Obama-Care Disaster

President Obama has once again used his considerable verbal skill to persuade democrats to vote for government controlled healthcare. Not only did he ignore the entire republican party, he ignored 55% of the American people who hate this bill. America can’t afford to pay for this, and the President has effectively saddled future generations with trillions of dollars of debt they won’t ever be able to pay back. In the worst economy of our lifetime, the President and his democratic co-horts are spending insane amounts of money we don’t have. And the republicans are not without blame. They had eight years

Outrage over Obama’s Back to School Speech Defies Critical Thinking

Like many American’s, I’m infuriated over President Obama’s fiscal agenda. I think this guy is a socialist. I also think he’s one of the smartest people in Washington. Thousands of people around the country kept their kids out of school yesterday because President Obama was delivering a motivational speech to schools across the country via the internet. I read the speech, and it was brilliantly written. It had nothing to do with healthcare reform or anything¬† on the administrations agenda. It was a motivating, inspiring speech to help kids, period. Every school kid should have heard that speech, but they didn’t