Do You Think Like a Millionaire?

As cheesy as this question might sound, it shouldn’t be discounted. Non-linear, millionaire thinking is a serious process that creates significant results. And it’s not just about money; it’s about getting what you want out of life in an expedited fashion. In 2010, I wrote a book called How Rich People Think, which was based on over 1,000 interviews with self-made millionaires and billionaires conducted face-to-face since 1984. The concepts in this book serve as a roadmap to success. These ideas aren’t taught in school. To the contrary, they are often discredited among academics who don’t understand them. The proof is

How Rich People Think on CBS News in Palm Springs, California

No views Feb 11, 2023 PALM SPRINGSIn this interview we discuss the differences in thinking between the socioeconomic middle class and world class, direct from my book, How Rich People Think, which has now sold over 500,000 copies and published in 7 languages. I did over 100 TV interviews during this media run, and it was quite contentious. The subject of money and wealth tends to upset a lot of people, probably due to the limiting beleifs with which most of us are raised.

How Rich People Think

When I wrote my book, How Rich People Think, I didn’t know how much controversey it would cause. Rich celebrities like Wynonna Judd, Kathie Lee Gifford and John Tesh LOVED it, while others, such as LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, HATED it. The subject of money is emotional for many people. In this video I discuss the first chapter, which wound a lot of people up. #personaldevelopment #mentaltoughness

Wealth Reduces Suffering

The International Personal Development Association is dedicated to reducing human suffering around the world. One of the tools that works is wealth. In the first world, lack of money is the most common form of stress and suffering. It causes people to make short term, poor decisions. It contributes to depression, divorce and suicide. And yet just a little increase in a family’s wealth can substantially reduce these negative outcomes. This is one of the topics we’ll be exploring in the association. Watch this video to get started on this subject, and if you’ve already solved your money issues, teach these

Self-Made Millionaire’s Secret

After interviewing self-made millionaires for 38 years, the primary question I get from audiences and the media is “how do they do it? How does an average person with an average IQ and education create a fortune from nothing? It’s obviously a multifaceted answer, but they all seem to begin with the same strategy. Most of these people agree that their success is mainly an inside job, or at least that’s where it begins. But where? In other words, where does one start down this path? The good news is that it’s uncomplicated, and in this short video, I’ll reveal the

My Self-Made Millionaires Article on CNBC

My latest article on the mindset of self-made millionaires on CNBC’s Grow Acorn website. Most of the 1,300 millionaires and billionaires I’ve interviewed over the past 36 years were entrepreneurs that built empires. Later this week I’ll be launching our new coaching program for entrepreneurs and success coaches, the curriculum of which has been built primarily from what I’ve learned from these business giants. This article will give you a hint of some of the things I’ll be coaching.

Are You Capitalizing On Your Opportunity?

America is an amazing place. It’s a place where you can start with nothing and build an empire. That’s what the most of the wealthiest people have done, yet the remaining 99% of the population struggles financially all of their lives. How about you? Are you living in financial abundance or laboring in the stress-filled world of the middle class? The good news is that whatever position you are in, you can begin today to make it better. And make no mistake: the rich WILL CONTINUE getting RICHER, and the masses will continue to struggle. The only question is; which group

Do You Have a Millionaires Mindset?

After interviewing over 1,200 millionaires over the past 30 years, I’ve found that few people outside of this group really understand the mindset of the rich. Many people in the middle class believe there is no difference in mindset between themselves and the wealthy, and they couldn’t be more wrong. Watch this short (3:30) video I shot in New York City a few days ago after appearing on FOX Business Network with Wall Street Analyst Stuart Varney. I’ll look forward to your comments. Watch on YOUTUBE [media id=266]