I just returned from conducting the Bill Gove Speech Workshop in London, where I also did five national interviews on my new book, Die Fat or Get Tough: 101 Differences in Thinking Between Fat People and Fit People. It was an honor to be on the world-famous BBC network, but what I found was the Europeans are just as delusional about being fat as Americans are. What is the deal with delusional thinking on this subject? It’s amazing how otherwise smart, educated people around the world can get fat and blame everything outside of themselves for their failure. I’m getting death threat level emails from around the globe because fat people refuse to take responsibility for their own behavior. Incredible, wouldn’t you agree? One of the interviewers in London even said he couldn’t see the connection between being fat and having a satisfying sex life. Reality check: is fat really attractive? Do people really believe their spouses don’t see the fat? Can people actually delude themselves to this level of subjective silliness? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

Steve Siebold

Steve Siebold
Author and Professional Speaker since 1997. Past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group. Author of 11 books with 1.4 million copies in print.

13 thoughts on “Europe is just as delusional about weight loss as America”

  1. Bonjour Mental Man!

    So, you come over to our happy place and start your little talk on fatness. Why do you come, you American fit person?

    And now… you want to know the truth?

    Can you handle the truth, talking man??

    I myself love the croissant (it is of scientifically perfect shape, and has the texture of a goddess’s neck) and then we see you, you tall person, you prefer to sully us with talk of this thing – delusion! What is this thing… delusion? Do we pour it on crepe’s???

    You came and ate our sausage! You drank our cream! You played in our parfait! Why can you come and rape our kitchens, and then go home and call me fat JUST because I am?

    I sit and watch many sports, HEALTHY sports, sports that require effort and muscle and breath… lot’s of breath! I watch these things and I make sure I don’t eat ALL of the Polish Sausage. I leave portions of bratwurst. I myself am very mindful to take it easy when I’m lounging at the local bouillon watching the Tour de France, making sure that I don’t over-do it.

    But now, you come out swinging those tennis arms of yours at us because we are a little fat. A little obese.

    What are you trying to do… start World War 3???

    We would summon a great big fat army! And you would do the same, and we would meet on the battle field – in the lines of the McDonalds queue!

    Royales would be thrown! Super-sized meal deals would rain down from the heavens! We would leopard-crawl through shakes and fries, but one thing is for certain speaking man… we would NOT surrender!

    You want a fight Seafoam! You’ll have one!

    We shall eat on the beaches!

    We shall eat on the landing grounds!

    We shall eat in the fields and in the streets!

    We shall eat in the hills; we shall never surrender

    Take that you fit person!

    And don’t come following us!

    Vive le Baguette!

  2. People either take total responsibility for their actions and outcomes or they don’t. What else can you say about that!

    Pity the poor people bombarded with information, with propaganda, with education, with peers, with advertising, with marketing slogans, with political jargon on and on and on and on and on. OK great – we all get bombarded.

    BUT when you assume resonsibility for your actions and outcomes you understand all that bombardment to be happening as sure as the wind blowing through the trees – as sure as the tides and moon orbit and chattering of the birds in the trees.

    World class thinking and performance is an action of selectivity as well as attitude, vision, and taking responsibility for one’s life.

    The best of it all to you.


  3. Hi Steve!

    Why is this delusion “so thick”? It’s because this delusion has so many layers; so many enablers. Parents enable their children by overfeeding them, or telling them they’re ‘stout’ or ‘husky’ or ‘big boned’. Friends and family enable each other in a similar way. “Oh, you’re not fat, you’re just…” (fill in the blank)

    The clothing industry enables us by making bigger clothes, even though they report that clothing would be 15% less expensive for everyone if there were no plus sizes.

    The food industry enables us by pushing food that comes from a packaged lab formula and tastes great, instead of pushing food that comes from the earth.

    There are eateries across the country that reward excess. Like the doughnut shop in Portland, Oregon that serves a 1,400 calorie doughtnut w/50 gms of fat. If you can eat it in 80 seconds you don’t have to pay for it. Or the H.A. Grill in Chandler, Arizona where anyone who weighs in at 350lbs or more can eat there free for life!

