The first million is the hardest to make, but not for the reason most people think. Most people say it’s because it takes money to make money, and once you have a million, you can use it to make the next million. While this is technically true, it’s not the reason most millionaires cite. After interviewing millionaires for 26 years, most say the first million is the hardest because you have to believe you can do it before you have any proof or experience. Not to mention the fact that many people in your inner circle will laugh and ridicule you for being a dreamer, and without the proof of success, all you can do is ignore them and move forward. In any major undertaking, it’s seems that the initial launch is the most difficult part, and the graveyard of most dreams. Thats why I believe mental toughness is the most important skill you can possess on your road to riches. Watch this short video for another one of my crazy analogies of this concept! My new book, How Rich People Think, will be released the week of July 19. The ebook is now available for $12 at

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Steve Siebold
Author and Professional Speaker since 1997. Past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group. Author of 11 books with 1.4 million copies in print.

13 thoughts on “Why Your First Million is the Toughest”

  1. Hi Steve,

    I bought your e-book as soon as I received your message.
    Getting ready to leave on a trip and will take it along with me.

    I agree with your video 100%!
    ( And I also had that same experience)

    I have been coaching others in the home business industry for 30 years,
    and that is the main reason for why they hit their target.

    What I find is that if that person has a coach to be there for them,
    showing them the clear way with a lot of encouragement,
    they have a much better chance of succeeding.

    It’s that “Beliving Thing” they need the most help with.
    When they have it, they no longer need me.

    Look forward to this new book of yours. I have been running weekly classes for 5 years based on your other book “177 Mental Secrets Of The World Class”
    People love it and look forward to each week’s conference call.

    Thanks for everything you bring to the table to help others.
    We all need to follow your lead and be doing the same.

    Bob Andolina

  2. Nice props:) Great metapor! Just getting launched is the monster effort. Doing something. First having a concrete vision or goal you will achieve, Then launching.

    Story: I jog/hike/spring six morning a week in two segments with a coffee break study time business call session in the middle. Each segment is a little under or a little over an hour so miles covered is between six and seven. So I launch rain and shine snow storm above and below zero year ’round into my morning action meditation.

    This morning I got to the enterence of the back end of a local university and the gate was locked. That happens once or twice a year. Ahead of me was this guy I’ve seen before probably ten – twelve years younger than me – who arrived at the gate, turned, and walking back to me said, “It’s locked.”

    He was going to use an alternative route.

    “How about climbing the fence?” I asked.

    His exact words: “Not at my age.”

    So I got to the gate – and the chain link fence which I’ve climbed in the past – and decided the gate might be the better place. OK, six feet tall with a horizontal piece in the middle on each side. I counted three steps to get over.

    I inserted right foot in between links, spring to first horixontal, lifted myself over the top and swung left foot over the top then brought over the rest of my body and jumped down. Vision, launch, execution, done and on my way.

    Happy landing!


  3. I love the analogy, Steve, and appreciate you bringing us along to the lake. Have fun on the water and I’m looking forward to the book launch next week!

  4. TC North, Ph.D. – Dropping the ski is too easy. I love seeing a beach or dock take-off. Okay, Steve? Love your blog, books, mind.

  5. Great post Steve and I have no doubt that i’ll love your book when i read it!

    Can you do a post on ‘Bridging the Gap’ and how you bridged it?

    By bridging the gap I mean the interim period between middle class and world class or amateur and professional.

    I wanna go pro but I am finding the transition difficult because of financial and time constraints. i.e. working just to get money so I can leave my parents house.

    Is it better to go for broke or start gradually on the side?

    Please do a post on this Steve!!!!!!!

    Best Regards


  6. I love your water skiing analogy Steve. I’m not a water skier, but I have set out to accomplish some pretty challenging, most rewarding and amazing things in my life. I know quiet well how it feels to struggle in the process of getting launched, and I’m not afraid to put in the work to master an amazing career. I call it ‘birthing pains’. I knew all along that the day dreamer in me would serve me handsomely some day. “My future’s so bright, I have to wear shades!”

  7. Hi Steve

    I hope you give us another video on the water….and don’t forget to simultaneously launch your book with a big splash…..Looking forward to your new book steve…great news


  8. Hi Steve,

    Looking forward to your new book…what format is the ebook in?

    I’m hoping it’s pdf…

    Please let me know.



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