]In the last 24-months some of the smartest people on the planet have taken massive financial losses. Even multinational corporations have been shocked and stunned by the depth of this international recession. The good news is things are getting better every day. All of us are smarter and tougher than we were two years ago, and we’re going to leverage what we learned to be bigger and better than ever. My critical thinking question for you in this video post is: are you a comeback artist, or are you buying into the middle-class idea that the world will never be the same and we’ll all have to settle for less than we expected in our lives? If you’ve lost money and been wondering how you’re going to earn it all back, you’re not alone. If you’ve lost your job and been down on your luck for awhile, don’t feel bad; it’s happened to millions of us. Whatever your struggle has been during this economic correction, you only have two choices: settle for less or swing for the fences. Whichever you decide, know one thing: the world class will never stop chasing their dreams. They will fail, lose money, and be taunted by the masses as foolhardy and naive, and they will continue to persist until they succeed. These people are professional comeback artists, and they cannot be stopped. They play to win and take no prisoners. And when they finally break through and make it big, the friends and relatives who called them foolish will label them lucky. Watch this short video I filmed today in Brighton, England, where I’m doing radio and TV interviews for my book, How Rich People Think.   Steve Siebold   ( 3:56 )

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Steve Siebold
Author and Professional Speaker since 1997. Past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group. Author of 11 books with 1.4 million copies in print.

21 thoughts on “Are You a Comeback Artist?”

  1. Positive psychology and neuroeconomics has shown that shared personal experience has far greater impact and influence than third person stories no matter how dramatic. That being said let me completely agree with what Steve is saying about cultivating and utilizing positive emotions to feel far better, greatly increase your energy, openess, vision, creativity, determination and resilience to achieve that first ‘big hit’ and/or completely recover from a crash. Just before and during the 87 crash and ensuing recession I lost my marraige, career, everything I owned and got an ‘incurable’ illness. Yet through everything Steve is talking about within 3 years I regained most of my health, without any previous car sales experience became the #1 Range Rover salesperson in world and was headed back to the University of Pennsylvania to finish my degree. The old addage, “The first million is the hardest.” is so true because once you have achieved something big you now already have the experience, know how and most importantly the conscousness and expectation to make that second ‘million’ whether its a true second million or a recovery. And as I’ve told all my coaching clients among many, many others if I, being naturally shy and introverted, can achieve success and fulfilment than like Steve says anybody who finds a way to be mentally tough enough to successfully manage and eventually master their energy, emotions and expectations can not only achieve thier first ‘big hit’ but be able to do so any time they choose in all aspects of their life no matter what the prevailing conditions or opinions. It might take longer but its ‘comimg back’ better than ever. So, thanks so much Steve for your continuing great words, work and model.

  2. Whoa,..it’s mind boggling. Think of this… If the everyone on earth learned to be in full charge of his or her emotional reactions – with a positive outcome at the heart of it – the results might include world peace, a drastic decrease in murders and other crimes, fewer domestic disputes, huge downturn in occurrence of addictions of all types, very little mental illness. Not to mention the increased prosperity and well being felt universally!
    What if we just need to know how to be mentally tough, and to engage what we learn, along with strong resilience, for all this to happen?

    Any reason why we can’t all digest and implement this? Today us, tomorrow the world?

  3. Correction:

    This: “feeling like the shumk of the earth for having had the nerve to even omit to feeling sorrow”

    Should be this:

    “feeling like the shumck of the earth for having had the nerve to even admit to feeling sorrow “

  4. Loss ~ Most of my life the word “Loss” was incapsulated with images and expressions of great sorrow, sometimes even to the point of a person [ the sorrower ] being perceived as a weak personality, or one that needs to be treated with ‘kidd gloves’ ..often leaving the sorrow[er] feeling like the shumk of the earth for having had the nerve to even omit to feeling sorrow as appose to the slam of all comfort statements: “Chin up mate it will pass” or “Don’t wear your emotions on your sleeve..bare up like a MAN [or in my case a WOMAN”.

    What if the sorrow[er] was in fact being more ‘the MAN’ than his accusers?

    I read somewhere that if we never had any turmoils to have to deal with in life then we probably haven’t really been living at all…merely existing in the sea of life.

    So, you may be wondering, what on earth does this have to do with Steve’s video?

    In my humble opinion everything!

    Over the past month I have been hit with an extremely and very personal blow with-in the context of my familial associations…details not important…

    Through out my life I have had more than my share of personal injurous insults and blows, as I’m sure most of us who are in the catecory of the ‘living’, have had the great Honour of experiencing.

    That’s correct, I wrote: “the HONOUR” of experiencing.

    Listening to Steve’s video has verified this point to me in that he said that we have the ‘opportunity to choose’ [my addition] whether or not we are going to:

    ” Control and positively manipulate our emotions ‘

    Earlier I asked the question; “What if the sorrow[er] was in fact being more ‘the MAN’ than his accusers? ”

    With each insult or blow to our integrity as a living person, whether financially speaking or, in this case, emotionally speaking we have the HONOUR to choose whether we are going to passively accept and bow down to the insult or are we going to courageously stand firm in our own sense of our own personal integrity [weak, growing or strong as the case may be] and move forward with gusto and humility that we are in fact ” the MAN “.