    One of the biggest enablers is the fitness industry at large. Almost all of the gadgets, gimmicks, routines, pills and potions that are touted in their marketing, in bold 96 point type, carry the 8 point disclaimer that results are not typical and also require a diet and exercise plan for success. But because of the way it’s presented, that message goes by barely noticed.

    All of this has been going on for decades. Being overweight (fat), as Michele pointed out, used to be a sign of power and wealth in this country as well.

    With people being bombarded by their friends, family, the people who make their clothes, the people who supply their food and even the people who are supposed to help make them fit with the “it’s not your fault” message, why would they want to listen to anyone else? After all they have “proof” that they’ve got it right.

    Blesings to All & Be Well,


  4. De gustibus non est disputandum.

    Yes, to most of us, fat is ugly, fat is unhealthy.
    However, in some cultures, obesity is linked to another meaning – it is linked to wealth and power. Some people have been brought up to view “big” people in a positive light.
    Some people find a beauty in it. Fashions come and go. At present, logic, longevity statistics and medical knowledge lead us to favour slim versus fat.
    Each person has their own truth. For someone coming from a culture that values obesity, it will be a double challenge to change and take action for health benefits…
    You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink… and you certainly can’t do someone else’s push-ups!!! Good luck.

  5. The guy 4 post up from me said it well.. “John Regan”. read what he posted!

    I consider myself a “fitness buff”…. I have about 8 to 10% body fat and have a very fit look. How do I do it? Moderation folks!! Do I eat candy? yep! Do I eat ice cream? yep! do I eat cake? yep! do I eat fast food? yep! I just dont eat it all the time. What I do eat is burned off through exercise!

    Here is another secret……..if you quit eating fast food and everything that has loads of sugar and salt, the cravings go away!!! Just some food for thought! (pun intended)

  6. Steve,
    I just wanted to let you know that I saw you on the Today show, I bought your book, read it in one day and started my diet and exercise plan the next. Oh, I also quit smoking that day too (might as well fix all of my mistakes at once). I believe your wonderful book will reach the people it’s meant to reach. Thank you.

  7. The real measurement of fitness is VO2 max and body fat %. The problem society has is that appearance is more important than good health. There are all kind of body types, but tall thin people are more likely to be elected President and CEO. So like it or not we are attracted to people that appeal to us. Thin is more appealing than fat. Tall more attractive than short. Since we can’t do much about the height thing, we can effect the thin thing. Just choices.

  8. Steve,

    A good percentage of people worldwide reserve the right to remain ignorant! Keep up the good work. The truth hurts sometimes yet it sooo need to be said!

  9. I just wanted to add that to be fair there are certainly people born with genes and other hereditary traits that are conducive to obesity. Doesn’t mean they have to stay that way.. Also, the old saying ‘you catch more flies with honey than vinegar’ is in effect here.

  10. Greetings my friend, as a life long athlete a i am always conscious about my health and appearance, so of course, i have the discipline to tend to those things by eating healthy, thinking healthy which of course leads to being healthy. I love to mission you’re on, lord knows the world needs it. However, i feel the issue and resistance to the message is the word FAT. Fat people hate it, they would rather be referred to as overweight, same problem but not as offensive and people are more receptive to solutions, Once offended, your message no matter how true and effective falls on deaf ears. When i was growing up we called GAY people something else also starting with the letter F. Nowadays, that is considered offensive and not compassionate, same reality. So the word FAT is at the core of the resistance you’re facing. Fat people know they are fat but don’t dare call me that.Anyway, i will help your cause by not becoming one of them. Jamaal

  11. Basically overweight Europeans have been programmed with the same excuses that Americans have. We live in a negative society influenced by a victim mentality. “It’s not my fault it’s my condition, Its a family genetic, Its not my fault I’ts the government for making me eat all this junk!! It’s not my fault some other jerk is cramming bad food into my mouth while I sleep. It’s not my fault I have week Knees and cant exercise. Its not my fault but all they sell in the supermarket is fattening food.Its not my fault I was born Fat. It’s not It’s not! how dare you say that I should take responsibility for my health and well being. Dont you see it’s not my fault!!!!Denial is not a River in Africa, denial is a state of mind which keeps fat people fat! if obese people would stop shooting the messenger and cop on to themselves they might live longer.

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