the non-linear leap–sure there is–I believe you once called it leverage on someone else’s notoriety which is what appears to have happened from your description of events with Bob Proctor, Bill Gove, and Larry Wilson. How we find that special someone who lets us latch on to their coat tails in the wake of their success is a matter of meeting someone who takes a liking to you and being in the right place at the right time. I think it would be intriguing to hear your story of how you met them.

    You were one lucky guy….


  11. Could this be the “Leap” I’ve been looking for? Now a have to go find a PC to watch the video then I’ll reply!

    Ward D Lyon
    Sent from my iPhone 🙂

  12. Steve,
    many people have many chances for non-linear leaps. However, they need to be mentally ready to recognize it to be able to take the advantage. If you are not prepared, if you have not studied your profession hard enough and have acquired the essential knowledge and done plenty of practical application, you are not ready for a non-linear leap. For the outsider it might look like luck, but it is really the cummulation of years of preparedness, studying and training. The Universe gives these chances only to those who are ready and prepared and then the success becomes world-class.
    As you told me before, very few people have made it in the professional speaking business without mentors and very hard work.
    I and many others on your blogs and at SSN appreciate all you and Dawn are doing for the speaking industry to help others get non-linear leaps.

  13. Hi Steve,
    Great post as usual. I think the non-linear boost can be achieved in many ways.
    A great recomendation, a great speech to the right audience, writing a book, maintaing a constant belief in yourself and what you are doing while always believing and encouraging others to do the same, so when an opportuntiy presents itself, you are there and ready to leap into that new arena.
    Edward Michael Raymond

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