The death threats and hate mail I received after my recent appearance on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews is yet another example of American’s emotional immaturity and inability to discuss important social issues like gun control through logic-based critical thinking. How can we solve these major issues when we are responding with emotionally-charged thinking to new ideas? Many of the emails I received read like they were written by children, with excessive use of the “F-word’ being the norm. Until America grows up emotionally and begins to approach major issues like critical thinking adults we will continue our downward slide. Watch this short video I taped on Palm Beach, and if interested, watch my Chris Matthews show interview and see what you think. Whether you agree with my position on gun control or not is irrelevant. The point is to start a critical thinking conversation between educated adults capable of carefully considering all ideas with the collective goal of reaching a problem solving solution. Here’s the link to the interview:

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Steve Siebold
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41 thoughts on “Death Threats after my Interview on MSNBC’s Hardball w/Chris Matthews”

  1. Steve,

    I really can’t believe you make a big point about the need to engage in critical thinking, the lack of it and how delusional people are and then prove the point by setting the example of this delusional thinking by your ridiculous, irrational opinion that more guns is what we need to decrease the gun violence in the US.

    What you are suggesting is that each and every one of us needs to carry a gun… why… in order to protect ourselves from the other guy who has a gun.

    This perspective is so ridiculous it verges on insanity and really doesn’t warrant any serious discussion.

    Listen, a key point needed to think critically is that you gather information and objectively analyze it. Well, study after study from numerous countries overwhelmingly prove that the presence of guns is leads to death by guns.

    It’s no more complex than that. Give people guns and guess what, death by gunshots occur. More guns = more death by guns.

    The fact that you and other delusional thinkers like you fail to acknowledge this fact proves you lack the critical thinking skills to engage in a rational, logical discussion of this issue. It proves that YOU are the one that lacks emotional maturity to think clearly on the matter.

    No guns don’t kill people. People with guns kill people. The LOGICAL answer is to remove the guns.

    Every other modern, developed country on the planet does just fine… in fact enjoys a higher quality of life than the US with FAR FAR Less violence than the US… hmmmm… I wonder why? Let me engage my critical thinking skills…. could it be that all these countries with minimal gun deaths don’t have guns?

    It’s time for you to grow up, be mentally tough, admit you are wrong.

  2. Steve,

    I saw your interview, and I’m pretty surprised you got death threats from it. It would be nice if the debate was a little longer so you could have explained your point of view better, but I guess they got the gist.

    I lean left on many things, but when it comes to the 2nd Amendment I don’t. Guns do not kill people, people do. I don’t believe we need grenade launchers on the streets, but I do believe we need to sit down like adults and critically think of possible options to protect our children now. Having better secured schools could be a good first step.

    I don’t agree with everyone all the time, but I do believe people have the right to express there opinions. The 1st Amendment was written first for a reason.

    Best regards,


  3. Mike,

    There is the point. We have no clue how to make it happen because we haven’t spent the energy to think about it and solve the problem. We created the problem at one level of consciousness, now we have to solve it at another level.

    Is it possible the discussion has started here?

    Maybe. Certainly not at a national level.


  4. I agree on letting some of the teachers carry guns. While they may not be able to save everyone they will save more than if no one has a gun. I don’t agree with the guy on the bottom left, David?. It is not the fact that other countries have less guns than we do, the fact is that other countries actually punish their criminals. For example, here on FT Hood, that crazy Jack a** that killed all those soldiers is still alive. Why? There are many witnesses that saw him do it, but yet he is sitting in jail with three hots and a cot. Even that guy that killed all those people in Denver, still alive.This is why others want to do this. It is not the guns or just because some one is mentally unstable, it is because these SOB’s know that they will only get a slap in the dam wrist. Now if you were to take these”crazy” people out in the back of a courthouse, as long as there is at least 3 credible witnesses, and shoot them on the spot, I garun-dam-te you this will deter others from attempting anything like this again. Oh but we cannot do that here, cruel and unusual punishment. What about the families that have lost so much, is it not cruel and unusual punishment for them.
    Guns are not the issue and neither are the crazy people, the issue is that our laws have gotten soft. Stop letting these guys sit in jails and waist our tax payers dollars, it is only about $0.45 for a .45 hollow point. Then we will get 2 birds with one stone, crazies off our world and more money to fix our economy. Thank you.

