Are You Capitalizing On Your Opportunity?

America is an amazing place. It’s a place where you can start with nothing and build an empire. That’s what the most of the wealthiest people have done, yet the remaining 99% of the population struggles financially all of their lives. How about you? Are you living in financial abundance or laboring in the stress-filled world of the middle class? The good news is that whatever position you are in, you can begin today to make it better. And make no mistake: the rich WILL CONTINUE getting RICHER, and the masses will continue to struggle. The only question is; which group

Do You Have a Millionaires Mindset?

After interviewing over 1,200 millionaires over the past 30 years, I’ve found that few people outside of this group really understand the mindset of the rich. Many people in the middle class believe there is no difference in mindset between themselves and the wealthy, and they couldn’t be more wrong. Watch this short (3:30) video I shot in New York City a few days ago after appearing on FOX Business Network with Wall Street Analyst Stuart Varney. I’ll look forward to your comments.
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What’s Your Money Number?

Goal setting is a game of specifics, not generalities. Most people get what they want because they start by knowing WHAT they want. The masses are infamous for wanting a little bit of lot of things, and that’s the root of their failure, especially when it comes to acquiring wealth. The critical thinking question of this post is one of the most important you’ll ever answer if you want to be rich. Watch this short video I taped in Milwaukee after appearing via satellite on FOX Business Network’s Varney & Co. with Wall Street analysts Stuart Varney and Charles Payne.
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Positive Thinking is Dead

The world has changed. The rules are different and the stakes are higher than ever. To the victor go the spoils, and only the savvy need apply. The positive thinking movement transformed the lives of millions, but success in the new economy requires a higher level of thought. Watch this short video I taped in Seattle, Washington, and I’ll look forward to your comments.

Are You Ready to Be Rich?

I was interviewed a few days ago on Fox Business Network by Wall Street Analyst turned Peabody Award winning journalist Stuart Varney on Varney & Company. The interview was about my best selling book, How Rich People Think, and the Pew Research Report that stated that the middle class had lost 28% of their wealth in the past two years. My point was that this is the best time ever to become a millionaire. Watch the interview and see what you think. Here’s the link to the Fox Interview:
After you watch the Fox Business Interview, watch this short video I taped