After dealing with tens of thousands of associates in both of these companies over the past 20 years as an author/speaker, I’ve formed some strong opinions. In the interest of full disclosure, from 2018 to 2022, I engaged in a spare time experiment with World Financial Group as an associate after writing the only official book on the company, UNAUTHORIZED: The Truth about World Financial Group. I was always curious to see what it would be like in the inside of the opportunity after being a vendor to them for so many years. I have never been an associate with Primerica, although I was tempted many times. If you’re considering joining WFG or Primerica, please watch this video before you sign up. I’ve had a unique, 20-year, backstage pass to both of these companies and witnessed both their strengths and weaknesses. I’ve also been a performance consultant to Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch, and many others. This doesn’t mean you should take my advice. Do your research and draw your own conclusions. My goal is to simply share my experience to help you make the best decision for you and your family. #WorldFinancialGroup #WFG #Primerica #PFS #personaldevelopment #howrichpeoplethink

Steve Siebold
Author and Professional Speaker since 1997. Past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group. Author of 11 books with 1.4 million copies in print.

2 thoughts on “World Financial Group vs. Primerica: Which is the Better Opportunity?”

  1. Steve let’s not forget, Art Williams trained the founder of WFG so that makes Primerica better!!!!

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