Every world-class performer I’ve interviewed in the past 23 years was able to indentify his or her white moment. Some of them traced their entire fortune back to using their white moment to drive them when all else failed. Many of them told me their white moment rescued them during the darkest days of their lives. I was exposed to this concept in 1987, and it kept me laser focused for years. I challenge you to listen to this post and share YOUR white moment in the comments section.  (3:58)

Steve Siebold
Author and Professional Speaker since 1997. Past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group. Author of 11 books with 1.4 million copies in print.

15 thoughts on “What’s Your White Moment?”

  1. What a great audio.

    I´ve enjoyed your show at TSTN and recently got a hold of your Mental toughness book, what a great resource, fits my athletic psyche perfectly haha.

    My white moment yes, it is the moment when I experience total vocal freedom when I sing, when I can feel my voice is able to pull of anything I want to, vocal mastery…

    My goodness that thought turns me on and I´ve achieved it on stage once in my life so far, and my goal is to turn it into a habit 🙂 I´ve invested many thousands of dollars so far in vocal training and 2 hours of practice every day, and I´ll keep going til I reach the level I want to be at. Another great part of this white moment is besides being able to enjoy my gigs more, is that once I´ve mastered my voice, I´m going to have lots of experience and resources to draw upon for teaching voice to aspiring singers, since I´ve hit just about every road block there is on the path hehe. Good things roadblocks can be climbed over or crawled under.

    Steve, I want to thank you once again for your great blog and your wonderful work. I´m considering joining the mental toughness university course in 2008, because you completely speak my language.

    Have a great week guys,

  2. I couldn’t understand some parts of this article s Your White Moment?, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  3. Freedom, control and the ability to respond/rebound from “minor” mishaps as it particlarily relates to personal finances. Knowing that you have enough “resources” to continue and overcome bumps in the road.

  4. Hi Steve

    I really enjoyed this particular concept and of discovery & empowerment…

    I am really busy at the moment but I created a white moment trying to connect with my white moment….. I stopped everything I was doing just to focus on this, although I an quite a motivated person I realised that I dont have this particular aspect nailed down in my life at the moment.

    Do you have a strategy or a process that you can reccomend for connecting with it?

    Thanks for the great work Steve, I have enjoyed every interaction I have had with you and your organisation….


    Steve White

  5. Ahhh, my white moment. It has many, many parts. The first part involves being able to pay the builder I’ve already selected the CASH $2.2 Million it will take to build my fabulous, ultimate dream home.
    The second part of that moment will be the knowledge that because I no longer have to worry about money, I am free to travel around the country and the world inspiring and motivating women to make real, lasting changes in their lives. Then, when I am able to build hope and show the way up to so many women, I’ll also be able to donate my time/travel to building Young Men and Women in my worldwide church community. To help them see what is possible and to build in them the vision that they can overcome anything and never compromise their sense of Divinity because of temporary pressures.
    Changing the world. That’s the thing that keeps me going every day and excites me so much that I sometimes forget to breathe!
    Great forum, Steve!

  6. Steve, you have struck a cord on this one. Throughout my adolesence I was being groomed for my white moment.

    I came from a broken home. I grew up mostly with my mother and we were poor. The last house we lived in together was in Lynwood, California. It was a one bedroom house that we shared between myself, my mother and my sister. Sis got the bedroom, mom took a closet and I got the garage. I can still vividly remember nights where roaches would crawl on me while I slept and rats would crawl out of the holes in the ceiling. We lived there for 8 years!

    My white moment came to me when I was telling my story to someone close to me and they told me something I will never forget.

    We live in a society where standard breeds standard. Typically poor people breed poor people, middle class breeds middle class and so on.

    I will never forget when this mentor looked me in the eye and said the most simple yet powerfull and inspiring words to me. He said, “Jason, you don’t have to be poor if you don’t want to.”

    I was floored. It was that moment when I began to belive in the power of manifest-destiny. It was that day that I began designing my future. It was that day…!