  5. Steve
    You didnt really get a chance to finish your thought or give your full opinion. I can’t believe you got death threats over your opinion, that’s really sad. I agree that as usual we are addressing the wrong issues . Sooner or later we are going to have to really look at these things and stop waiting for the government to solve our problems.

  6. I have been saying our nation is in the adolecent stage for YEARS! I haven’t even been alive that long and it was so nice, Steve, to hear someone else say it. The entitlement, the instant gratification, the easy way out, the heated emotional reactions . . . anyway, that’s a tangent for another day.

    Do I understand Steve’s take on this? Yes. Do I like it? No. Is it the teacher’s right to protect themselves and their students? Yes. Should they be trained on how to do it properly? Yes. Should parents know if their child’s teacher has a gun and be able to make a decision as to whether or not the child stays in that classroom? Yes. Should the national and the school administrations have some serious guidelines on how this all needs to look if we’re really going to go it? Oh yeah. Do I think it’s devistating and so incredibly sad that it’s gotten to this point? YES! Do I want to see guns in the classrooms? No. Will that solve anything? No. Will some feel more protected? Yes but that’s not the only issue here.

    This desire to have guns in the classroom would be like giving someone with AIDS cold medicine – might help for a little bit but it doesn’t even come close to getting down to the actual CAUSE of why the immune system is breaking down. Guns in classrooms is merely a band-aid on a spurting artery.

    How about we as a nation better address issues at home. How about we make parenting classes for parents more prelivent and available – hell, maybe even manditory. How about we start acting like a community and stop isolating ourselves by thinking we can do it all by ourselves. How about we stop looking at mental illness (from the seemingly small issues to the extreme) as a taboo, hoopla, rediculous, or nonexistant. How about we make mental health professionals more prominent and easily accessble – everywhere. How about we work and focus on ourselves and our own personal development instead of trying to “keep up with the Joneses”. How about we go beyond dates and numbers in the classroom and learn more life skills like how to truly listen to someone by “seeking to understand and not to be understood”. How about we stop attacking each other verbally, physically, or otherwise and deveolop not just a respect for our fellow man but a compassion. How about we start embracing differences (you think we would have learned this back in the 60’s, aren’t we supposed to learn from history?), no matter what they are, rather than condem or avoid them. How about we stop thinking we know it all because we belong to the “right” political party and start listening to all sides. And how about we take one damn hard look in the mirror at how we are ALL a part of the problem and not the solution in some way, shape, or form.

    The shootings, the bullying in schools, all the violence, even our current economic state – every ounce of it all is a desperate cry for help. A cry for something new, for a wisdom that our adolecent union neglects to seek out even though its not hard to find. This is supposed to be a wake up call for something new and instead we’re putting on the news the same damn thing every time something like this goes down – people that want to discuss guns and not the core problems and their possible solutions. Oh and the people that think they’re a part of the solution are sending Steve hate mail. What?! You don’t want more guns but you’ll threaten his life. How do you not see that as hypocritical?

    I just don’t get it, our children come home sick from school and we give them what they need to get better. Our nation is sick and not only do we just live with it but we even take pride in it. You want to talk about an ego based way of looking at things, well there you go.

    I say we declare a love and abundance movement (and no I don’t mean a repeat of the 60’s in that way either), examine why it is that fear is winning in our nation, declare how that can be overcome, and then (and here’s the kicker) actually LIVE it AS A COLLECTIVE. Bottom line: let’s stop discussing topics and start dealing with the actual issues.

  7. As you said, Steve – the point in NOT what anyone’s position on gun control is or isn’t. It’s the ability to have a conversation about it without it devolving into hysteria.

    Thinking – vs. reacting.


  8. Happy New Year Steve!

    My best to you and yours. I hate to point this out but maybe you are the one with delusional thinking here Steve!

    I mean you really want to have an educated, mature discussion, an adult conversation with America, about important issues?

