Death Threats: Logic vs. Emotion

Thanks to everyone who commented on the Obama-Care Disaster post, especially to Mike Michelozzi and Jane Barr, who really dug into this post with their opinions and ideas. Five major newspapers called me for interviews within 14 hours of this post, and I appreciate the Canadian and U.S. press for their continued support of this blog. Just hours after President Obama signed the health care bill into Law, several congressman have received death threats. These events occur when people allow their emotions to cloud their judgment. Mentally tough performers use emotion to create passion, but never allow their passion, no matter

Obama-Care Disaster

President Obama has once again used his considerable verbal skill to persuade democrats to vote for government controlled healthcare. Not only did he ignore the entire republican party, he ignored 55% of the American people who hate this bill. America can’t afford to pay for this, and the President has effectively saddled future generations with trillions of dollars of debt they won’t ever be able to pay back. In the worst economy of our lifetime, the President and his democratic co-horts are spending insane amounts of money we don’t have. And the republicans are not without blame. They had eight years

$300 Million Dollar Advice

The best advice I ever got in business came from a man who built a $300 million dollar empire. I was shocked and stunned when he hammered me with this dose of objective reality. I was also broke. This is a message you won’t hear much about in the positive thinking, personal development community. That’s too bad, because it’s pure gold. This is mental toughness and critical thinking at its best. It’s a tough message to hear, and it may make all the difference in how high you rise. It literally changed my life. Listen to this post, and as always,

5 Reasons You Need To Be Rich

I’ve just signed an international book deal with the largest wholesaler of books in the world to place all of my products in bookstores around the globe; including my 2010 release, How Rich People Think: 101 Differences in Thinking Between the Middle class and World class. This book is going to cause more controversy than the Die Fat or Get Tough Book! I’m already getting questions from the press about the content. The bottom line is THINKING is the foundation of every great (self-made) fortune. It all starts with how you THINK about money. Most people have so many limiting beliefs

Good Morning America interviews Steve Siebold

I just returned from being interviewed on Good Morning America in New York City, and i was really impressed with what a great job they did. Of all the TV interviews I’veĀ  done on Mental Toughness, I like this one the best. They just posted the interview on the ABC NEWS website at I’ll look forward to your comments. Steve Siebold

Mental Toughness Secret of Champions: Objective vs. Subjective Reality

While the masses operate primarily on a subjective model of the world, champions see life through the eyes of objective reality. This strategic advantage is one of the mental toughness secrets of the world class which is rarely talked about. Have a serious look at your life with critical objectivity and you’ll see exactly what you need to do to get what you want. The average thinker allows emotion to cloud their judgement in their personal analysis of themselves and their results. Take stock of your results in every area of your life and objectify yourself as performance machine producing results.