    I use to believe that I was the former…passively bowing down to my accusers…paralysing me into months of depression…

    However, I have just realized that even during the long months of emotional paralises I was in deed courageously standing firm in my own sense of my own personal integreity.

    I may not have made my ‘Big Hit’, yet, but I know this for a fact that based on the evidence that I am sitting here, right now, writing this tells me that if it hadn’t been for the belief (that existed deep with-in me, all along), I was in fact ” the WOMAN” who was and is courageously standing firm to my own sense of integrity in the midst of all those past and current insults and blows to my personal intregity.

    This little piece of writing is my personal declaration to the world of Rich Thinkers that even though there are no $ $ $ signs in this declaration I have never felt so RICH before in my entire life!

    Thank you Steve for affirming for me that I have and am activly taking:

    Control and positively manipulating my emotions

    I am FREE and extremely RICH!

  5. One big hit changes everything – it only takes one – everyone can be a winner one time. — Steve [in MIke’s words]

    Isn’t it amazing but not surprising that so many people don’t think like that act on that live their lives in that understanding and drive and motivation to be a success become number one in something and continue to seek and search and study and initiate actions until they hit it! Isn’t that amazing!

    Keep putting it out there, Steve, it’s the constant reminder consistant theme over and over again you exercise in mental toughness and world class thinking that will help people break down their own self created walls and change their lives and be really proud of themselves for doing it.

    “You’re twenty-one, you have a driver’s license, you’re an adult, great start acting like one and take charge of your life. What great things do you want to accomplish?” Mike in Mike’s words.

  6. Dear Steve – its been 2 years since the Bill Gove Seminar (Aug 08) – I’ve finally managed to setup my own speaking, training and consulting company in Dubai – based on the same philosophy – this’s the best time to get going, when the economy’s bottomed out and then grow with the upturn. Your blog is very timely and gives me a great shot in the arm – that there are others too who think the same!
    Best to you and Dawn

  7. Steve:

    Your video found me at the perfect time.

    There’s such a big difference in emotions between “How in the world am I going to do ‘X’ ” and “One big hit, baby, one big hit!”

    Thanks, Steve – enjoy the UK. Looking forward to catching up when you return.


  8. So true! I’ve always been a come-back artist all my life. My whole life, as everyone’s, has all been ups and downs, and I get over the downs because I always have had hope that the ups are there – and they ARE!!

  9. Great Message Steve!
    One BIG HIT after another!
    What I continually focus on is that more millionaires where made during the Great Depression than any other time in history! I am making a difference during this economic time, and creating an awesome future for myself and others.
    In huge appreciation of you Steve and your books and messages!
    Dream Big, Live Big, Give Big!
    Johnna Parr

  10. Steve,

    You are spot on with this one for me. My motivation has been amped-up since the workshop with you and Dawn in Philly a few weeks ago, and your Mental Toughness Secrets is now a part of my daily nutrition every morning. However, there has been something that’s been nagging at me and I couldn’t put my finger on it, until this video post.

    It turns out I’ve been right there with Lyon above. Over the past year I’ve hit a few singles, two doubles, a slew of foul balls and had more than a few strike-outs. Now…. NOW, I’m thinking, which one am I going to knock out of the park? Might be the next one 🙂

    Many thanks,

    1. Go for it, Barry! NOW is the time. While everyone else is paralyzed with fear, you’ll be swinging for the fences!
      I’ll be right in there with you!

  11. Steve,
    You are RIGHT ON with this video.

    I recently had someone tell me that my dream is going to be more difficult to achieve in “this economy”, that a few years ago “anybody” could break out. He went on to say that most people have to settle for what they can get and wait it out.

    Thank God.

    If so many people are content to settle for whatever life gives them, then NOW is the time for champions to strike. NOW is the time to get off the mat and swing harder at adversity. NOW is the time to hang in tougher and longer than everyone else. And in 29 days, my dream will become a reality because of following your example and never giving in to setbacks and failures.

    I love comebacks, and especially love the champions that rise above and make it happen for themselves, then transfer their knowledge and wisdom to others who are hungry enough to do it for themselves.

    Thanks, Steve, for another great post and for all you do.

  12. Leo,
    Hard to argue with that quote. Self-discipline always pays off eventually. It’s just a matter of time. Thanks for your commnent!

  13. Ward “Swinging for the Fences” Lyon,
    I love that! My prediction based on this and other comments you’ve written is more home runs are headed your way! Thanks for jumping in.

  14. “What we do upon some great occasion will probably depend on what we already are; and what we are will be the result of previous years of self-discipline.”

    H.P. Liddon

  15. Steve,

    Perfect timing!

    I’m sitting in a meeting last Wednesday and the presenter made the comment to the group, “We are living in a different world today. If you made $120,000 a year in the past you’re now going to have to figure out how to live on $60,000!” I thought to myself … ARE YOU KIDDING ME! The opportunity has never been this good, the question is “Am I good enough to go get it?”

    2000 – 2006 Batting Average: .875
    2007 – Current Batting Average: .127

    Wouldn’t change the last 3 years for anything. I’ve hit a few singles and a lot of solid foul balls but better prepared for that pitch down the middle than ever before. Perfect timing on the Blog. Keep them coming.

    Most Grateful,

    Ward “Swinging for the Fences” Lyon

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