On Sunday night I walked the 500 foot long Red Carpet at the Academy Awards with legendary actor Harrison Ford, and had an interesting exchange with him afterwards with a Mental Toughness lesson built into it. Watch this short video I shot after the show and I’ll look forward to your comments.

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Steve Siebold
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18 thoughts on “My Encounter with Harrison Ford at the Academy Awards”

  1. Hi Steve,

    How exciting for you to be at the Oscars. They are a powerful community of exceptional thinkers.

    For years I took everything personally. As I have reached my 40’s I tend not to do it as much, however I am currently going to start a new marketing consulting business and there will be some no’s. I will keep in mind your lesson and stay the course. So thanks for sharing, it was not taken lightly. 🙂


  2. No, you did the right thing. And so did Harrison Ford. The Oscars have a rule that no one can film or take pictures inside the event. Only the people putting on the Oscars can take pictures. Mr. Ford was not rejecting your request- he was conforming to the rules of the Oscars.

    Sometimes what people think is an rejection is just something else. One should never assume a person rejection when you are not known by the person. Instead of taking offense or adding your own one should first put yourself in the others shoes and not assume the worst. You were very right in not making that assumption. Good job. And congratulations on the invite!

  3. Rejection … that’s where the weak stop! I always think, “What if I would have quit after the 9th time of asking my wife out on a date?” … it took 10 🙂

    Good work Steve! Appreciate all you do!


    PS Next time you’re in SoCal you can take a picture with me!

  4. Wonder if Ford refused to have a picture, from that same fear you are referring to Steve. Fear of not being approved by others while having taken picture with some stranger on the red carpet?

  5. Great lesson Steve, After surviving a massive stroke in 2006, I am now on a crusade to show Americans how they can design a life of financial freedom with dignity. Rejection comes with the territory, so I appreciate your reminder. Keep up the great work. 🙂

  6. Harrison Ford was a board member on a non-profit that I am familiar with. It was well known at the board meetings that he is terribly uncomfortable with public speaking (particularly extemporaneously) and generally mildly socially awkward. I suspect that his not wanting to have a photo taken with you had nothing to do with you and more to do with his somewhat introverted nature. So one more reason to not take it personally.

  7. Piggy Back on Bryan’s comment … been there, done that, got over it after becoming aware that it is of no help to growth (business & personal) but in fact a possible detriment. I also experience times where I identify the feeling trying to creep back in and correct it immediately. Oscars were great … a few very inspiring acceptance speeches … loved Matthew Mac’s for lead male actor.


  8. Steve, Are you familiar with Frank Wallace’s writiings – NeoTech? If so, I’d be interested to hear how much they have influenced you.

  9. Steve ,

    Why would you stoop so low as to even ask for a picture? He should have asked you for the picture.

    It sounds to me that you are pissed off.

  10. Congratulations on this great opportunity to attend the event Steve. Thanks for the share about handling and reacting to rejection and “what it may be costing us.”

  11. I hear ya Steve!
    I remember when I co-starred with Harrison and Victor Mature some years ago in a little Aaron Spelling movie we shot in the Mojavé, and Victor, Harrison and the rest of the cast (& crew for that matter) busted into my trailer and tried to get some photo’s with me without even a “How Ya Goin?”!
    I was a little uncomfortable with them just barging in and putting that on me, and it had nothing to do with the fact that I was completely naked on the table doing my steamed yoga routine with the Dolly Grip person – it was just that I didn’t like being taken by surprise unless I was being PAID.
    So Steve, next time you want to grab a selfie with an actor (or politician for that matter), never ask them! All you need to do is press a twenty in their palm, blow in their ear, and tell ’em to say “CHEESE”. It works for me!
    Oh, and by the way, I saw you on the red carpet, and that hounds-tooth blouse you matched with the sequins and sateen scarf looked amazing! I would have worn higher heels with that handbag though.

  12. Congrats on being at the Oscars Steve! This is a great video lesson for all of us. It’s easy for someone to be tied to another person’s approval of them and take rejection personally. At one time in my life I was this way but had to ‘train’ myself out of that mode of thinking. Sure, I still find myself starting to fall back into this trap occasionally but I soon recognize when it’s occurring and begin to separate the process from the outcome.

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