    What’s wrong with you????

    Sadly, I just don’t see that there’s enough educated adults left who are willing to engage in the hard work of Critical Thinking on the issues to have a mature conversation with…

    Let me know if you find some… Thanks, David

    PS You nailed it when you stated “we are having the wrong conversation – we need to be talking about mental illness” – in this country!

  9. What would happen if our schools required teaching on critical thinking and emotional intelligence as a core curricula….taught K-12 as preliminary work prior to college level training. Most of us our brain washed into middle class thinking by well intentioned parents, teachers, and community leaders. What if we raised a generation of critically thinking children, young adults….we might then be on the verge of hope and change in America.

    Its not about the guns, or the “cliff”, or what political party you are in…..its about how we are thinking.

  10. When it comes to children, we are hard wired to react emotionally. Steve has used this example to show us how our focus is 1000% sharpened by a burning house with our children in it. Does anyone remember that the same day of the Sandy Hill shooting a madman in China killed 22 kids with a knife?
    Let’s look at history: The average European or Asian does not own a gun: The result: 5 million Jews and others died in concentration camps, Stalin starved 20 Mil to death, the Great Leap in China under Mao cost over 50 Mil lives etc etc.
    As an immigrant from Germany I have to tell you all: America is the last hope for a free, non socialist world, BECAUSE we have a 2nd Amendment and BECAUSE we have the right to defend our homestead against any intrusion.
    In all the discussion about gun laws, should teacher carry guns, gun free zones etc, we have not even hinted at an attempt to do a root cause analysis. We have not asked the 5 why’s to get to the bottom of all these terrible shootings.
    Were street drugs involved, psychiatric drugs, depression, abuse, other mental problems, video games, prior violent tendencies etc etc. Once this has been done thoroughly and unemotionally on any mass shooting, might we find a way to lessen the impact in the future. No guarantees. But until we use our critical thinking to find a pattern that might give us some warning (and then have safeguards against putting innocent people away) we have no way to stop the next mass murderer, no matter what means of killing he chooses.

  11. Mike,

    I’m not saying I believe all teachers should carry guns because there are a lot of people (teachers included) who are afraid of them. I do believe there are teachers out there who are not afraid of firearms who have what it takes to be trained if they so desire and they should have the option to carry on school grounds in order to protect our kids, the administration and themselves if need be.

    People provoking people in the schools is childish and and the chances are very slim that someone who has had the proper training to obtain their concealed weapons permit is going to pull a gun on someone because they were provoked.


  12. Mission accomplished, Steve. You received, at least, a quarter million dollars in free media recognition/promotion. I use the word ‘free’ freely. Death threats has an emotional ‘cost’.

    Be well,


  13. Thanks Steve,
    Interesting, that the information as to what kind of drugs the folks are on that commit these kind of atrocities, is never published or brought up. I have believed we need the conversation about mental illness for several years.
    Keep up the good work.

  14. “When I taught school, I felt that I should be armed. I actually took classes in self-defense because I felt the need to know what to do in a violent situation. In addition, I also felt that I should be trained as a first responder. The nurse’s station was too far away to be effective and what if she was somewhere else? Teachers are there to do more than teach. They are standing in for parents at the younger age levels. As such they are there to protect the students. I am not just talking, despite being smaller and slimmer than the students I was teaching, I got between two high schools students when one wanted to rip the other apart. That was my job.”

    Renee Szczepanski YOU are an inspiration. I love what you said that teachers are there to do more than teach. I wish more teachers felt that way. I think our kids would have a better chance of becoming amazing adults if more teachers did all the right things for all the right reasons and that includes learning how to protect those kids when they are in the care of the school district. I appreciate you Renee. You have the right attitude. I hope it catches on.

  15. Can you believe that you would get death threats from people that are against guns and violence? Steve you are 100% correct in your statements.MSNBC is so liberal, I will not watch that station.No liberal has logic.It’s their way or the highway.

