At speeches and book signings, I’m often asked if a person’s level of physical fitness has an impact on their level of thinking? Of course the answer is yes, and much more than most people might believe. Getting fit is a non-linear wealth building strategy. After interviewing fit people for 6 years in preparation for my 2009 best-selling book, Die Fat or Get Tough, one of the most common things among them was their belief that their physical fitness had a massive impact on their business success. Many of these people were self-made millionaires who used theĀ  discipline they developed in the gym and leveraged it into business success. Watch this short 4-minute video post and see what you think.

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Steve Siebold
Author and Professional Speaker since 1997. Past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group. Author of 11 books with 1.4 million copies in print.

5 thoughts on “Get Rich with a Hot Body”

  1. Eric, Good Point!

    Steve these videos are great but let me remind you where “social” and the rest of the online world is headed… MOBILE! Apple is not supporting FLASH on any of the iPhones or iPad – see here on this 47 sec, video

    So coming from the Search Engine Marketing Industry I will say please do your online business and us followers a favour… upload to your youtube channel and then simply use a great little plugin called “smartyoutube” to insert into your wordpress posts. This will allow your Youtube Channel to grow and when I tap into a blog post on the road I can see it on mr iPhone!

    I took your advice and watched Miracle On Ice with my son last night and yes very inspiring… I find little ideas like that can fill the gaps and drive you into your next workout that much harder. Bonus thing about a gym/fitness routine at home for parents is that it “shows” you children your active and why!

    Thanks Again

  2. Steve,
    DUDE! Your stacked!
    Great video and SOOOO important to acknowledge the physical fitness side of personal development. I have had some GREAT ideas when I am working out or grinding away on my mountain bike. I love to ride in the foothills and mountains because I’m out in nature and really pushing my body to the limit. I carry a small note pad with me, and sometimes a digital voice recorder, to capture those incredible ideas that flow when my heart is pounding.

    I really–REALLY–love the idea of a whiteboard in the workout room! Definitely taking that one with me and implementing it in my life.

    Thanks as always, and keep up the great work!

  3. It’s amazing how consistently great and energizing you post, Steve! Everything you say underscored in bold! I do my thing 5 – 6 mornings a week and it’s also my best idea time of the day.

    When I taught schol I used a lot of sports and exercise analogies – brain exercises I called them – lots of basketball especially my students understood.

    Hey – great visual too – you’re in shape! You inspire lots of motivated people, Steve!


  4. Steve-
    love the posts but am unable to watch the videos on my iPhone because it doesn’t allow download of flash. Are they on youtube?

  5. Who knew, Steve, that you were hiding those “big guns” under your sleeves? Impressive! I completely agree on your theory. My workout room is at my home, as well…complete with vision board. However, I need to add the dry erase board. Thank you for the great idea! W.

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