Do you have a bucket list? In other words, a list of things you want to do before you die? Years ago one of mine was to meet Hugh Hefner and attend a party at the Playboy Mansion. How about you? Are you pursuing what you want or holding back? Watch this short video (1:37) I taped at Hef’s Halloween Party last Saturday night at the Playboy Mansion and I’ll look forward to your comments. To see photos of the party, visit my facebook page at

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Steve Siebold
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9 thoughts on “Mental Toughness at the Playboy Mansion”

  1. I think my bucket list is constantly changing as I grow. I have been doing well at accomplishing many of my goals. Since I have had kids it has changed my life completely. Who knows what my bucket list will be down the line. I am excited to see.

  2. My bucket list is very long, but #1 is make a lasting contribution to society that creates a better world.

    Steve, what was your costume?

  3. I remember seeing my first Playboy in around 1965?? Ursula Andress was in it! Wow–anyway my bucket list dream was to be Hef and lounging around in my robe surrounded by Playboy Bunnies! I am afraid my wife will not let me complete my list!

  4. What I will DO is Shake Your hand Steve At The Million Dollar Speakers Group.

    Pete Corri Mind Motivator UK

  5. Well I decided one day last week that we HAD to buy a gorgeous, RED top grain leather contemporary couch I saw in a store. So I ordered it and I can hardly wait till it’s delivered.
    And I made a promise to myself, and a chart to facilitate it: For every hour I spend lounging on that sofa, I am obligating myself to an hour of some healthy activity where I move around a lot – whether swimming, yoga, housework, walking, exercise videos… I am looking forward to this regimen. 🙂

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