So here we are in mid-February, 2014. How are you doing so far? Are you still on track with your 2014 resolutions and goals? Have you elevated your level of thinking or is it the same as it was in 2013? Watch this short video (4:04) I shot in Jacksonville, Florida after appearing on the Morning Show. I’ll look forward to your comments.

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Steve Siebold
Author and Professional Speaker since 1997. Past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group. Author of 11 books with 1.4 million copies in print.

7 thoughts on “Is Your 2014 Thinking Similar to 2013?”

  1. Steve, once again, a great post.

    However, I must say… I do agree with most of what you said in the video… but… not all of it.

    Here’s what you said that made my head spin a little: “They have limited beliefs about money. One of them is ‘do what you love and the money will follow.'” You see, why that particularly stood out for me is because… in your book (177 Mental Toughness Secrets) at secret #44 — the world class resource that you prescribe is a book called “Do What You Love And The Money Will Follow”.

    OK, it does contradict with what you said in your book. No biggie. But I guess you can look at it from both ways — doing what you love can make you massively wealthy… or… it can keep you as poor as a church mouse all of your life.

    But anyway, if I was to choose between the two ways of looking at it — I would choose… Do What You Love And The Money Will Follow!

    You see, I do love what I do and… although I’m not that rich… yet, I’d much rather do something that I enjoy and gets me excited to jump out of bed in the mornings.

    Life is short… might as well make the most of it while we’re here.

    Anyway, I love reading your blog… keep up the great work Steve.

    Lee Jones

  2. In addition to the “why” (thanks, Leo) – we also need “belief” that we can attain the why.

    I know many people – myself at the top of the list – who had a crystal clear “why” and yet still didn’t do what was necessary to attain it. My early attempts at attaining a vision were notable failures, which could be traced to some combination of the following:

    – My “why” was not big enough to overcome the pain of attaining it;
    – In my heart of hearts, I didn’t believe I could attain it.

    I rationalized a number of good-sounding reasons, but it all boiled down to size/scope of my vision, and the belief that I could attain it.

    And I’m STILL working on my thinking! 🙂


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