  16. Steve,

    When I taught school, I felt that I should be armed. I actually took classes in self-defense because I felt the need to know what to do in a violent situation. In addition, I also felt that I should be trained as a first responder. The nurse’s station was too far away to be effective and what if she was somewhere else? Teachers are there to do more than teach. They are standing in for parents at the younger age levels. As such they are there to protect the students. I am not just talking, despite being smaller and slimmer than the students I was teaching, I got between two high schools students when one wanted to rip the other apart. That was my job.

    It is ridiculous to subject arming students or even suggest it. That is just taking a supposedly rational discussion and turning it into something to boost the ratings.

    You are correct that the type of discussion being held is not. This is not about gun control. If it wasn’t a gun it would have been some other object turned into a weapon like a knife – should we ban kitchen knives? This person was not being treated for mental illness so discussions about how the mentally ill are released from treatment centers isn’t appropriate either. The issue is that violence occurs and people need to know what to do to protect themselves and the people they love or who are in their care.

  17. IINSANITY: Having what could be perceived as constructive intentions which results in destruction.

    Example: Hitler, King Herod. Any person who solves problems with negativity.

    Are we all reacting from emotions on this subject?

  18. Steve,

    Emotional thinkers could care less about truth. You could show them data proving your position all day long and they would dismiss it because of their emotionalal agenda. It is all about their “feeling” secure and safe, even though history shows that is incorrect.

    I commend you for your logical stance.


    David Gallagher

  19. Steve, Very sorry to hear about the death threats. I agree with you the death threats are a reflection of the emotional state of our society.

    What surprises me is that you haven’t talked about the connection between our emotional state and our “need” to own guns. I’d be interested in knowing why people want to own guns. Is it to hunt for food? Is it for the competition of marksmanship? What other possible reasons?

    My guess is that we would find that almost all other guns are owned because of some level of fear. Fear is a an emotion which leads to people either avoid a situation or fight against it. Included in that fight is the potential for using guns.

    In my opinion the questions isn’t whether we should or should not regulate guns. I believe the question is what is driving our fear that we believe we need guns? And what can we do to start to move our society toward an emotional state where the perceived need to own a gun disappears and gun regulation ceases to be a question or an answer.

    If we don’t start to answer these questions then, as you experienced with the death threats, we will only increase the fear and the violence.

  20. Hey Steve,

    I agree with you – More Guns in the hands of Law Abiding Citizens equals Less Crime..

    The news media has an agenda – the agenda of disarming the population.

    If people want to solve these horrendous crimes, they have to start thinking like adults without the emotion of FEAR clouding their thought process.

    Thanks and take care!

    Happy Holidays…

  21. Steve,

    your position on guns control is very relevant. I don’t think I would be able to learn something useful about the way of thinking from irrational and illogical person, who wants to fight crime by infringing on law-abiding people’s rights, like the host or your opponent in the interview.

    So thank you for being voice of reason on this issue, and shame on the people who send you threats.

  22. Hey, Steve! It is so sad that anyone would hate or threaten anyone for expressing their opinion! Freedom of expression is a basic tenet of our nation, and I fear for our country because some folks have lost sight of that. I agree with you, Steve, that measures need to be taken to protect our school children, and that guns are certainly a part of the solution. I, for one, favor the NRA’s position that our schools need to hire armed guards (not teachers or administrators necessarily) and let it be well known that people in the schools are armed. Almost every mass shooting that has occurred in this country have been on “gun-free zones”. The argument that “we can’t afford it” is specious. The president just signed an executive order that raises the salaries of VP Biden, senators, congressmen and other federal employees. Total cost: about $60 Billion dollars. Let’s keep the wage freeze and protect our kids! How much foreign aid do we send to countries like Germany, South Korea and Mexico, not to mention countries like Egypt, Libya and Pakistan, that have policies counter to our best interest? Time to say, “Enough, we need to protect our own!” and divert funds to providing skilled, trained guards in our schools.

  23. Steve

    It takes courage to stand up for what you believe. So first of all keep doing what you are doing. Wheather someone agrees with you or not the death threats are pretty ironic when you spoke about protecting children.

    The first thing we need to do is abolish the public system of government ran educational institutions. When our schools can’t teach people to think critically and discuss issues with out the threat of violence. You need to report the threats to authorities period. These are bullies that to not have the skills to discuss critical conversations with out getting violent.

