Accelerate the speed of your success as an entrepreneur or success coach through our Mental Toughness University Coaching Program. If you’re an entrepreneur or success coach in the fight of your life to build a business, I have a new coaching program that will accelerate the speed of your success. 

As a full-time entrepreneur for over 30 years, I’ve built 4 multi-million dollar businesses and employed over 500 people. I’ve also endured my share of failures along the way. Like most entrepreneurs, you might say I failed my way to success. 

What I’ve discovered over my 30-year entrepreneurial odyssey is that once you’ve secured a solid business opportunity, mental toughness is the skill that makes or breaks you.  

Mental toughness is what keeps you going when every fiber in your being is telling you to quit. It’s what fights off feelings of doubt, inadequacy and fear when things get tough…and when you’re an entrepreneur, sooner or later, things always get tough. 

It’s what stiffens your spine when people laugh at your dream. It’s what gives you that last boost of energy and a continuous glimmer of hope.  It’s the fuel that drives you and the stamina that sustains you. 

The importance of the role mental toughness plays in your success cannot be overstated.  That’s why I’m launching Mental Toughness University for Entrepreneurs and Success Coaches. To train you how to think, behave and perform like a million-dollar businessperson. 

I’m only accepting a small group in 2020 to become founding members of Mental Toughness University for Entrepreneurs and Success Coaches. Membership will open on Monday, June 29 and close in Thursday, July 2.  

After we close the membership on July 2, no one will be admitted until 2021.

Watch this video for the specifics of this program.

Dawn Andrews

6 thoughts on “Mental Toughness University for Entrepreneurs and Success Coaches Opens June 29-July 2, 2020”

  1. Steve,

    I completely understand how much mental toughness plays a part in, not only business but Life as well.
    I am definitely interested!

    Question: When did you work with The Ohio State Buckeyes? Was it the football team? Thanks!


    1. Thanks, Vincent! The Ohio State Buckeyes Wrestling Team, #2 in the Nation for years,
      used our system to train wrestlers. Amazing athletes! Some of the best wrestlers in the
      world for many years.

    1. Thanks, Patricia! The coaching program enrollment is June 29-July 2 for the
      founding members, who will be grandfathered in at $77 per month. Once the founding
      member launch ends next week, the regular price will be $97 per month starting in 2021.

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