Emotional immaturity is one of the hallmarks of middle-class thinking. Its the primary reason we’re schooled as children never to discuss subjects like sex, politics or religion. Many people lack the emotional maturity to engage in a spirited discussion with someone that holds the opposite point of view. This relegates our society to discussing sports, movies and other socially meaningless subjects, which has stunted the growth of our citizens and our country. This Presidential election is the quintessential example of this amateur behavior. Social media is inundated with political posts that often generate hateful feedback. Watch this short video (if you dare) and I’ll look forward to your comments on this important societal issue.

Steve Siebold
Author and Professional Speaker since 1997. Past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group. Author of 11 books with 1.4 million copies in print.

12 thoughts on “Trump vs. Biden: Can You Handle It?”

  1. My big beef is exactly what you are talking about Steve. I annoy myself if I get offended because hey it’s an opinion, but also because most of the time it’s because people are not really thinking, they are saying things that will be accepted by the mob. I spend a huge part of my life, my working life trying to change people’s minds about actually healing and getting on with life in a world full of permanent genetic DSM diagnoses. I have offended many Americans, Judy Carter for one, simply because I didn’t agree with them. Australia is getting as bad as America because we are getting silly when others disagree with us. I deal with many disadvantaged humans whom I try to help get the idea that there’ll always be an Annoying Orange human and it’s a waste of time to be offended. That it makes your life small if you take it personally, but solid resoundingly honest debate is leaving the building. The mental health world is patently ridiculous as there is only one theory. I did 2 weeks at the Melbourne Comedy Festival with a show called ‘Psychiatry, A Cure for Sanity’ and the walkouts were ridiculous. It very nearly killed me because the criticism was brutal. Now I don’t give a shit because of what I learnt and know. It’s made me stronger. Debate is essential is a real democracy.
    Hope that adds to your practical genius way of seeing the world and thinking. Thanks Maryanne Funnybone???

  2. Steve, as always you challenge us to our push our boundaries. Great discussion on emotional maturity. No a 7, but working on it. Thank you sir!

  3. It seems to me that it’s perfectly reasonable to be offended by the words chosen to express an opinion, but not the actual underlying opinion.

    As a non-voting anarchist in the UK, I find libertarians to be somewhat fellow travellers and I’m curious how libertarians tend to vote in the US (assuming it’s not for the Libertarian party). Do you tend to be more persuaded by economic or social arguments when deciding?

    1. Chris, why do you believe its reasonable to be offended by the words chosen to express an opinion? Why would someone else’s choice of words offend you?This is an emotional issue, and its both a discipline and a choice. Your thoughts?

  4. Lots of subjects are valuable to debate, because you get some new insights. My experience is this is not one of them. You might be one of the few people where it would be possible

  5. Steve, sex, religion and politics are probably the most personal subjects. They are literally lighting rods and personally I don’t want to get struck by lightning.

  6. Hi Steve,

    I am definitely a 7+ – I enjoy hearing about another’s vantage point and am open to learning something, hopefully with every encounter I have regarding sex, religion and politics. This is what makes life interesting and advances our culture.

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