This is one of the great questions in life. Is it really possible to have it all? I’ve been asked this question so many times from audiences I’ve spoken to around the world, and I have some very strong feelings about it. Watch this short video and I’ll look forward to your comments.   Steve Siebold   ( 3:30 )

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Steve Siebold
Author and Professional Speaker since 1997. Past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group. Author of 11 books with 1.4 million copies in print.

21 thoughts on “Can You Really Have It All?”

  1. Hi Steve,

    After meeting you in person and talking with your lovely wife in florida. My wife and i have read the book that you gave us a few times. At that time the market for home Improvment was going way down and banks was not lending like they where. I then woke up one day and read your book for the 5th time and then a light went off in my head. We have got more people out of work and to find a way to help with this we can grow and give more people jobs across the US. I have got into the Transportation Industry and have been hitting more than 1 million is sales and growing. We gave only a few people work and they are doing very well and now we are growing vest well.
    After looking at your latest video “Can you realy have it all”. the answer is yes. the main thing here with us on getting to the next level on hitting 8 figures in sales is more money comming in. We all are take one step back looking to find the way to find what is needed to get us going to the next level on hireing hungry people all over this wonderful country… Thanks for everything that you do.

  2. Yes, one can have it all. Absolutely! Great reminder to be define our goals and be specific.
    I loved the backdrop of the fountain in downtown Philadelphia.

  3. The key here really is a semantics issue, as far as defining what having it all means.

    In my world, and as a very religious person, having “it all” would, for me, being able to return to my Heavenly Father and live in his presence forever. But that isn’t the answer we really want to hear is it?

    On this earth, I do not believe that having it all is necessarily a point in time or a landmark reached. More than anything it’s the journey. It is living the experiences that give us joy and happiness. Having it all is continual progression. Like you say in your book on the secrets to the world class, I strongly agree that we can consistently raise our level of awareness. My philosophy is that, as long as I am progressing, I can be content and happy with who I am in the moment and what I am doing, and be excited for what the future holds in store. To me, that is having it all. So as far as that definition is concerned, yes, I hope to have it all.

  4. Hi Steve!

    Yes, I believe it’s possible to have it all, but “having it all” is only a temporary state of mind/being. I believe that without the desire for “something more”,
    (whether that would be more of the same or something different) you can’t keep pulling life force through you.

    So you may have it all but when you stop wanting to accomplish more… you whither; then die.

    Be Well,


  5. Steve,
    I don’t miss one of these as they are always filled with thought provoking and motivating nuggets. I like this concept of recording video from different locations. I will be on the road some this fall and would like to do something similar but with a much different subject. Can you tell me what kind of video recording equipment you use? Do you have someone taping these or are you a one man show using a tripod for the camera?

    Charley Green

  6. Steve,
    of course you can have it all. By critical thinking it your perception of your life at any given point. Then from this point you can set new goals, and then have it all again. On the uphill climb that is life there are many points, where you must stop and look around and say: Yes, I have it all. And then you tale a deep breath and set out to the next part up the hill with new goals untilk you reach the top. If you don’t do this and acknowledge to yourself that you have made progress, you can easily loose motivation and abondon goals. There are many obstacles to overcome to reach real high goals. Happiness is defined as overcoming obstacles. Acknowledge your progress, then look forward and get remotivated to go for the next set of goals.
    This way you can have the feeling of having it all on your journey uphill and once you are at the top, maintain that feeling of accomplishment (if you can and not look for and set new goals at that time, like you yourself do)

  7. Absolutely agree, you can have it all. And, agree that you have determine what “all” is for you. This is a process, almost lifelong learning. I have set goals, reached them and then found out, hey, this is not what I want. Lately, I have been writing down things I have learned, kind of my rules for the road. These rules are not necessarily for everybody but they are my map to decide what moves to make and what to try to accomplish. One of them is that if it does not feel right, then it is not right. By this, I mean that you should not try to talk yourself into wanting something because this is what our culture has defined as the right thing to do. You have heard of people who live by their own rules. This is what I am attempting to do. And while conformity may “feel” like the right thing to do, you should not be surprised that when to get there, you are unhappy, unfulfilled and it is all because you ignored your own internal, gut instinct. Hope this makes sense. Thanks again Steve for another good message. It looked pretty nice there in Philly.

