Since my new book, How Rich People Think, was released a few weeks ago, I’ve been bombarded by the press with the same burning question: what are the steps to getting rich? I love this question because very few books or speakers actually address it. The idea of thinking your way into a fortune falls short, because without action it will never happen. Movies like ‘The Secret’ made people more aware of their potential, but didn’t tell the rest of the story. In this recent interview on NBC, I explain the 5 steps the rich have taught me to follow over the last 26 years of interviews.     Steve Siebold  ( 5:00 )

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Steve Siebold
Author and Professional Speaker since 1997. Past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group. Author of 11 books with 1.4 million copies in print.

8 thoughts on “5 Steps to Getting Rich”

  1. It’s not enough to have wealth consciousness as Brenda says – it’s necessary and she’s got that right – without doing something that will produce the wealth you want. Concrete, specific, wealth producing activities which will be selling, creating, expanding, offering, doing, and producing things some people want and enough to spread and duplicate itself is what’s required.

    Besides thinking about wealth, making positive affirmations, and developing a wealth consciousness, what are you doing other than that which will lead to the weath you want?

    The best of success to everyone.


  2. I really enjoyed this. I’m still trying to figure out, though, if the woman in this clip was spouting all the old-fashioned ideas because she believed them or if she was giving you a launchpad to show how those ideas are simply not true. Either way, the way you handled those statements was absolutely eye-opening. Thanks Steve!

  3. I have a great little idea to escalate financial prosperity.
    — Jot down these five concise tips from Steve’s interview above on the blank back of a business card.
    — Laminate the card.
    — Place it in your wallet where you can’t help but notice it several times a day.
    — Read each tip with focus.
    — Observe how your wealth consciousness increases faster than ever.
    — Notice how thinking like a rich person really works to enhance your life and that of those around you.
    — Be grateful.

  4. Shirley and I had to literally run out of a lunch meeting today with a room full of friends and business partners to catch a flight back home from St. Lewis and one of the last conversations I had was about deleting past mental conditioning with new software YOU WANT to upload.

    Since most of us don’t naturally come to understand these things or just do them it takes constant pointing out and reminders until habits change and the pull back to past habits is always a strong and compelling force.

    One of the things I’ve found most helpful is keeping my own thought management systems running all the time so they’re always on the surface ready for me to talk about with people.

    That’s also what I’ve found most helpful for me from your work, Steve.


  5. Hi Steve

    You have done it again Steve… got NBC buzzing again with your never ending story……think rich and everything else will follow….Don’t they get it !!!!

    Well done steve You sure showed the wonder on their faces…..that’s what i love…..throw caution to the wind …..THINK LIKE THE RICH…..THINK RICH…..and DO the things THE RICH DO and Hey Presto !!!! all the RICHES are yours….OWN IT….!!!!!

    Paulene….I’m Lov’in it

  6. Peter – your positive attitude is inspiring. It all begins with us, and your words are true whether we learned them at our mother’s knee, or at automobile university listening to all the greats, like Steve, that inspire us to be all that we can! Like Rosie, “We can do it!”
    I wish you much success too!
    Denise, The Tailored Life Speaker
    (who also loves storytelling – or aka Rosie 🙂

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