Goal setting is a game of specifics, not generalities. Most people get what they want because they start by knowing WHAT they want. The masses are infamous for wanting a little bit of lot of things, and that’s the root of their failure, especially when it comes to acquiring wealth. The critical thinking question of this post is one of the most important you’ll ever answer if you want to be rich. Watch this short video I taped in Milwaukee after appearing via satellite on FOX Business Network’s Varney & Co. with Wall Street analysts Stuart Varney and Charles Payne.

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Steve Siebold
Author and Professional Speaker since 1997. Past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group. Author of 11 books with 1.4 million copies in print.

11 thoughts on “What’s Your Money Number?”

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  3. Steve – good to see you visiting my former home state of “WIZ – consin.”

    I have a number in mind. Right now, it seems like a huge number.

    At some point in the future, I may conclude that number is too small.

    But there’s no way I’m ever going to say that it’s too big. Go big, or don’t go!


  4. When I think about what the above paragraph states, “Goal setting is a game of specifics, not generalities.” And when I think about what Siebold said, “20% of people with assets over 5 million don’t feel wealthy,” I have to say that my number is 35 million, after taxes, most of it in cash. Based on my recent experience, Siebold is right. When you have specific goals you end up accomplishing them – it’s the law of self-prophesy at work, whatever you believe about yourself becomes the truth. I finished a screenplay and just self-published a poetry book and I believe that my intellectual property will make me wealthy. I won’t get rich right away but I feel I am definitely on my way out of poverty. And I plan to continue writing and accumulating more intellectual property. One of them will make me wealthy.

  5. I surely do have a specific figure–In writing my vision I have separate pages for each of the 8 goal areas. I keep each separate so I can add to each area without having to rewrite the whole vision statement, not that that would be bad but I have 2-3 pages for each area so if I feel like just a little addition I can do that easily. Believe me with 16 plus pages I have very specific goals and that is so much fun to do!

  6. T.R. Andary – that is a great answer.
    I know it has to be over a billion for me, so I’m going with $23,000,000,000 so that I am in the Carl Icahn ballpark, and can affect the world change that I am passionate about.

  7. My number is what it costs to own my own jet fighter as a play toy, and have it parked in the driveway, like John Travolta has his airplanes….

  8. $10,000,000 is the goal after taxes, cash In the bank for investment etc. I am 42, no male in my family lives past 80. That would allow $250,000 withdrawal per year and I would not have to work on anything or anywhere I did not want too. All my debts would be paid. That amount of money allows freedom of choice daily for me.

  9. What’s my money number. Hmmm. That’s a great question. My gut tells me not to speculate on what is enough, or what my money number is because it’s all relative. I just saw a man at the Isagenix Celebration event who is working on his 8th business center. I wonder what his money number is, or if he even has one. I don’t know. I do know that like attracts like and once a goal has been set and put into motion, the subconscious mind does everything in it’s power to achieve it. I don’t think I want to limit myself that way when it comes to choosing a money number. In fact, while making phone calls tonight, I heard that intuitive voice in my head tell me to stop saying I’m a millionaire because I know my subconscious mind has already received that message and has said “done” to that statement and I don’t want my subconscious mind to say you can only have one million dollars. Make sense? Dream big or don’t bother. Thoughts?

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