    I chose to protect my kids by placing them in private schools with undisclosed locations. Now my daughter is at a state run University but she is also an adult that not only knows how to protect herself she is also equipped with the skills to have critical conversations with out threatening violence.

  24. Hi Steve. I agree with you that people making death threats and sending hate mail because of your stand on gun control are an example of the flaws in the thinking of many American people, but I also think that your position on gun control is ludicrous. The right to bear arms was never meant to allow any crazy person to buy a semi-automatic assault weapon. It was intended to allow citizens to form their own militia, so that governments could not enforce unfair and unconstitutional laws on a defenseless public. The idea that we should arm everyone will only increase the numbers of people killed in senseless violence. As your co-interviewee said, the rest of the civilized world has realized that easy availability of guns leads to enormous increases in violence. I am proud to live in Canada, where hand guns and assault weapons are tightly restricted and our violent crime rate is a tiny fraction of what you face in the USA.

  25. 1 more point I missed on this topic.

    The fact that those using the term “conversation” use it only to mean as a way for people to agree or submit to some sort of gun control/ban legislation.

    If guns are so bad – why don’t Obama lead us w/ example & get rid of all “armed” guards & make the White House a gun free zone. Reminds me of Animal Farm “all are created equal – except some are more equal than others”.

  26. Steve – George Carlin has a spot in 1 of his stand-ups about how the Establishment of this country does not want a population that has the ability to think critically. He’s spot on. If 1 must use emotion in their argument it actually shows that their foundation that they’re argument is based on is not solid. A strategy often used to discredit those that are onto something (not on something).

    Also what gets me is the idea how an object on its own is to blame. Of course those left of center thrive on their misguided notion that there’s no personal responsibility in the matter when it comes to these types of situations – only to place blame where they gain power (because they care so much).

    I’m Grateful that you did what you did on TV & how ironic is it that those that oppose your POV (the self imposed peacemakers) would threaten you w/ violence. Frauds is what they are & so it is!

  27. To continue the conversation, Steve…do you have children of your own? Have you ever taught in a school? I am a mother. My mother was a teacher. I watched your interview with my daughter who has been held up at gunpoint, and her comment was that it happens so fast the idea that you would be somehow be prepared with a gun ready to go when you most need it is idealistic, if not a little laughable. My friend who carried a concealed weapon was shot seven times when he reached for his gun after having a gun pointed at him. Fear begets fear. Arming teachers creates fear. With all due respect, I find your declaration that a child is unsafe in a classroom without an armed teacher outrageous. I understand there was an armed guard at Columbine…didn’t help much there. Steve, go have a baby or teach in a primary school and maybe your opinions about what would save our children would change.

  28. Here in Adelaide as in all of Australia, there is strict gun control. However
    USA might have more guns and deaths due to guns, but the (1) true statistic is that in Adelaide we have more people killed by guns then anywhere else in the world per head of population. (2) Gun control has created an underground business for the criminals to still obtain in guns sold to them by licensed gun holders at a huge profit and these few licensed gun holders say they lost the gun out hunting. Many smuggle in guns into the country in pieces.
    What happened to the children was a trerrible, I have 3 kids, however if a bus carrying 30 children crashed due to a sick driver, would we ban all bussess ? Bad things will always happen by sick men.
    Make the world a happier place so men dont get so sick in the head.
    Save money on jails, and the courts help mental illness.
    Then bigger the population the more sickos you have, but believe me here in Adelaide with a population of only 1.4 million, and laws against auto guns, the bikie gangs still rule the streets with out much success for their control from the laws, and multiculturalistum that brings in with it an element that we are not use to, it not safe, it can never be 100% safe. I have never owned a gun and only ever fired a friends slug gun about 20 times when I was young, during my life, I am still scared for my kids when they leave the house. Steve you are right. But there is nothing you can do about it. the statistic will always be there. You might as well ban all items or activities that can kill, eg, knifes, cars, all chemicals that make home made bombs, nail guns, air planes, alcohol, sports, Then also kill every man that is convicted of performing a rape, or sexually melesting a child.

