It’s time for civil discourse to take over in the United States, and around the world, to help us find middle ground on issues that matter. Lets replace ad hominem attacks with thoughtful debate, no matter how heated the subject. Mental Toughness means emotional control; as well as the ability to think critically under pressure. Public figures and politicians appear to be more interested in ratings and getting elected than leading. So in the spirit of robust, yet respectful debate, I’m challenging this 15,000 person community to engage. Our first debate involves Roe vs. Wade, and whether or not it should be overturned. Please watch this short video and I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Steve Siebold
Author and Professional Speaker since 1997. Past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group. Author of 11 books with 1.4 million copies in print.

8 thoughts on “Roe vs. Wade: Should it Be Overturned?”

  1. From a pure constitutional standpoint, Roe V Wade is up there as one of the worst rulings and interpretations of the law. The language that was contrived to argue where abortion is covered under the constitution was unintelligible lawyer garble, but there was heavy liberal leaning court in 1973. Even the republicans were heavy left leaning on most of their rulings during tenor.

    The ruling basically redefined with the 14th Amendment was created for by hiding abortion, the right to end a life, under the privacy section. Norma McCorvey became a life long anti-abortion activist after she was manipulated as the plaintiff in the original case, a martyr so to speak, to push a very specific agenda.

    “Woman’s Choice” was a marketing term created to take the edge of being pro-abortion. It’s a term used to soften what it is, killing a baby. Safe legal and rare used to be the mantra and it was an effective strategy. Now you have bills in California that expressly includes perinatal stage abortion. According to California’s constitutional definition of perinatal, that up to 6 months after birth. You have other bills allowing abortion up till 40 weeks.

    People may not agree with the scientific truth that life begins at conception, but sane people can all agree that if you abort a baby after viability is just murder.

  2. Roe v Wade is a hot topic. Personally, I am pro-choice. Leave those women alone. They are going through enough trauma without our preaching.
    That said, the supreme court has its hands tied. Since the constitution does not address this, the interpretation is up for grabs.
    They need either a federal law written by the legislative branch or an amendment addressing this very issue. That will give more guidance to the supreme court.
    Since America tends to be 50/50 on either side, that will be difficult.
    The subject will always be there and women who want or need an abortion will always be at their mercy.

  3. I live in a country where assisted dying laws are moving through our political system after a countrywide referendum approving this. Criteria must be met to be able to enter the process, such as being 18 years or older, immense pain and a terminal diagnosis of not greater than 6 months. I agreed with this approach. The individual has the choice for a medical condition that has no medical solution.

    However both parties involved in the creation of another had the choice to abstain or use contraception. They made choices and knew of the possible outcome. Would you rob a store and think it unfair when you were arrested for the crime? As with the assisted dying law, criteria need to be developed for the use of abortion such as where the pregnancy is causing medical conditions for either mother or child.

    The conversation needs to turn to, what are the solutions for the mothers and fathers who do not wish to raise their child?

    As sex is a Sacred Energy eXchange bathed in love, why would you not want to keep another born of love?
    For is that not what we all seek on this planet, love.

    Seems everyone has a choice, take responsibility for your choices.

  4. It should NOT be overturned! Women have the right to control what happens to their bodies. This will set women back decades! I’m shocked not every woman on this blog is not shouting from the rooftops!

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