This blog has 15,945  subscribers, among whom are some the smartest, most successful, goal-oriented people I’ve ever encountered. You can read it in the quality of their comments. Our community is group of people who know how to get what they want, which is what mental toughness is all about. In this short video post I pose what believe is the single most important question a lot of successful people fail to ask themselves and their families. It’s a question so far out of the average person’s belief system that it never crosses their mind. It never crossed my mind before I started interviewing the wealthy. I never heard this question in college, and I’ve never read it in a book. It’s a question which seems to be the exclusive domain of the super-rich, yet we can all benefit tremendously from asking it and discussing with our loved ones. The result of knowing the answer to this question is launching the mental toughness process into motion at a higher level than you’ve possibly ever experienced. The end result is living your life on your own terms, beholden to no one. Please take the time to consider this question. It could be a life changing realization.    Steve Siebold     ( 3:18 )

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Steve Siebold
Author and Professional Speaker since 1997. Past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group. Author of 11 books with 1.4 million copies in print.

19 thoughts on “Single Most Important Question”

  1. Thank you Steve. My husband and I talk about this all of the time. We are looking forward to traveling the globe with our children as I speak on stages throughout the world empowering other people liberate their lives. I recently came to really internalize the power of our intentions, the power of visualization and the power of simply asking for what I want.

  2. I believe leading a world class life requires being congruent in our actions with who we really are. This honesty towards ourselves and our ambitions is what will give us the indomatible spirit, which I think is necessary.

  3. Thanks Steve – I watched your latest blog early on Saturday morning in my own lake side apartment – Lake Jindabyne, Snowy Mountains, Australia.

    I have also just recently finished your book “How Rich People Think”, and was inspired by the thinking of the world class – I’m looking forward to putting this thinking into place in my own life and the life of my family. I might even be one of the first in Australia to finish it, and have it as part of my personal development library.

    I’m working towards the “way I want to live my life” everyday, and your latest blog was a great inspiration on Saturday morning – many thanks to you.

  4. Hi steve,

    Your comments are so inspirational. I have always been a big thinker with big dreams. Lately a light bulb has gone off in my head, I have always thought I had too many interests and could not focus on one thing. I have just realised all my interests are in the category of creative thinking. I am and have always been a creative thinker so now I have put my self in charge of all my interests and have the control of a ring master in a circus. This is liberating that I can control the direction of my life closer to my ultumate life style.

    Thanks for your coaching and reminders.

    Jodie C

  5. Steve,

    Thank you for another empowering and liberating thought. Too often we center our lives around the wishes of others and our attempts to please them. To often we center our lives around the problems in our lives and our perceived weaknesses rather than enjoying living the lives of our choosing.

    1. Thanks, Dr. Hal. I agree. I think we all need to go for the life we want to live while we still have the chance.

    1. Easy, hard or in-between, you can do it, Frank! In the end, it will be worth the price if you get what you want. Why not go for it?

    1. Thanks for yor comment, Rick. And thanks for the tip on Create Space. We’ve already sold several thousand books with them and we’re in the process of converting all of our printing from China to them. Hope you are doing well.

  6. Good day Steve and to everyone else as well. Surprisingly, this is the same question that I’ve asked myself everyday for about a year now. It’s the same question and mental challenge I regularly present to my family, friends, and just about anyone else I’m inspired to present it to (under appropriate circumstances). I have a clear, well defined, written Vision of my life, however, I’ve found that most people stumble over the concept and may have never even given time to the thought. Today, I’m well on my journey, and now a large of my life reflects my Vision, more and more each day. I realized the best way to Lead is by example. To Empower and Inspire others to open themselves to new and unlimited possibilities, to be the best, and get better every day. Especially at the simple things, like asking a question, and being open to receiving the answer.

    Steve, you are a God send. Thank you! 🙂


  7. Great post and great view in more ways than one. What a simple question that I would never have thought about putting in writing. I’ll start my weekend with a new outlook, thanks.

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