The American news media is obsessed with every word President Donald Trump utters…no matter how crazy, untrue or outrageous. Politics aside, Trump is certainly a case study in psychology. He’s living proof of the theory that ego is insatiable. No amount of praise will ever be enough, which is why reminds the world daily how smart, rich and accomplished he is. How about Mental Toughness? Would you say that Trump is tough…or so weak that he must respond to every little criticism that’s thrown his way? Watch this short video and I’ll look forward to hearing your response.

Steve Siebold
Author and Professional Speaker since 1997. Past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group. Author of 11 books with 1.4 million copies in print.

14 thoughts on “President Donald Trump: Mentally Tough or Weak?”

  1. Extremely tough. He’s probably the most maligned president in all of American history but he’s standing his ground and continually pushing forward. He’s stood up to both the Democrats and the corrupt elements within his own party since day 1. He hits back against people who criticize him because he follows the tit-for-tat strategy which game theory proves is most effective for iterated games. He admitted in an interview that he “felt kind of silly” doing it. Clearly it’s not an emotional reaction, it’s strategic. Not to mention great entertainment.

  2. I have met many “bullies” in my lifetime. They all think they are tough, but everyone knows they are weak. Politics out of it – Trump is Weak. Remember the 70s & 80s when “winning by intimidation” was the big thing. All kinds of books on the psychology of intimidation. To me, the bulk of the people that tried to follow that type of management (big desk on a riser with sunken chairs for you to sit in) were weak people, and that is Trump all the way.

  3. Your right. It is. And its working. The debate is never ending. He has exhausted the un-exhaustible. Opposite opinions are fighting and people are angrier than ever. Things have to change, and he is the catalyst.

  4. I don’t know for sure.
    He seems mentally tough with his decicions he makes for the country. He doesn’t worry about what anyone says and stands by his convictions there. The recent decision to threaten tarriffs on Mexico is a good example. The way he handled that seems to have caused that deal to be done.
    On the other hand, the way he reacts to public criticism via his twitter feed by retaliating seems to be one that causes me to think he is mentally week.

  5. I don’t think President Trump exhibits strong mental characteristics. He lacks discipline to control his outbursts, has difficulty with any criticism and seems to need constant approval and affirmation.

  6. In my coaching practice I have started to use Roy H. Williams terminology, Twitchy Little Bastard for Mentally not tough… because it makes it easier to see by someone’s reactions, by somone’s inclinations, by someone’s behavior.

    President Trump is the lowest on that scale of TLB… so he is not mentally tough…

    Next time you may want to ask a tougher question where the answer is not as obvious as with this dude.

  7. I think you should have followed your own recommendation and kept your politics out of it. Your dislike of the man is oozing from you. I must reject your opinion as you are not objective. Btw… he is doing a wonderful job as president and I commend him on throwing rocks at Goliath. All the hatred on the left is just making him stronger. ..sorry Steve

  8. I would say weak. In my humble opinion, people with mental toughness should not need to lie or insult others to the extent President Trump does.

  9. Trump’s inability to move beyond his own wants and needs, for good or ill, is a mental weakness. He not only lacks critical-thinking skills, he lacks debate-protocol knowledge, abstract reasoning, objectivity, integrity, and empathy. Like a malignant narcissist, he bullies, gaslights, misdirects, and outright lies to achieve his desired outcome, which he stated publicly years ago: “The show is Trump, and it’s sold out all over the world.”

  10. I think he is mentally strong as its hard to be in a position like him and not be. I think his public persona is a strategy to confuse his opponents.

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