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Steve Siebold
Author and Professional Speaker since 1997. Past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group. Author of 11 books with 1.4 million copies in print.

4 thoughts on “Steve Siebold interview on NBC Philadelphia”

  1. Hey Steve,
    Man your on the ball when it comes to your thinking. I love all your material. Secrets of the world class is awesome, I have the book and the 12 cd’s. Keep doin all your fine work, your one of the few who is spreading the truth, when most are in severe delusion. Were not better than anyone else, just becoming more aware. AWARENESS is the key. Luv ya man, Keep it up
    Your friend, Corey M.( Canada)

  2. Excellent interview Steve and right on the button! Knowledge is power: you become what you think – or don’t think – about all day long. Whenever you change from bad habits to good habits it begins with not wanting to be a certain way and wanting to be another way. The other way one wants to become becomes a vision.

    When that happens how you think changes. Nothing significantl happens until you think in a different way – as you say and the study shows, Steve.

    I talked with a womn a few months ago who told me both she and her doctor can’t figure out how she put on 100 pounds over a couple years when all she does is eat one salad a day and a few snacks.

    When I asked her questions she said over and over that as amazing as it sounds. eating less than 1000 calories a day she put on 100 pounds AND the doctors ruled out thyroid problems.

    What goes here, Steve?


  3. Once again Steve you gave an excellent presentation and got your message over. I learn so much from watching you speak. at the same time the Interviewer was excellent in that she was in accordance and kept a positive handle on the whole performance. well done Steve.

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