People hate politicians, but critical thinking and objective reality says they’re important people doing a thankless job. Whether you’re a democrat or republican; conservative or liberal, we all owe politicians a debt of gratitude for their patriotism and dedication. While the masses and media will continue to criticize and attact politicians 24/7, world-class thinkers should rise above this fear based bullying and recognize these important public servants. I propose an international holiday, beginning in the United States and hopefully spreading throughout the world, to celebrate and pay tribute to politicians of every party and philosophy. Please listen to this 6-minute audio post and weigh in with your thoughts. I’ll look forward to your comments.

Steve Siebold  ( 6:19 )

Steve Siebold
Author and Professional Speaker since 1997. Past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group. Author of 11 books with 1.4 million copies in print.

3 thoughts on “Politicians Holiday?”

  1. Hi Steve!
    Someone said we get the leaders we deserve. I totaly agree with you, and a higher awareness towards leaders will benefit everyone.

  2. Steve,

    Give them a day off… you’re delusional! They get too much time off as it is. The “District Work Period” is the time when Congress is not in session and everyone goes home. Congress has a DWP recess on President’s Day, Memorial Day and Independence Day. They take a whole week for each holiday. There’s a 2 week DWP in April. They take this time when most of their constituents are on “Spring Break”. Then there’s the summer DWP recess which lasts the whole month of August.

    They take holiday time, “to spend with their families”, from late October through New Years. When they are in session they typically work from Tuesday through Thursday, because they “need” Friday – Monday to travel between Washington and home. Why don’t we spend money on a program that teaches them how to use a telephone, email or “GoToMeeting?

    Steve, you say you’ve been approached to work on many “high powered” campaigns. Please, work your contacts on my behalf and get me a job that pays more than the average middle class income with 240 paid days off a year! Please!!!

    Ok. You’re right. Perhaps it is a thankless job and we do need representation in Washington. But it’s the politicians themselves that have helped shape public perception. Sure most of them are honest and patriotic. But we should only celebrate them when they create effective legislation that’s in the country’s best interest.

    You want to do something to celebrate politicians? Let them start at $50,000/yr with potential for raises to $250,000/yr plus perks and privileges. (days off, medical, dental etc.) Let’s give them merit raises every time they either sponsor a bill or are DIRECTLY instrumental in helping unify Congress to pass legislation which will benefit their constituents AND the country as a whole. Be directly responsible for creating results which benefit “the company” and you’ll be rewarded.

    Be Well,


  3. Google National Days – a couple: in March National Corn Dog Day; in April National Spank Out Day. That’s a novel idea, Steve: National Politician Appreciation Day.

    I’m still applying my critical thinking to your proposal.


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