The hallmark of mental toughness is personal responsibility. Part of which is fiscal responsibility. So is the U.S. Government practicing this? Watch this post for some potential critical thinking solutions to America’s biggest problems and see what you think. After watching, join in on the discussion by giving us YOUR opinion on these ideas as well as offering ideas of your own. Our collective critical thinking brainpower represents unlimited potential. I’ll look forward to your comments.

Steve Siebold

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Steve Siebold
Author and Professional Speaker since 1997. Past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group. Author of 11 books with 1.4 million copies in print.

7 thoughts on “U.S. Government Mentally Tough?”

  1. There are a few points that I think have been missed in all of this debate.
    First, follow the money. America is the world’s policeman to safe-guard the interests of multi-national corporations. The military machine is absolutely the easiest way for those in power to justify separating the American tax-payer from his/her money. If you look at the military contracts that come to light every once in a while, and see the $2000 toilet seats and the $700 wrenches, it is hard to not see that the corruption is ubiquitous. George W’s phoney invasion of Iraq has put more money in Dick Cheney’s (read Halliburton) coffers than could possibly have been done through any other means.
    Second, this did not begin with Obama. The deregulation of Wall Street, which made it possible for unscrupulous companies and individulas to lie, cheat and steal in the name of free-enterprise, began 30 years ago under Reagan. The need for government intervention in the economy was clear to anyone with enough hindsight to see what happened when America decided to spend its way out of the Great Depression in 1939. However, the choices of who gets bailed out and how mystify me. How is it that the very people who made such a mess of the economy, the bankers, the investment experts, GM, etc. are the ones who are entrusted with all this government largess. I keep finding I have to refer back to my previous point – follow the money.
    Third, people keep asking what happens to good people when they get to Washington and seem to abandon their principles. When you see how much money it takes to get elected (I seem to remember a Time magazine article that indicated that Obama had a political war chest in excess of a quarter of a billion dollars) and you see where that money comes from, is it any wonder that the choices that are made do not reflect “mental toughness” or “fiscal responsibility”
    I am Canadian and I do not have the American knee-jerk aversion to things like socialized medicine and education. I see that doctors and private hospitals have a vested interest in making sure that medicare does not work. They make far more money in the American system than they do in any of the other countries in the world. Americans spend far more money per capita than any other country in the world, but only a few, very rich people get the full benefit of the system.

    I do not advocate violence but I can’t help thinking that the only thing that will bring sensible government is a change of system. I remember the quote from one of Steve’s shining examples of “mental toughness”, Thomas Jefferson, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”

  2. You’ve got to be chidding! Not only does the government not have
    mental toughness, it doesn’t even have any plain toughness!
    The people that we elect to Congress are there for own benefit and
    that of their party. Every issue or possible answer to a problem always
    results in partisan politics. The votes are along party lines, regardless
    of the issues. I don’t think that the 2-party system really works for
    the betterment of the people. Also, until the huge amounts that are
    allowed for campaign contributions are severely limited, nothing will
    change. This is the first step needed for better government. There
    are far too many special interest groups and powerfull interests that
    have the elected officials in their pockets because of the financila
    support they provide.

  3. A few things we know for certain – one is that the billions of dollars we’ve put into current wars – and human lives – don’t seem to have done much to “fix” things. There’s always speculation about what was prevented and what could have happened – and what’s happened we don’t see.

    Also, decades of billions of dollars spent on anti illegal drug law enforcement hasn’t “fixed” the problem. The same kind of speculation about wars fits here too.

    Stop putting money and lives on the line for wars that show no “results” or “fix” the problem – drug or military or otherwise.

    BUT there has to be critical rational thinking for steps to change things.



  4. “Blame Obama” well blame those in power for a yr. & 1/2 ! Actually there is hope for Obama the last few weeks as he appears to be cutting the puppet strings of Nancy Pelosi & Co. His telepromter cord is getting frayed at the control end as he is not blaming the Republicans enough.
    A flat tax seems fair & there can allways be rebates at tax time if needed. As for legalizing drugs to tax them they are allready taxed in fines. Maybe pot but not crack etc. as pot allready has a huge user base.

    The situation in Greece should be a wake up call as America is headed in the same direction. If a government has say 60% of population dependent in a signifcant way for support then it has leverage to stay in power at least untill the wheels fall off.

    The Mexico U.S. border is hypocritical as the Mexicans protect their southern border much more aggressively than the U.S. does. The people in New York and other places far removed from Arizona need to spend an evening on a park bench there and then see how they think. All illegal imigrants are 100% breaking American law as they are in the country illegally.

    There are simple solutions to most the problems as in smaller Gov. etc. but it takes politcal backbone and knowing your a one term candidate for going against the overwhelming tide of entitlement.

  5. OK – I heard my name called out, Steve. You put enough into that post for us to reply in volumes.

    So you and WFB – William F. Buckley RIP – believe in that libertarian legalize drugs and tax them notion; and you and PB – Patrick Buchanan believe in pulling home all the troups and getting tough with our southern borders.

    That’s some of the intellectual company you keep!

    Fiscal responsibility – USA out of control!

    Wasting billions in military action – USA out of control!

    Unprotected southern border allowing almost unlimited illegal entry – USA out of control! bor
    Southern borders need to be tightly secured and illegals already in the USA and working helped in a humanistic and responsible manner for mutual benefit.

    Legalizing all drugs or just pot? That’s a more lengthy discussion unless you take the libertarian notion of legalizing all drugs – I still haven’t made up my mind on this one but my mind is open.

    Bringing back the troups, putting that money into good use appears right to me BUT I never escape the thought that there may be more at stake than I know and more other people know and need to know to be operative that I don’t know.

    On that too I’m open to debate.
    USA fiscal responsibility? That’s a joke and you are right if that momentum continues along with other global activities critical mass could tip the scales and America will become a country much different than what we’ve been.

    The USA is the one place people come to for all the freedoms they want and don’t have in their countries.

    And let’s stop throwing billions into other country causes that never gets repaid and the causes never do what they say they’ll do – it’s more more more down down down the drain of life.
    Think tanks with critical thinkers practicing mental toughness without emotional and other emotion inducing beliefs need to talk about these things in dispassionate and objective words looking for solutions – is that happening anywhere.

    Tribes? There are I know thousands of blogs and niche tribes – as Seth Godin describes – yours included thinking about and talking about these things. When do tribes how do tribes where do tribes convine to become councils of tribes or is that not a solution either?

    When things get bigger as our government adds more layers and layers as you noted you know what happens – things grind to a halt.

    One person one event can tip the scales in another direction – more tribes more niches more people who see themselves as leaders need to emerge from out of our mass.

    These are exciting times that should stimulate people to think, act, contribute, respond, and create.
    Congratulations for hundreds more blog subscribers – your blog posts are some of the most provocative and important today – there’s a growing tribe of mentally tough critically thinking world class aspiring people who appreciate what you do.


  6. I often wonder how these politicians sleep at night. Do they not really THINK of what they’re doing? Is there something that we’re not seeing that they’re making these policies? Do they think that we’re that ignorant? Or do they really think that the whole of America IS that ignorant and they can rake us over the coals, and we think it’s great. Also, when these politicians speak, there are lots of people there applauding. Are there that . . . I guess I’ll start rambling from here on. I think you get the gist of where my mind is.

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