World-class success begins with world-class beliefs, which are developed through immersion in world-class thinking.  The systematic process described in this post changed my life and the lives of many Mental Toughness University, Mental Toughness College and Mental Toughness Institute for Weight Control Students. Don’t miss this one!    (3:46)

Steve Siebold
Author and Professional Speaker since 1997. Past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group. Author of 11 books with 1.4 million copies in print.

7 thoughts on “The Making of a Million-Dollar Mind”

  1. Steve!
    I hope your Mexican Riviera Cruise was marvelous!
    I just wanted to write you a note to THANK YOU for the CD series, Making of the Million Dollar Mind. As I’ve been listening, I’ve realized that MANY of the beliefs are beliefs I hold to and already manifest in my life. So, the result for me is that instead of thinking that the world class are significantly different than I am, I’m realizing (with lots of grateful tears during my morning spiritual devotion time) that I already have what I need to fulfill my vision and purpose. What a revelation!
    Regardless, I’m going to continue with the re-programming process, since no matter how good we discover we really are, we can only get better, right??
    Tamara Johnson

  2. steve!

    I am listening to it everyday now!

    I will let you know any difference in 3 – 4 weeks…


  3. I decided to really step outside one of my comfort zones, and limiting beliefs recently around weight. I’m 35 years old and in the past 5 years, I’ve struggled with losing weight and then regaining it because I did not believe I could keep it off. When I was a competitive figure skater, my belief was that it was easy to keep the weight off because of all the physical training burned off all my calories.

    Now, I’m in the process of going through the Mental Toughness Institute for Weight Loss: Fat Losers Program ( One of our many readings and learnings is Dr. Shad Helmstetter’s “What to say when you talk to yourself” books. It really hit me hard as I chose to immerse myself into being “world class thinking” through reprogramming my self-talk. I am catching myself throughout the day, and making progress. It’s true about immersion with any million-dollar mind training. That’s how I learned Croatian. I was around it from birth, and the immersion of my family was how I learned to speak and write even before I knew English. Immersion works! Thanks Steve! – Michelle M. Strbich

  4. Francesa,

    I would listen to the Making of a Million Dollar Mind album for at least a half hour a day every day. Just play it in the background of your life. I listen to it when I’m excercising, answering email, mowing the lawn, or anytime I would normally be listening to music. It gets ingrained in ytour consciousness pretty fast, and it feels great becuase it’s completely devoid of fear.

    To your question about whether two people would have the same response, I would yes in general, with the exception being the person who has a lot of limiting beliefs blocking or rejecting the world class beliefs. I would compensate for this by listening more often. After while the new world class programs will begin to erase and replace the old programs, if the person has the will to change.

    I’m glad you purchased the Bruce Lipton book. It’s brilliant. His advice is as sound as it gets.

    Thanks for your question!

    Steve Siebold

  5. Steve,

    glad to see this post! I was just thinking about getting the set for my friend, whose birthday is coming up in 3 weeks time.

    But of course I need to listen to it too.

    So for the first 30 days, how much time should we devote to listening to the CD?

    You know I am really wondering, given two individuals, if they are exposed to the same materials like this CD, why do you think they may have different outcomes or results? Since this is supposed to be a “passive” material to reprogram our belief or subcounscious mind.

    I bought the book BIOLOGY OF BELIEF by Dr. Bruce Lipton. I really want to change my belief and thought process. Its almost like I want to have a new brain, almost like I want to get a new engine for me car!! wouldn’t that be nice if changing our belief and thought process is as easy as changing the engine for a car?!

    anyways, I will let you know what happen after I listen to the CD for 30days!



  6. Rich, Thanks for your comment. Glad you ordered the Making of a Million Dollar Mind. Listen to it every day if you can for the first 30 days and watch what happens. You don’t even have to consciously pay attention to it.

    I’ll look forward to hearing your feedback on this one. I really think you’re going to like it.

    All the best,

    Steve Siebold

  7. Steve – just ordered the set. It sounds like the perfect tool. Since reading your 177 Secrets, I have been monitoring and correcting myself whenever my thoughts turn “middle class”. There’s a lot of de-programming involved, and these CD’s should dramatically shorten that process.

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