As I travel across the country on my latest book tour, all I seem to hear from people (including the TV anchors interviewing me) how bad things are and how they’re never going to be the same. This is the mindset of the masses, and it’s a dangerous trap. The wealthy and successful people I’m talking to are regrouping to compete and thrive in the new economy…and they’re EXCITED about the NEW opportunities this correction has to offer all of us. Watch this short video post and ask yourself this critical thinking question: Are you still dreaming and planning for the future, or are you allowing the middle-class mindset of fear and scarcity to invade your consciousness?   Steve Siebold  ( 3:25 )

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Steve Siebold
Author and Professional Speaker since 1997. Past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group. Author of 11 books with 1.4 million copies in print.

12 thoughts on “Are You Still Dreaming?”

  1. Steve, this is my favorite post! Everyday, I think in terms of ‘opportunity’ rather than engaging in discussions about how terrible things are. Even if things are tough right now in certain respects, the only way to change this is to keep on dreaming. If there ever was a time to dream, it’s now, when things are changing! I generate a lot of excitement for living when I encourage myself and others to keep on dreaming – the time and energy spent on comiseration is simply unproductive and generates fear.

  2. Thanks Steve for the reminder! Its all about FOCUS. Either we focus on the “problems” or the “solutions”. The world class have always focused on solutions.
    It has always been and will always be our choice.

    Stay Amazing,
    K.L. Horne

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am SO TIRED of the big whining everywhere, and I so agree with your message. My personal economy has nothing to do with the general economy, and I am doing just fine – mainly because I don’t mind using challenges as opportunities for growth with often very surprisingly positive results. I am so glad to have your blog, your messages to keep me upbeat, happy, and focused on the good stuff!

  4. Since my teens I’ve wondered how I fit in with humanity and decided a long time ago that I didn’t quite fit in with the masses. Then I didn’t know. Then I decided that I did and we all fit and don’t fit in in different ways. Then it was that I’m in the masses but not part of the masses. Then I was totally outside the masses an individual. Then not even that – what am I? was the question I asked again.

    I don’t think everyone thinks like that:-) My guess is most people who post here do think like that in their way – questioning their being their humanity their place in the world their expectations out of life.

    Many people will say: I’m still dreaming – and my questions are: about what and have you found a way to make those dreams come true?



  5. “…all I seem to hear from
    people (including the TV anchors interviewing me) how bad things are and how
    they’re never going to be the same…”

    Hi Steve, greetings from Prague, the Czech Republic, (Europe) where your great books are also well known!
    As for the opinions of masses. Have they ever thought any different?
    Two months ago I was one of them, but your wonder-making videos, courses, books taught me think how rich people do.
    Thank you for doing a great job.
    George Rusky, a never-ending dreamer

  6. You’re exactly right Steve. Theron and I were talking about creating our 5 year vision plan and believe me, we are having a great time talking about our dreams!

    We spent this last weekend on a camping trip with our kids, two boys both in their late 20’s along with their girlfriends. We took your book along, How Rich People Think. We spent a lot of time reading bits and pieces out loud and discussing our thoughts about the differences in middle class and world class thinkers. I could see everyone’s wheels turning! It was so much fun listening to some of thier dreams, but the best part was when I said “you guys are all so creative! You’ve got a lot of great ideas. You TOTALLY have what it takes to be rich.”

    When they looked at me like I just spoke a foreign language, I told them I was going to buy them each a copy of your book and I asked them to read it everyday. I told them it really comes down to their own beliefs and how they choose to think.

    Thank you Steve for writing your book and giving us (everyone who reads it) a chance to dream build with our kids and helping us to help them plant their own seeds for a most abundant and financially free future.

  7. Thanks Steve for that inspiring message this morning! I am excited about my future as the tailored speaker and my vision. Positive people and positive thinking do make a difference.
    Like you Mike, I am setting goals at another age milestone, or maybe it’s a case of persistence. This time it’s a new career in retirement 🙂
    Denise Fowble,
    Tailored life speaker

  8. Thank you Steve for your inspiring words. It is always incredible to see how things show up when you keep on dreaming and when you stick to your goals.

    I also believe that there are more opportunities in those so called tough times for the people that are willing to step out of their comfort-zone.

    Have a great day and thank you again!

  9. Steve, You are so right. I wish there was more of a positive outlook out there.
    This is the time to Git Rich!
    Thanks for the inspiration. Look forward to reading your new book.

  10. Thanks for your wise message. I have been very worried about our diminished income and how it changes our dreams for the future. I will fight the fear. It has brought me serious depression.
    I do not like Fox news but I liked your message and I hope you will also get it out on airamerica, the progessive station as everyone can be helped by it.-Kelly Brand

  11. Steve, you pack in more fully loaded inspiration and volumes of discussin material in 3 minutes than any speaker I know or have ever heard speaking.

    I like that you pointed out that with more problems than ever to solve there’s more opportunity.

    I set Dream Goals every decade – Life Begins At 40, 50, 60, and so on and expect to do it 5 more times!

  12. Great video. I agree. Every day, I wake up and re-focus on the good and my goals for the future. I’ve turned off the news so my thoughts aren’t invaded with negative thoughts. But unfortunately the masses continue to listen to the media. Maybe we can get the media to switch to giving us good news. 🙂

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