    Jason A. VanderPal

  7. My white moment is watching the “aha!” light up on my learners/participants in my seminars or workshops. There is something that happens inside of me, that’s transforming in my spirit. When I can see others really understand a concept (practical or abstract topic) in their eyes, I get really happy. Then when someone tells me in the future how they applied the knowledge and it was useful or even inspiring. That brings me close to happy tears! It’s never been about the money for me either Steve, but having the freedom to be able to give many people “aha!” moments really excites my inner core. I love training, consulting and speaking so much that I could do it without pay. Being paid to do what I love is what I call a true calling and passion. Thanks Steve! – Michelle M. Strbich

  8. My white moment is a bit different – and came in two parts. About 10 years ago I was given the opportunity to donate bone marrow to a leukemia patient. I did it and the procedure saved the guy’s life – he recovered 100%. Very few moments in my life were more emotional to me than learning of his recovery. So, I knew that giving for the benefit of others would be critical to my happiness.

    The second part came when I reconciled desire for wealth with the desire to help others. I realized that the greater my wealth and the greater my freedom, the greater the opportunity to benefit others. The projects I have planned as part of the foundation I established will return the greatest gifts – gifts of the spirit.

  9. Hi Steve my name is Will and I’ve found your blogs very informative. I haven’t been to your any of your mental toughness colleges etc. I’ve only got your book.
    I now totally understand now what objective reality, the “white moment” and what emotional motivators are.
    I’ve figured out some of my own emotional motivators already. When I listened to your blog I found some of your emotional motivator’s so inspirational and I’m going to add them to my ulitimate vision.
    1)Financial freedom
    2)The ability to do what, when and I what I want to do with work. Being your own boss and not someone else telling you to that you have to start at a specific time. That’s suits me down to the ground.
    I’ve finally found out what I was missing and I wanted to say thank you for sharing them with me.

    I don’t fully understand what “critical thinking” means. So, I thought I’d ask the source.

    Thanks you again and I look forward to your response,
    Cheers Will.

  10. Wiz, I think you’re right on the money. Focus your mental energy like a laser on you’re emotional motivators of control and freedom. You’re work in Military Leadership Lessons is fantastic, and it’s all about to pay off for you. Keep your consciousness saturated in abundance and you will attract more and more abundance. You already know this. I’m just reminding you.

    Thanks so much for your comment.

    Steve Siebold

  11. Francesca,

    Great question. The White Moment is usually pretty obvious. It’s the point of highest emotional excitement you experience as you’re reading (or writing) your vision. While you’re correct about the importance of mental clarity in the mental toughness process, it’s NOT a problem to have more than one white moment.

    So my best advice would be to USE both white moments to drive you on a daily basis.

    Hope that helps! Thanks for your question!

    Steve Siebold

  12. Steve,

    When I was first exposed to the mental toughness process a couple of years ago, I had a real problem identifying my “white moment” – I just couldn’t think of anything that would allow me to keep running, no matter what got in my way.

    I was looking for some “big thing”, like owning a big company or some such.

    I finally realized that my “white moment” – at least one of them – is to be in control of my life. Perhaps you can also call it freedom.

    When I was a little kid – I loved to run. I loved how it made me feel – the wind in my face, the “freedom” I felt. I was in charge of where I was going – I could escape the world around me.

    When I got my drivers license, I thought I had gone to heaven. I now had a vehicle that could take me wherever I wanted to go – I was in complete control. (I still feel that way – I would much rather drive a car than be a passenger in some other type of vehicle).

    Later, I received my pilot’s license – and I went on to fly airplanes (single-engine and twin engines), helicopters and gliders. The feeling I get when I’m in control of the machine – when it goes exactly where I want it to, like it’s a part of me – that is the ultimate in control to me. It is such a SWEET feeling!

    I get frustrated when my financial situation doesn’t allow me to do those things – I feel “shackled”. It’s all too easy to focus on the FRUSTRATION that I don’t want rather on the freedom and control that I DO want.

    Thanks for the reminder – to connect to the energy and passion of my desire for control and freedom, rather than be sapped emotionally and spiritually by my financial frustrations.

    Thanks, Steve!


  13. Steve,

    I was trying to rewrite the vision “homework” you got us to do the beginning of this year. You know I have been wondering – since the day I wrote it – what is my white moment or emotional motivator?? WHAT IS GOING TO KEEP ME GOING NONSTOP IF ALL THINGS FAIL??…

    I somehow have problem nailing down that very thing.

    I have two things left on my list that I am still debating on…very hard to decide which is the one.

    And I remember how much you emphasize about mental clarity – the clearer we are about our vision, the faster we are going to get there. I know I am not getting that straightened out yet..

    It’s kind of frustrating.

    Any suggestion how to figure out our white moments?



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