President Obama has once again used his considerable verbal skill to persuade democrats to vote for government controlled healthcare. Not only did he ignore the entire republican party, he ignored 55% of the American people who hate this bill. America can’t afford to pay for this, and the President has effectively saddled future generations with trillions of dollars of debt they won’t ever be able to pay back. In the worst economy of our lifetime, the President and his democratic co-horts are spending insane amounts of money we don’t have. And the republicans are not without blame. They had eight years under President Bush to elevate their puritanical thinking on social issues and gain support across the isle, and they failed to do so.  The democrats want to control us and the republicans want to impose their moral agenda on us. Here’s my take: we don’t need these people telling us what to do or how to live. Listen to this post and give us your take in the comments section.  Steve Siebold

Steve Siebold
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65 thoughts on “Obama-Care Disaster”

  1. Eve – that’s an interesting argument. You might not know this but in the UK at least you can still obtain private healthcare (and insurance) if you don’t want to wait for care. There is a parallel private health care which you can choose to use if you want. Often many of the facilities being used though are hired from the public health care system though and surgeons/consultants/doctors will sometimes work for both private and public health care.

    Even in the public health care system – being a doctor is one of the most highly paid jobs you can have (and there is generally huge competition for university places so the interest in working in this role is still there).

    But it’s definitely true that many of the support roles eg nurses are comparatively very poorly paid compared to the US. It is getting better in some areas though.

  2. The European health care system rations medical care in ways we don’t want in this country. When people have to wait in queues to receive needed surgery, etc., and when the medical system makes judgement calls determining who gets care and who doesn’t, that harms everyone. I WANT a doctor who anticipates making a profit from providing me with good care. When it pays to be a doctor, then those who are able to do so will undergo the years of rigorous training, etc., to become good ones. If there is no profit in it, very few will choose to do it. Then what we have will be fewer doctors, fewer GOOD doctors and a lower quality of health care. Why else would our Congress and President exempt themselves from this new system?

  3. As a Canadian I wonder if your new health care is so great why there is still no limit or set amount a doctor can be sued for. After all the most claims are for care of the person and a “good” government plan covers that. Any thing else should be considered criminal or the compitence questioned. Here in Canada we are covered by a government plan but many people here have to travel to the USA or Asia (India) to get timely medical care at their own expense. It is unimaginable that doctors will expose themselves to lawsuits with the real possibility of lower or limited income which is the next logical step of government to keep cost down. The quality and number of doctors will most likely diminish over a short period of time.
    Health care is a good idea if funded from taxes instead of employers. By November there should be many companies that can state the cost of this new plan and their ability to provide employment for Americans.

  4. The Europeans have a good health care system, government sponsored (public option), with some private options. Most of the Europeans like it. Once Americans understand that Obama’s bill is not a take-over of government, they will really like it. Once Americans understand that they can truly trust a doctor because they are focused on the patient and not on the monetary aspects, then will really like it.

    Republicans might be in for a big surprise in November and they might wish they would not have said “No” for more than one year.

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