I’ve just signed an international book deal with the largest wholesaler of books in the world to place all of my products in bookstores around the globe; including my 2010 release, How Rich People Think: 101 Differences in Thinking Between the Middle class and World class. This book is going to cause more controversy than the Die Fat or Get Tough Book! I’m already getting questions from the press about the content. The bottom line is THINKING is the foundation of every great (self-made) fortune. It all starts with how you THINK about money. Most people have so many limiting beliefs about money they have almost no chance of ever becoming a millionaire…unless they upgrade their beliefs. Listen to the masses talk about money and you’ll see what I mean. Most of us were brainwashed to believe wanting to be rich is wrong, and most of us never get past it. It’s a shame, especially at a time in when there is so much opportunity to create products and services that solve problems and build fortunes.  Here are my 5 reasons why I think you need to be rich. I’ll look forward to your comments.  Steve Siebold  (6:30)

Steve Siebold
Author and Professional Speaker since 1997. Past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group. Author of 11 books with 1.4 million copies in print.

9 thoughts on “5 Reasons You Need To Be Rich”

  1. I am probably the least qualified person to make a suggestion, so I’ll just give my opinion. I think this is a very important reason as well:

    Become rich to give people hope, to set an example (a good one please) and to become a leader.

  2. when you do become “rich” how do you keep growing? I think by giving back or as Steve said giving it all away. — James

    That’s where specific knowledge and planning in cash flow control, asset management, and trust/non profit and charity/foundation work come to play. “Giving it all away” is a concept and non defined platitude until the specifics are identified.

    An important aspect of giving it away is how to give it away so that built into the mechanism is a self rejuvinating growth on the principal and expansion of assets to continue to give away. Otherwise the source will dry up – which is fine if that’s the desired outcome.

    No one has all the answers for anyone and we all have to find them for ourselves, but these are some of the things I look at and some of the questions I ask myself.

    The best of success to everyone.


  3. Steve, nice post.
    5th reason is by far the most important. Ironically, in my opinion it is also the reason most people will hear and then scratch their head and say “what?” why would I want to make all this money to give it away that doesn’t make sense?!

    Like you mention there are (unfortunately) a lot of people out there who are “rich” but not happy. I don’t think any of us want to turn out this way, I certainly don’t!

    I have realized growth and evolving as people are two big keys to happiness… so fast forward and when you do become “rich” how do you keep growing? I think by giving back or as Steve said giving it all away.

    My personal plan is to make enough money so I have the freedom I require and the ability to take care of my family…. but my real motivation to keep going and keep growing will lie with the ability to help others. Maybe that looks like setting up additional companies to create more jobs for people, maybe that looks like firing myself from my company and hiring somebody else to do it so I can spend my time on a foundation I start. There are lots of ideas and lots of ways to help others and our world.

    Zig Ziglar said it best “help enough people get what they want and you’ll get what you want”

  4. All five cover it all. Each one could be a heading over a list of specifics left to the individual. A great simple exercise is:

    1. what do you want

    2. why do you want what you want

    3. why don’t you want what you say you want

    4. what will your life look like when you get what you want.

    The best of success to you.


  5. Hi Steve, Firstly may I congratulate you on the massive book deal. You deserve it. One, because it is helping others to progress in their thinking and two, because it comes as a result of hard work, writing, TV interviews, and promotion via so many means. Steve you have inspired me since I first met you. My intention was to become a pro motivational speaker and learn from the best. The Bill Gove speech workshop introduced me to the worlds greatest speaking training, where I met you and Dawn in London. Since then I have followed your progress as much as I could. and realise that not only are you an expert in Speaking to huge audiences but you are now carrying a motivational method which ranks up there with all the other gurus. The difference I like about your message is that it brings about an ‘in your face’ reality and credibility which is lacking in other speakers. yes you will no doubt get an amount of Flack, after all the truth can be painful to some. But for those with an open mind, who really need and desire success. They can do no better than follow your advice. I look forward to reading your new book Steve, and once again thanks mate. You rock! cheers John Regan Ireland

  6. Money is by definition a valuable resource. 🙂

    Because resources are limited, the definition of money should, in itself, be compelling. Being rich gives us opportunities to satisfy our needs and wants. With money, the cost of our decisions is simply a number — not sleep or peace of mind.

    Surely the money resource can be used for health, fun, social benefits, and charity. We can use it for anything that is part of our vision. The more money we have, the less constrained our vision is, the more wants we can satisfy, and the happier we will be (all other things kept equal, of course). Money definitely provides opportunities.

    Although we can call these opportunities “freedom”, I would refrain from using this word in this context. I am currently a student. I may not have the money to satisfy my wants, but nobody can sell me my freedom — I believe that I am already free. That said, it’s just a matter of definition.

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