  8. You can decide in your head to have it all, but if you are married, have children or aging parents, many of your goals can be stripped away if the vision isn’t shared, or if life circumstances get in your way. It’s a choice that can be painful to follow. BTW- the Fatloser program sure worked for me. Just saying…
    My best to you, Michelle

  9. It is possible, but it’s also difficult. I’ve been persuing my goals and dreams for 11 years now. I have goal boards, I have written affirmations, I have pictures of the life I want all over my house and in my car. Yet, it has been illusive, and I can look you in the eyes and tell you that I have worked my butt off going for it. I believe it’s possible, but after 11 years, I still can’t tell you how.

  10. Hello Steve!

    Hey good topic–and I think you nailed it when you said that one must define what “having it all” is. I suspect that because we have more choices, and so much access to have more than any generations preceding us that folks get choked up in trying to decide exactly WHAT they want because they may not be able to define it. I know my college-age kids struggle with what to go after for a career/life/options, and I think it’s because they have so many choices. Life nowadays is like a huge buffet of so many delicious choices to go after–maybe the only restriction is having enough time in life to take it all in. Once choices are narrowed down to well defined terms like you mentioned, I see no reason why one couldn’t have all they choose.


  11. Once you’ve defined what it is that “having it all” is for you and you’ve experienced it you’ll drive to keep it, get it back or build on it.

    I’ve had glimpses of having it all (by my definition) throughout my career and let me tell you once you’ve tasted it you don’t want anything else. My whole foundation has been based around a simple personal philosophy … “The measure of a life is not in what is accumulated, but rather in what is given to others.”

    Having it all is possible, it’s just a decision!

    Ward D. Lyon

  12. Steve,
    Love the topic. Having it “all” can only happen after a person defines WHY they want it. Just wanting great financial success, or physical fitness or awesome people in your life is only one leg of the stool. It is critically important to answer why you want those aspects of life; it solidifies not only the importance of your desires but begins to cement the possible courses of action that bring those things into existence. Once the why is answered, the how will follow. And the possibility of having it all begins to fall into place.

  13. Great ‘mini’ video. Just thought again to my self. ( If Joe Bloggs has already got it all )…..with the Paid for Home + the Luxury Car + the Successful Online Business, etc, etc, etc. THEN —- I can Too ! Why Have I taken soooo long to take action ?

  14. Hi Steve
    Great to see you in top form as usual steve…….Yes you can have it all ….go for it….at least try….and if it doesn’t work out move on…..keep trying to have it all…..
    When you get to that place where you have it all …..its all about keeping it all….. now that’s the difficult bit…..not having it all ,,,!!!!! but keeping it all…..maintenance….maintenance….maintanance ……that’s what keeps you having it all……

    Bye for now


  15. I definitely believe you can have it all. I do! I have a long term marriage (19 years), 3 wonderful children, a beautiful home on the river, private school education, MBA, Author, built a national, NASDAQ traded company. The way I accomplish goals is by never letting an obstacle get in the way. Instead of “I can’t” I think, “How can I?”

    Have I experienced obstacles and set backs? You better believe it! I just never let those stop me from the overriding objective. For example, the MBA budget did not exist so I had to figure out how to get that education for free. I did by becoming a 10 hour a week research assistant for a Professor. As the old saying goes, “Where there is a will there is a way.” It is so true!

    I also try to remember that “life is a marathon, not a sprint.” You can have it all, just not necessarily all at the same time. Thanks for a great post Steve!

  16. Steve,

    Absolutely! Yes, you can have it all.

    And I do not agree with you. You can be in two cities at once. Your imagination is limitless, nor is your body if you critically ‘think’ about it on a quantum physics level.

    BUT that’s another discusion isn’t it young man?

    1. Who AM I?
    2. What do I want?
    3. What is my purpose?

    …these are at the beginning of each day! Speaking of days, make it a great one, Steve.


    www londonporter com

  17. I agree with you and it does depend on knowing what you want ads are you willing to do what is necessary to get it. Sometimes when we get what we want we find that we really didn’t want it at all. I believe we are all living the exact life we choose. Some may disagree, but if was too painful to stay where you are today, you would change. I don’t care where you are. If you desire anything enough, you will find a way to get it. We have been brainwashed to believe that only the chosen ones get abundance. The abiundabnce is here for all of us, it jusy depends on how bad you want your share.
    You are where you are by choices that you make. Where you are today is the results of your choices throughout your life.

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