  29. Steve,
    You have got to be kidding me!

    I just watched the interview and the only thing inappropriate about that interview was the sophomoric way that the host attempted to rebuke your argument regarding arming the teachers. Instead of a serious conversation regarding the implications of arming teachers in the classroom, we turn the conversation to giving guns to kids?

    The conversation, as you stated, should be about mental illness just like the shootings in Arizona and Colorado. It reminds me of the conversation we never had about the Ft. Hood shootings and domestic terrorism. Are these atrocities against society so horrifying to discuss that we have to fool ourselves into thinking that there is a simple explanation and a simple solution?

    The lack of rational discourse in the public forum is beyond disturbing, it is terrifying.

  30. I get it Steve respecting other people’s points of view, but I really think you went over board on this on. I agree that gun control is not the main issue here. However arming teachers is probably the worst idea I can ever imagine. I don’t know if you’ve ever been inside a classroom. There are times it gets very very wild. I used to work as a student aid in an elementary and trust me I got to know see what no one, but I mean no one ever saw. More than 95% of teachers are middle class thinking. They are terrible teachers who are only there to get a paycheck. Some of these people are so ill adjusted, sometimes worst than the students, and you tell me we give these people guns. Sorry, but I believe you are totally delusional. I can’t even imagine them with a with a gun in their drawers. Some of the kids that are in these classrooms are so wild, they will not hesitate to steal a gun and shoot someone. I respect your opining, but today I do not agree with you. I believe in gun control. I know it’s not going to stop what happened, but I believe there is no reason why a citizen in this country needs to have an automatic or semi-automatic gun in there possession. No need.

  31. The only way to defend against murderous criminals is to shoot back at them. The folks that were killed died because none of them were shooting back at the murderer. Instead they were told to hunker down and be compliant, which is exactly what a mass murderer wants (he wants no opposition to the slaughter). If there is a deadly fire in the hallway, you don’t hide in the classroom. You open the window and ESCAPE, leading the children to safety OUTSIDE instead of huddled in a corner waiting to die.

    The 2nd amendment is about our natural right to protect ourselves from criminals and from an out-of-control government. It’s about maintaining the balance of power between the government, the criminals, and the law abiding citizens. At the age of 11 years, I was shooting a 22-caliber rifle with other kids of the same age (supervised by trained adults). Although we kids had arguments and fights about everything, none of us ever turned a gun on another. We should not only have armed security and armed teachers in our schools, we must also have gun safety courses that teach “gun control” (i.e., how well you can shoot), and when deadly force is legal. Take the children (at the proper age) into prisons on “Scared Straight” visits and to hospital emergency rooms to see the consequences gun violence. Help them to understand the extreme responsibility that comes with gun ownership.

    How many people have died in this country for the year 2012 from gun massascres and compare that to how many people have died in car crashes. Should we outlaw cars? When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. I don’t want to live in that kind of a fascist country.

  32. It is immaturity on the part of people threatening you. However, I believe that having everyone carry a gun on their side like the wild west is equally delusional.
    I believe the most critical thing we can do is to re-institute the mental hospitals and provide help for people that are mentally ill. Second, a ban on assault weapons is a must. No civilian needs an assault weapon for any reason. The idea that we need bigger guns to defend ourselves really sounds more like the terrorists mentality.
    I was surprised at the NRA suggesting the government place an armed guard at every school, given the fact they support less government. This idea would greatly raise the cost for schools and our taxes. Given the size of our schools I don’t think just one guard will do the job. We could arm the teachers, but the government then would have to pay for the guns and the training which will raise the costs again and our taxes.
    I am surprised that the group of people most opposed to raising taxes and wanting less government would make suggestions that would raise taxes and get the government more involved.
    The bottom line is the government will have to get involved with the mental health system and we cannot have everyone running around with a gun on their side. We are suppose to be the civilized ones.
    When you look at the 24 hour news media, the violent movies and games, then the fear mongering from churches about the end of time continuously, it is enough to drive people to more violence. We have more guns than any other country in the world and we have the most murders as well, therefore less guns does not equal more crime. Less fear mongering, flat out lies, and better mental health does.

