This is one of the great critical thinking questions of all-time. Watch this short video I taped at the Beverly Hills Hotel and I’ll look forward to your comments.

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Steve Siebold
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5 thoughts on “Are You Selling Yourself Short?”

  1. This is a classic problem that women face. It’s a recurring topic in all the technical women’s networking and educational groups that I participate in.

  2. Learning not to. As a carpenter I did, but I have stopped that. Now that I am in the midst of massive change, am I learning not to because I do care. I want to remove myself from the life of scarcity, I do believe in and know myself, and I have a message and tool everyone could benefit from.

  3. For one I am sobering up. 2nd I am raising my standards and 3rd working on building my website for sales training and consulting.

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