This is a question I get every day, and its valid. In the age of massive disruption,  the opportunity to amass a fortune is greater than ever…as long as you build a business that’s moving toward the future instead of one thats mired in the past and present. Tomorrows self-made millionaires must be more calculated and strategic. Watch this short video and I’ll look forward to your comments.

Steve Siebold
Author and Professional Speaker since 1997. Past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group. Author of 11 books with 1.4 million copies in print.

14 thoughts on ““If I’m Mentally Tough, Why Aren’t I Rich?””

  1. I would have an interest in getting more focused in my financial services brokerage, and using my mental toughness to do so. I have stuck it out for 18 yrs and am always looking to go to the next level.

  2. Hello Steve,
    I would love to be part of the group. I met you in January in Palm Springs during our 3 day event. I’m a life agent with the company that you wrote a book about. I know I’m part of a great organization, I just don’t want to waste this opportunity or take so long before my business gets traction.

  3. Steve – I am interested, but I live in the Philippines. My focus is on speaking and I co-founded a green building materials business in Germany which is doing good. The focus for me is to get my speaking business aligned with the changes that you are predicting and the money focus. I am a good friend of Scott Friedman who I see on FB occasionally hangs out with you – I just sent you a FB friend request just now

  4. Wow, this may be a duplicate. My comment just disappeared. So I’m posting a second time to make sure it goes through. I do apologize if it’s a double.
    I have studied critical thinking and to be a MT coach. But I want to write and speak. My books are/will be mostly personal development related, and with a Christian perspective. I think I am a perfect candidate for your mentoring, and would thoroughly enjoy it and get so much out of it (even if it kicks my butt). 😉
    Thank you for the consideration.

  5. I have studied to be a MT coach. But I want to write and speak. My books are/will be focused mainly on personal development, and coming from a Christian perspective. I love to learn and work on personal MT every day. I think I’d be a perfect candidate for your mentoring, and would thoroughly enjoy it (even if it kicks my butt). 😉
    Thank you for the consideration!

  6. I want to be part of your focus group…. I’m a coach, primarily in the arena of public speaking and engagement. I’m remote to Atlanta, will there be an option for this?

  7. Hey Steve,

    I want to be a part of your mental toughness group. I am wholesaling real estate and then using the cash to acquire rental properties in markets where there are b/c class properties in the 80-120k price range.

    We are becoming more and more a renter nation. My goal is to acquire 40 more rentals while wholesaling properties from sellers in pre foreclosure, probate or divorced situations….Everyone will always need a place to live until we move to space which I will most likely be dead by then.

    You can still get rich in the acquiring and the renting of property in America. I’d love to join your group…Thx Frank

  8. Hi Steve,
    Thanks for making this video. I would like to create a business using AI. I don’t know exactly what right now. I am currently learning the skills to be able to build the business.

  9. Steve-I would like to be in your coaching group because I earn a high salary and have a little to show for it. My ultimate goal is to move to the right side of Kiyosaki’s quadrant (I.e. not trade time for money).

    I would like to accomplish this by investing in real estate, probably self-storage warehouses and in paper assets. I am open if there is a better path for me.

  10. Would love to be in your group on being mentally tough to get rich. We want to do it by teaching students, parents and teachers how to create the next generation of visual learners who will change the world. We are modifying what we do to offer a Platinum Program for wealthy parents and their schools – where we can help their child to be all he or she can be

  11. Getting rich is easy, if you start early enough. Recipe:
    1. Find a job or gig that generates income;
    2. Spend less than you make (anyone can do this – just live below your means);
    3. Invest in something you know that will grow over time – index funds, stocks, real estate, a business venture you love, etc.
    4. Keep feeding it;
    5. Be patient and don’t panic when things go wrong, if the story hasn’t changed;
    6. Watch the magic of compounding.
    Time passes and voila, your rich (there’s no fast way except inheritance or blind luck, neither of which are likely for most).

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