In December of 1995, just a few months after OJ Simpson was aquitted in the trial of the century, my wife and I met Fred Goldman, father of Ron Goldman, at a remote resort in Jamaica. What he told us sitting in the Jacuzzi that day is a lesson in world-class mental toughness. (4:25)

Steve Siebold
Author and Professional Speaker since 1997. Past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group. Author of 11 books with 1.4 million copies in print.

10 thoughts on “My Encounter with Fred Goldman after the OJ Simpson Murder Trial”

  1. Steve,
    I’ve heard lots of talk about being singularly focused on a goal. And all of the discussion has me wondering something . . . . how can someone attempt to achieve anything without that kind of focus? I think it’s an integral part of achieving any life goal.
    But the sad news . . . . While I’m working out with my personal trainer at the gym, he and another trainer tell me that less than 10% of the people they work with have the kind of drive and focus they see me using to get through my workouts. They say they can’t even give 20% of what I give before they quit!
    My training has brought me to some clear realizations. Isn’t it true that we have to expect life to throw some curve balls? Then we rely on our own drive and laser focus to succeed -no-matter-what! I guess if the stakes are high enough and if the white moments are clear enough, then no amount of pain can keep us from our goals!
    This is fun — thanks for the opportunity, Steve!

  2. I have to say, that I could not agree with you in 100% regarding My Encounter with Fred Goldman after the OJ Simpson Murder Trial, but it’s just my opinion, which could be wrong 🙂

  3. Fred Goldman is a great example of what it means to be 100% focused on a vision. Ever since I read your book and watched your program on (The Success Training Network), I found my focus and wrote it out several times. This has begun only in the past month as your material has made its way into my library and my mind. I’ve noticed a shift in my focus, and mental energy and even my parents and brothers have noticed a positive energy change. I understand the power of a vision, and am not sure how anyone really can stay 100% focused without a vision. To following our visions no matter the distractions, obstacles or challenges. Thanks Steve! – Michelle M. Strbich

  4. Francesca,
    thanks so much for your comments. I appreciate all your thoughts. On a seperate note, I have a contact for you in Mexico that might be of help to your Mom through her cancer experience. A business woman in our Mental Toughness College program took her Mom to Mexico earlier this year for cancer treatment and drugs she couldn’t get in the USA, and last time I heard fer mother was doing great! Email me at and I’ll email you her information. She’s based in Philly. She may be a great source of information for you and your Mom, as well as a point of contact with her team of doctors in Mexico.

  5. To respond to STEVE2..

    what Seteve 2 says: “If a successful outcome for your goal is the desired result, is mental energy 100% focused on a goal all of the time the best path, or is the goal more attainable when nurtured with the other non-focused ingredients for an optimally functioning mind? What do you think?”

    What Mr. Siebold is saying here…about directing your mental energy or focus your mental energy like a laser beam toward something….(what you call “goal”) in your posting.

    But this “goal” can be something bigger than just an activity.

    E.X. my mom has a cancer..I am 110% mentally focused on finding cure for her. I would take her all the way to Mexico..for natural treatment..I would learn order to achieve that..after I find out there is no cure for her in the United States..or anywhere else…I don’t know anyone else in Mexico..But I will do whatever it takes to cure her. And so I ask around everyone for a cure. AND ONCE I FOUND THAT ONE POTENTIAL TREATMENT FOR HER IN MEXICO..I WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO BRING HER THERE!

    But you see, my “goal’ in life is not just getting her cure.

    If you have taken Mr Siebold’s class, which I did, he teaches us to focus on something, like a “vision”, the picture you paint for your future, how you want your life to look like in 5 or 10years from now. it’s something BIGGER than just getting my mom treated..

    You do “nurture” your mental energy or mental toughness mind just like you train your muscle, you train your mind..

    If I sense that my mind is diverted from finding cure for my mom, instead of focusing on that, I start to focus on negative things.., I redirect my mind, or what we call MENTAL ENERGY, to finding cure for my mom..

    And if you have balance in your life, how do you manage it?

    Love and abundance, is what Mr Siebold says in his book and class. If you are love and abundance operated, you will have peace and happiness and of course balance in your life.

    Mr. Siebold’s class is amazing!! EVERYONE THAT WANTS TO BE MORE THAN UPPER CLASS AND MIDDLE CLASS SHOULD ENROLL!! I really highly recommend it!

    I was sitting in hot tub last night and was talking about this class nonstop. World class class produces world class thinking. world class thinking produces world class result and world class result produces world class happiness – or balance in life…whatever you wanna call that.

    It’s a state of mind.

  6. Steve,
    Excellent heart felt story to illustrate the strength of the mind and ability of an individual to stay focused and persevere. Staying focused enough for high level success is made even more difficult by financial demands and balancing the needs of family and friends. This is why extreme discipline with the time one does have available is so critical. I asked the chairman of the board for a company I once worked for, if intense focus came naturally to him, or if he employed a technique to stay focused. Incredibly, he related to me that focus was difficult for him and that his mind wandered a lot. The technique he employed was to have multiple projects to focus on at any one point in time and to move to a new one when his focus wavered on the one he had been working on.

    I believe there are many techniques for maintaining your focus. The trick is finding one that works for you and sticking with it.


  7. I see two methods to manage mental energy – think of the difference between a sprinter and marathoner. Ron sounds like a marathoner. He has focused his mental energy, but knows he needs to sustain it for a long time. My solution has been to be the sprinter. I set aside sacred time when I focus on a single task exclusively, allowing nothing to distract me. I take a little time to recharge (let the mental muscles rebuild) – during that time, I allow nothing to get me “spun up”. Then..charge back in. It may not be the best way, but it seems to work for me.

  8. Steve,
    You painted a great visual of his focus and determination. Though your description of his perseverance and focusing 100% of his mental vision to his goal almost sounds obsessive in nature (like most entrpreneurs), the image that I came away with was of a balanced and grounded person (unlike most entrpreneurs).
    Exerting all of ones mental energy towards a desired goal sounds good, however the end result is often a fatigued, channel visioned, decision impaired, and isolated person.
    It seems like the brain reacts like a muscle. Just like exercising with weights and holding the weight up untill exhaustion. How does a person learn to manage their mental energy and proceed forward towards a goal, yet balance their life with the needed mental, physical and social rest and diversion that is necessary to maintain an alert, wide eyed, option analyzing, and supported person?
    If a successful outcome for your goal is the dsired result, is mental energy 100% focused on a goal all of the time the best path, or is the goal more attainable when nurtured with the other non-focused ingredients for an optimally functioning mind? What do you think? And if you have balance in your life, how do you manage it?

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