  33. I agree with you Steve

    You getting death threats is just another example of how people are not thinking logically and fail to understand guns do not kill people.

    Blaming guns for kiling is like blaming forks for the obesity epidemic.

    People have to take responsibility for there actions and inactions as well.

    Most people will never accept they are in fact resposible for there own health and safety.

    Expecting the Government to take care of you like a child will only work if you stay immature and fail to grow up and start thinking logically.

    As far as schools and guns—Why did the shooter in CT pick a School????

    For the SAME reason the Shooter in CO picked the movie theatre that had a NO FIREARMS ALLOWED sign out front (He did NOT choose the theatre closest to his house–he went to that one because of that sign)

    Because BOTH shooters knew there would be NO GUNS there.

    Ever hear of a mass shooting happening at a Police Station?? or the FBI Headquaters?? or at a Gun Shop>???

    There are 300 Million Firearms in the USA–and it is foolish to think banning any one type of firearm will stop this–or even slow it down.

    Criminals will not follow ANY ban in the first place

    The school shooter could have caused more deaths with a Shotgun or a even no matter what is banned–this type of crime will still happen–we need to lower the rate.

    And I assure you –the sick people we have in the USA will always be able to come up with a way to TRY and hurt people.

    Having trained teachers and or police in the schools armed will prevent shootings(they are already in over 1/3 of our schools now)

    Let the teachers decide if they want to carry or not–but at least give them a Chance to prevent another shooting and defend the children they teach.

    A gun safe zone to a Criminal is a “IN NOT GOING TO GET SHOT” zone…where he is free to steal,rape and or kill.


    Dr.Bill Martin

  34. I’m from the UK and I was surprised to get a similar emotional reaction on a blog I commented on. We don’t allow people to carry guns over here and I was just stating the figures relating to how few people are killed in this country by guns. I was astonished at the abuse I received. People are obviously entrenched in their views over there on both sides of the argument.

  35. Steve,

    I agree with you about the immaturity of America today. I would like to discuss problems like the public and private debt, entitlement programs, gun-control, and they professionally created sound bytes that has become our election information. I want to discuss them so I can learn to see all sides of the issue and to help you see my side. This is called an “exchange of intellect.” With no open, honest discussion, we cannot solve the problem.

  36. Do people not remember how prohibition was met with a cancerous growth of organized crime? The prohibition of firearms would, I believe, be even worse. The crimes committed with firearms are already illegal, making them more illegal will not stop the problem.

    I believe you interviewed very well. I wonder how the death threat folks would actually go about killing someone if not with a firearm? Seems odd that anyone supports nonviolence by advocating violence; this really makes the case for better mental health care.

    Stick to your “guns.” Kara

  37. Hi Steve,

    I like the way you put it … America’s emotional drunkenness. I’m sorry to hear you were met with so much hate over your critical thinking stance on guns and gun control.

    I don’t know if we’ll ever grow up in this country and act like mature adults.
    It makes me afraid for our future.

    I liked your interview Steve.
    Keep speaking your truth. And if you haven’t done so already, you might want to consider getting your handgun carry permit.

    Stay safe my friend.

  38. Steve,
    I can tell you do not live in a major metro area. This was a tragedy in Conn. Teacher should NEVER be allowed to carry weapons. They turned so many of our children into drug addicts pushing drugs for their ADHD students… these kids are the cocaine/crack addicts now. Image this for a minute…. they have the gun in their desk… easy access for any kid in the classroom. Oh yeah… strap it on… one of the students gets mad, grabs the gun off the teacher’s hip & wow! Guess you haven’t thought this trough!? Oh, I know, lock it in the drawer… where there is no access…. where, when the teacher chooses to leave his/her weapon in the classroom, and the building is broken into at night, Viola! the street gangs LOVE this idea. So, Steve… I suggest you think through your off-the-wall-ideas prior to putting them on TV. An accident. That is what it was…. no gun control would have stopped, nor would an armed teacher. Crazy people, like crazy criminals, will always find a way to convert their ideas into mayhem.

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