Like many American’s, I’m infuriated over President Obama’s fiscal agenda. I think this guy is a socialist. I also think he’s one of the smartest people in Washington. Thousands of people around the country kept their kids out of school yesterday because President Obama was delivering a motivational speech to schools across the country via the internet. I read the speech, and it was brilliantly written. It had nothing to do with healthcare reform or anything  on the administrations agenda. It was a motivating, inspiring speech to help kids, period. Every school kid should have heard that speech, but they didn’t because their parents are mired in middle class thinking that say’s if I don’t agree with Obama on one issue I don’t agree on ANY issue. In mental toughness, critical thinking is the ability to remove emotion from any equation and treat each idea or action seperately. I didn’t vote for Obama and I wish he wasn’t President, but critical thinking tells me he is a very talented guy who can help our countryprogress on various social issues. As long as he doesn’t bankrupt us in the process!  Listen to this post and let me know what you think. As always, ALL views are welcome on this blog, not just the ones that agree with mine or any one elses position. After all, this is mental toughness, not club med!   I’ll look forward to your comments.  Steve Siebold

Steve Siebold
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18 thoughts on “Outrage over Obama’s Back to School Speech Defies Critical Thinking”

  1. I struggle to find one sincere shred of truth in the Obama administration. Not that I waste time looking as it would be obvious and evident. The Bush Dynasty was often worse and the Clinton(s) would certainly be in jail if judged by the same scale of justice that rules the land.

    I would object to any of these people messaging my children without my explicit consent anywhere, especially in school – regardless of the message. Yes I kept my children home and as it turned out the school district suppressed the speech.

    It is not a President’s place to message my family with values, ever. Any President. The last thing I want my children exposed to is any values oozing out of Washington.

    If the message is so profound and sincere let him address the nation on the open stage specifically to the children when the parents are present such as at 7 pm at night.

    Situations like this only fuel distrust. His campaign speeches and the reality of his actions on many issues indicate his word is not trustworthy. Those are influences I do not want my children exposed to ever and certainly not through the backdoor in some potentially socialist fireside chat in school.

    If he has nothing to hide then he can send his message at a more appropriate time and venue with parents present.

    Otherwise get on with the job he was hired to do as there is more than enough that needs doing that he may actually be welcome to address… regardless stay away from my children and values as Washington is not worthy, qualified or welcome here, ever.

  2. Once again Steve sticks his foot in his mouth. He says, “I also think he’s one of the smartest people in Washington.”


    That could be a left handed compliment, in which case your humor is very dry, or it could be a genuine compliment.

    Given that his actions and future plans will bankrupt our country, well…that’s not anywhere near my definition of smart.

    Steve you are quite the comedian. Keep up the jokes!

  3. Hi Steve – of coure my question is for everyone to consider as I posted it for us all.

    “My intent is to operate from a place as close to objective reality as a human being is capable. Although I rarely succeed, it’s my ongoing goal and one I like to write and talk about because the potential is incredible.– Steve

    Same here – that’s the goal. Years ago I read J. Krishnamurti’s “You Are The World” along with lots of other mind opening books and it led me in the direction of radical changes in perception toward objectivity and clarity.

    When I first found your mental toughness it was a natural fit and goes into deeper and other areas specific to world class thinking and achievement.

    The best of world class success to you.


  4. Mike,

    Of course you’re correct in your analysis. But you already knew that. My intent is to operate from a place as close to objective reality as a human being is capable. Although I rarely succeed, it’s my ongoing goal and one I like to write and talk about because the potential is incredible. The closer I get to objective reality and mentally tough thinking, the more success I experience. I get a LOT of emails from people across the world who same the same thing. As always, I appreciate your ongoing insights and look forward to hearing your comments.

  5. How does one with a subjective mind filled with thoughts accumulated from all past knowledge brought into the moment of posting an idea – an opinion, an observation, an impression, a conclusion about something highly subjective and not one dimensional – come to believe that one’s thinking is in fact objective and hence, an example of mental toughness?

    Is it possible that another form of delusion is the self induced platitude?


    The best of success to everyone.


  6. To Mike M.

    Isn’t it wonderful that people can express themselves in all different styles, moods, and degrees of intellect – just as you express in your own certain way.


  7. Steve,

    Above you said:

    “Every school kid should have heard that speech, but they didn’t because their parents are mired in middle class thinking that say’s if I don’t agree with Obama on one issue I don’t agree on ANY issue.”

    In your audio post you said:

    I don’t think anyone who’s in critical thinking can really argue with Obama trying to motivate and inspire school kids across America by saying, “try hard, you’ve got to work hard to get what you want, all the opportunity is out there…”

    Obama gained the trust of the American people and fired up their imaginations during his campaign. I wonder… is the storm of protest really a critical thinking issue, or more about the fact that a lot of people are no longer “motivated and inspired” by Obama. I’ve heard people say they don’t feel he “walks the talk” of his election campaign. They’ve become or are becoming disillusioned.

    I think every parent would agree that a message to stay in school and try hard is a good thing, they just don’t want someone they don’t know, like and TRUST anymore to be the messenger.

    I’m also very curious Steve. Where would you draw the line on the ‘critical thinking’ idea in this type of scenario? If a truly inspiring and motivational speech could be given to school kids, totally devoid of any ideological agenda or POV, by Hitler or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or Jim Jones would critical thinking point us toward listening?

    I realize the question is extreme and I’m certainly NOT comparing our President to any of those people. I’m just curious.

    About 34 years ago I studied with a mentor who taught that you could realize God in a teaching from Satan, if the purity of your seeking the teaching was honest enough. That memory moved me to ask you.

    Blessings and Be Well,


  8. This thread is about delusions manifest, delusions eluding the deluded, and delusions from both dishonest and honest intent.

    So it goes. Where is objective, disinterested thinking to be found?

    The best of the best of success to everyone.


  9. I do not support President Obama in his destruction of America. He crumbled under pressure and changed his speech from attracting out youth to take up his agenda to a motivational speech about working hard and staying in school. I do not disagree with the final output but if you watched his website you saw a change in his agenda.

    This is a blog about Mental Toughness. So why didn’t President Obama stay tough and go forward with his original agenda? President Obama is weak and only follows the ratings.

    I respect the office of our President and agree that he is intelligent but that doesn’t qualify him or anyone to be a President.

    The Canadian Health Care system is bankrupt. Should we follow a failure in modeling a Health Care system? That isn’t World Class Thinking.

  10. Just in case you didn’t know, Obama, like any other Prez, has a TEAM of speech writers, and much of the content does not come from the heart and mind of the speaker. So, i can’t give Obama credit for the content, Obama certainly delivers it better than anyone in recent history.

  11. As an Australian I must say I feel Obama is the best thing that happened to America. Why? because he is restoring pride to a nation which under Bush was rapidly going down hill. OK he’s a politician so lots of people hat politicians, but hes a damn smart operator and If some Americans are afraid to embrace change and tough out the hard times that the whole world is going through they dont deserve him. The rest of the world generally likes Obama even if they hate Yanks, why because they see and hear a man who is trying to bring back some of the greatness that America lost because of there military ego. Did they really want another ex war veteran whos links with the world are all about fighting and not caring about the mothers and children that have to bear the shame and hatred which America is going though and will continue to go through for some time. Old wounds heal slow. but at least America has a man at the top now who wonder apon wonder has an amount of intelligence and savvy. he makes brillient speeches.OK he does have an incredible speech writer but if the losers wont listen then guess what? you just keep doing what you’ve always done and just keep getting more of the same. america cant afford another 9/11

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