Mental Toughness/Critical Thinking question #2 of our series on contoversial subjects that matter. The purpose of this question is to engage in robust, yet civil discourse, minus ad hominem attacks. The United States and democracy are in peril, and the consequences of complicity could be grave. We need to speak up, respectfully, and find common ground with those whom we disagree. Watch this short video and weigh-in.

Steve Siebold
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11 thoughts on “Should Trump Be President…or Go to Jail?”

  1. I think Trump should be banned from all Private Golf Courses and only allowed to play on public courses, also he must carry his own clubs! Jail would be too easy!

  2. Donald Trump did not incite insurrection. And to say he interfered with a free election is ludicrous.
    Regardless of what anyone thinks about the man, there is no question that our country was much better off and safer with him as President.

  3. Hi there,

    Not just Americans have allowed their elections to be compromised, this is a worldwide issue, America however is where the election fraud story plays out as it is so overwhelming. And being highlighted by the primaries in PA this last week.

    So America, like we in other countries, its time to make sure your vote counts. Get involved with your elections to stop election fraud. The documentary 2000 mules shows one way how fraud was achieved. Arrests have begun in AZ.

    The question should Trump be in jail is mute. They tried to impeach him twice, both attempts failed. But let’s see who appears before Durham in the upcoming weeks. Treason is punishable by execution.
    Allowing the mid terms to occur with what we know about election fraud and the broken system, would mean we are all complicit. And guilty of treason?

  4. As a Brit living in the UK, my response would be: ‘Donald Trump… please, never again!’

    I love the USA and have friends over there but when Trump was president, the USA really lost its way. The world became more dangerous and more polarised yet he thought he was doing a great job!

    I look back from the outside at his term as president and I have no clue as to what he ahcieved.

    1. Hi John,
      I wondered what facts let you know the US lost its way and how the world became more dangerous under Trump?
      So John, I did a search on the net and came across this govt website, with a bullet point list detailing Trump administration achievements, so you can know what he achieved.

      Over 100 million Americans voted for Trump in 2020. I hope this list helps.

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