This interview on the Today generated three death threats. The show was bombarded with email after my appearance. 50% of the people loved my message, and the other half wanted to kill me!  Thank God for mental toughness! After completing an international media tour for my book, Die Fat or Get Tough, 101 Differences in Thinking Between Fat People and Fit People, I’m even more concerned about the obesity epidemic. With the combination of television, radio, magazine and print interviews, we were able to reach approximately 30 million people in the last 6 months. I’ve received thousands of emails. The level of delusion in their words is astounding. I’ve been studying the differences in thinking between the have’s and have not’s; the middle class and the world class; and the successful and unsuccessful for the past 26 years. I’ve been labeled an ‘elitist’ by many in the press for stating that thinking is the primary separation between all these groups. In this day and age, telling the truth is often politically incorrect and the truth tellers demonized. For the overweight and obese, their level of delusion and unwillingness to grow up emotionally and take responsibility for their own health is going to continue to manifest disease and destruction in their lives. People who refuse to believe there are differences in thinking between the middle class and the wealthy will simply struggle for money. Obese people will die. It’s serious and sad, but after 6 months of massive feedback from obese people I understand why we have an epidemic. I’m not surprised at all.  I wish I could say I think it’s going to get better, but that would be wishful positive thinking. Critical thinking tells me it’s going to get worse. It will take a prescription drug with multiple side effects to solve this problem. Once again, the masses wait to be rescued.

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Steve Siebold
Author and Professional Speaker since 1997. Past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group. Author of 11 books with 1.4 million copies in print.

7 thoughts on “Steve Siebold on the Today Show”

  1. You communicated well because you communicated A – B – C the way you explain losing weight with nothing mystical about it. “Make up your mind and do it,” is what I read into what you said, Steve.

    I run into the same delusional and unwillingness to make a change thinking in what I do also. Why some people do and some don’t is something of a mystery but you can reduce them to half a dozen theories or reasons why and reduce that to: decide to lose weight; decide to change your life and do the A – B – C you need to do to make it happen.

    For me and what I teach, the discipline of keeping a mental picture of outcome until you create it AND eventually that outcome being a condition you hold in line with your habits is what sustains your success.

    When that happens mental toughness is no longer tough – it’s just the way it is: a great positive habit.

    Thanks for the post, Steve.


  2. Steve,

    I think; therefore I am (delusional). All thinking can be considered delusional; yours, mine, everyone’s. Having labels like world class thinking, critical thinking, or delusional thinking is just a convenient way to point out the wide range of RESULTS that thinking differently creates.

    When an individual subscribes to a PERSONAL REALITY where their unconscious thinking affects action, which creates results; then it’s possible for you to look as delusional to them as they do to you.

    Understanding the (think-action-result) process and applying it consciously and consistently is the key to change.

    Be Well,


  3. Steve,

    I really like your message. What is offensive is people blaming everyone and everything else for their problems, including their health. Wake up people, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare organizations are lining their pockets from your own laziness and stupidity! Stop being a victim and move into a motivated, fit existence!!!

  4. Steve,

    Excellent! I admire you because you are looking at society with objective reality and speaking public about it. I find it saddening but amusing when I see others defend unfounded beliefs which they can’t back up by fact. Let the masses get angry, but it is thinking like this that will pull North America out of the downward trend we are speedily descending into. At least it is the only thing that has the potential to.

    We live in a world where every problem is someone else’s fault, and we take no responsibility. It’s no wonder why depression is soaring. You can only be depressed if you are in a situation that you’re not pleased with AND, you feel you have no control to change. Once you see yourself as responsible for the results in your life you have full power to shape your life.


  5. Steve,

    You speak on behalf of those of us who cannot speak for whatever of a myriad of reasons. I beseech you — don’t give up! You are so courageous to articulate what some of us know to be true, but are too cowardly to express. Worse, we are too cowardly to LIVE. This blog sounds like a plea for validation. For affirmation. I might be just one voice, but I’m here to say that you matter to me — you matter to at least one among millions. Don’t stop …you matter…be “in my face”..I need you!!! Confront me and all the others who accept the staus quo… Renae

  6. Great interview Steve. You came across as being genuinely concerned about this epidemic. You do have the answers and you articulated the solution. I believe people must want to change. With determination I quit smoking and lost weight and improved my quality of life. You aren’t a jerk.!! You are doing a kindness that could save lives..

  7. Steve,
    BRAVO! Excellent work, and YES you are an elitist because the ‘masses’ are lazily willing to subscribe to the notion that they have no control, that things happen TO them, and that their problems are everyone else’s fault. Being excellent is an elite status.

    Hats of to you for sending the message loud and clear. I worked my way from enlisted aircraft mechanic to commissioned naval officer and pilot despite people telling me it couldn’t be done. In both boot camp and officer training we got screamed at, humiliated, broken down, then built back up. Why does boot camp work? Because putting your arms around someone and telling them it is ‘okay’ to be mediocre is no way to build leaders.

    The in-your-face approach to cutting through delusion is so critical to success, particularly if you are trying to bridge a huge gulf between mediocrity and excellence.

    Keep up the great work, Steve!

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