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13 thoughts on “Middle Class vs. World Class Thinking”

  1. Hello Steve. I have questions for you that I find difficult to answer for myself. How do you maintain your world class ideals in a world where most people are middle class? Is it simply by surrounding yourself with world class people? And what if your family and close friends are middle class? Do you reduce your time with them? Or try to make them more World Class? What I am finding is that the thoughts of others eventually effects my own. Birds of the same feather, flock together. I am finding it hard enough to change my own thinking, let alone other people.

    Thanks for this blog by the way, its a great way to communicate with people who are also determined to become the best people they can be.

  2. Ever since I’ve been reading your book, the 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class, the thought of a world-class mindset is something that I’ve been seeking my entire life, but I did not know that. I grew up with middle class thinkers and some upper class thinking. Now, I understand that the inner self-talk needs to be reprogrammed going forward. This requires discipline, awareness and daily consciousness from the inner dialogue and the choices I make with who I surround myself with. It’s eye-opening, and it makes complete sense to me. Thanks for putting together this informative blog! – Michelle M. Strbich

  3. Hi Steve,

    It’s great to hear and see your audio/video blog! You have a gift (and you work hard) for helping people transform from middle class thinking to world class thinking! You are helping a lot of people.

    And I recommend your book to anyone who is interested in taking their career to a whole new level!

    Congrats Steve on your continued great work!

    Best to you,

    David J. Pollay

  4. Excellent – what makes your audio excellent is your clarity and your naturalnesss which is not typical of most who offer their life experiences and conclusions for free or sale – it’s called being genuine and I like that. Continued success and the best of the best to you – your book has also been a great help to me — Mike

  5. I recently listened to the audio version of your book twice in one week while driving down to Utah. My subconscious mind absorbed way more than I imagined and now I awake each day eager to experience the day and all its challenges. It is true that the middle class sit in the back of the pack “waiting” while the world class are setting the pace and catching the vision in advance.
    Thanks Steve, I needed that!

  6. No matter our age it seems if we pursue personal improvement we are all are led to the ultimate conclusion that what you think you become. So we can think poor, think middleclass or think rich and that is what we become. However, we all need others such as yourself to help open our mental eyes to that reality. As an aside, you may recall my name as a graduate of your Speakers Workshop in West Palm Beach during the coldest February you had there.

  7. I love to hear the passion in your voice. This stuff works. The questions I ask people is if they “think” this works, they are right, but if they “think” is doesn’t work, they are right!!! People need to believe and push the message forward.

    Congrats on a job well done.

  8. I’m 43 and getting close to fully “de-programmed”. As you say, the masses think middle class. There really is no controversy – simply changing thoughts can change your circumstances. I now consciously monitor my thoughts to irradicate the weak, middle class, scarcity, envious, jealous and ultimately unproductive mindset. I have read your book 3 times to help me become what I was meant to become. Thanks, Steve.

  9. That wasn’t too long, that was great! Love your tips, we cover a chapter a day at our sales meetings. GOOD STUFF! On my way to becoming world class!!!

  10. Hit and exposed a “nerve”! Coming to grips with objective reality is uncomfortable and a personal weakness. Fantastic “stuff”…trying to sort out mentors, leaders in my field & how to best utilize my time!!! Being 51 years old and with 6 healthy children….I feel a strong sense of urgency to provide and at the same time enjoy life & freedom. I am in the process of changing my paradigmn to think like the world class. Thanks for your commitment.

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