Last week the American Medical Association announced that they are now labeling obesity a disease. Their purpose is obvious: they can now get insurance companies to pay them to tell patients to lose weight—because now being fat is a disease. If this was delusional thinking from the AMA, I wouldn’t be so fired up. It’s not. It’s greed. CNN called me minutes after the AMA announcement for comment and wanted me to debate an AMA member on the air. I was unavailable, but in the past 5 days I’ve done 14 national interviews on this subject. The good news is most people seem to agree that the AMA is wrong. It’s time for American’s to grow up and take control of their bodies and their lives. If we don’t, the government is going to take control for us. Watch this short video I taped on the subject and I’ll look forward to your comments.

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Steve Siebold
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11 thoughts on “Grow Up America: If You’re Fat, It’s Your Fault!”

  1. If its genetics then why don’t we see the entire planet’s population becoming obese? Lets grow up and recognize for every one person that truly has a medical condition that causes the body to lose control and add weight, there are many many many more who are making poor choices one bite at a time.

    Does this hurt to say this? Sure! But much less than the daily struggle to live with 50, 100, or 150 extra pounds on the body.


  2. It’s a simple equation – Weight = Energy In/Energy Out. If the answer is greater than 1, you’ll gain weight. Less than 1, you’ll lose weight. My doctor here in the UK told me that years ago and I’ve found since that he was right. There are occasional medical discrepancies but, in 99% of cases, this formula is true.

    Unfortunately, here in the UK, it affects poorer people more because the cheaper foods have the lowest cost and, hence, fattiest ingredients. But the formula remains true and now it’s becoming an increasing issue amongst children with the increase in sedentary lifestyle. So this isn’t just an issue for the fat – it’s an issue for society.

  3. What if there is a genetic predisposition to being fat? There seems to be some evidence of this, though I am not a doctor or a scientist. And I am not fat. Now not all fat people would fall into this category. Critical thinking tells me I don’t know enough to make a strong comment either way. What research have you done?

  4. I would definitely agree 100%!! It’s about time that people wake up and realize that they need to take responsibility for their own actions instead of laying the blame on everyone else. It really is a victim mentality that has unfortunately become so pervasive in our society.

    It becomes a vicious, self serving cycle that is hard to break out of:
    “I’m fat because its in my gene’s…” leads to
    “I can’t exercise because I’m fat” leads to
    “I’m so depressed.. I’ll feel better by treating myself to a DQ Blizzard” leads to
    “I can’t work anymore, my back, knees (insert injury)” leads to
    “I can’t get a job” -> “I’m depressed” -> “DQ blizzard will make me feel better”
    “Woe is me, can you help clean my house?”
    And the cycle spins ever downward…

    Getting fat is not like catching a cold… And its a shame we are empowering people to think that way…

  5. Steve –

    You touched on a lot of things in your short video.

    Leaving politics out of this – we’re seeing more and more examples of people looking to escape the consequences of their actions, whether it’s in business, relationships, health, etc. Obesity (absent of a true underlying medical condition) is merely a topical example.

    Taking responsibility and self-reliance are harder choices – but they’re the only real choices for the mentally tough.


  6. Under the ObamaCare progran, AMA is just getting started on invasive and expensive change to save all the sheeple. Ownership of one’s own behavior is logical and places responsibility where it should be. This really is about money and political power. You are right, the Government needs to get out of our lives!

  7. Hello Steve,

    This is first message I had ever responded to anything online. This is beyond my imamginenation how AMA did this, it is wrong!!!!!!!

  8. Can’t agree more!! If you have a weight issue, get your face out of the KFC bucket and hit the gym,!

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