Back in 1996, I got a late night phone call from Bob Proctor, the professional speaking legend and co-star of the hit movie, The Secret. This was the single craziest phone call I had ever had, and it turned out to be one of the most important. Bob’s advice was so outrageous it almost seemed funny. I followed it out of respect for Bob, not knowing it would catapult my consciousness and forever alter the way I approached my career. Watch this short video from my TV show, Mental Toughness with Steve Siebold, as I share this story. I hope it has the same life altering impact it had on me.  Thanks Uncle Bob!

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Steve Siebold
Author and Professional Speaker since 1997. Past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group. Author of 11 books with 1.4 million copies in print.

7 thoughts on “Bob Proctor’s Crazy Advice”

  1. Stuck in a rut and doing nothing about it? Why? Mind numbing questions but so what. Doing nothing about it is already the result of a numb mind. Is doing something better than doing nothing? Most of the time as long as it’s directed toward the object of your desire, the goal of your vision.


  2. Steve,

    I wonder how many strange, late night call any of us have had in our lives and never even noticed. I can count two and each time, the seed that was planted, made a huge impact on me.

    I got an idea, I think I will make that call to two friends and ask them the same question that Uncle Bob asked you. Thanks for helping me become mentally tough again.


  3. Uncle Bob is a man who walks the walk and talks the talk. He is so passionate about his calling in life, especially as for him it brings in millions of dollars plus the freedom to enjoy a lifestyle so many of of just sit and envy. His philosophy of challenging every belief we have is not new, it has been preached and taught my thousands of successful entrepeneurs and motivational gurus for decades. Anything that has, and can be achieved by man on this earth is possible. and the amazing thing is that as soon as we take on the Impossible the world around and in us conspires to help us achieve the impossible. OK it doesn’t neccessarily happen over night for all of us, but if you believe with enough passion and act on those passions. what it is you want in life will come to you. this has been proven over and over again for hundreds of years. Good on ya Uncle Bob. cheers John

  4. I enjoyed this. My observation is that we believe, then spend our whole lives seeking validations for our beliefs, pretending to know the mind of “God” through our past conditioning. Of course, for me, this has made challenging the foundation of the belief itself out of the question at times. I have observed this to be the single biggest drag on my personal and spiritual progress.

    Here I am, head down in the garden of my perception, tilling the soil of my beliefs while the garden of Eden flourishes only a few feet away outside the wall that I built to contain it all. Hilarious…and a little insane sounding. lol


  5. Tis was definitely an eye opener.

    How many of our (my) small daily beliefs keep us (me) from making real progress and/or wealth because we don’t allow ourselves to think and believe in what IS possible.

    If someone else has already done it, so can we.
    We just need to believe and do the work.

    Thanks Steve for a great wake up call.

  6. Amazing – OK – Bob Proctor would laugh at my word “amazing” and probably say ” . . . but naturally . . .” and it is amazing. It’s brilliant.

    I need to expand my mind, my expectations – your post comes at great time for me.

    Thanks again, Steve.


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